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The Magician awoke  with a feeling of knowing
Today would be the day of reckoning
Heard its call, evilly laughing, teasing, beckoning
He knew this day  had been long in coming
He also knew a trap was set and Evil One was waiting
The wind was teasingly whispering
I thought you were winning
Chosen one are you listening
His Lady stirred and opened her eyes
Knew there was nothing she could advise
She was carrying his children
Wanted him to be around and be father to them

The Lady with the glass crystal ball
Suddenly appeared very tall
Looking deep into her man
Saying take care, you understand
She knew he could fight evil with evil
Also that Evil One was worse than a scoundrel
There was no way she would let him stand alone
He would gladly fight them all on his own
He knew he was a well liked person
But he wouldn’t trouble anyone with burden
He was not one to run and hide
Most of his life he had taken problems in his stride

Watergive was having a free day
The restaurant was open, Bella had the last say
Light snacks and one daily special
They were all alert and yet cheerful
There was a knock at the door
The Lady stood there, as they hadn’t seen her before
She explained her man was going to see Evil One
His chances were one in a million
Bella looked at her brother and said we are ready
Annetter your with child said Bella calmly
Annetter was asked to visit  Edith and her Jamaican man
The Magician needed help to fight the evil ones clan

A strange looking man came into the diner
Looked a cross between a boxer and wrestler
He looked like he had travelled far
Near his left eye was a small scar
He  smiled and said hello to the three ladies
He was dressed in plain casual civvies
His smile was warm and friendly
Hair that was long black and curly
Asking politely if there was chance of a meal
Bella replied why not try the house special
Thank you, that will just be fine
He was quietly admiring Bella’s waistline

The Magician headed for the bar
Knowing full well this meant going to be war
Knowing full well evil one was ready and waiting
He knew full well his life he was risking
Evil one still had a loyal band of weaklings
A dangerous band when it came to fighting and lynching’s
As he entered the saloon
He noticed that there was a back room
He heard a voice say no tramps allowed in here
A voice that had menace and a sneer
The Magician knew he had walked into danger
He was also a courageous worrier

A door opened and five hard looking men came out
Evil One followed without a care or doubt
The Evil One sat down
Looking like a king that had been given a new crown
Boys lets do this nice and slow
Six against one his eyes were aglow
Let me hear him scream and suffer
You can all have his lady after
Evil One knew many a dirty trick
He felt confident, he had five tough sidekicks
He had saved the last to best
Slow humiliation was on the menu for his guest

They began to circle the Magician
Laughingly they knew they had won, it was six against one
These men had come to fight
Blind fools at Evil Ones banquet
They set about him, with great delight
There would be a grand celebration tonight
As they began  advancing, they were also circling
The Magician was tense and just waiting
One would attack from behind
Why not they were the weak cowardly kind
Suddenly one rushed the Magician
The Magician sidestepped, the fight had began.

Evil one started to encourage his lads
Don’t be afraid of this weakling my comrades
Soon this town will be ours
Any women you want is yours
Urging his disciples to do his work,
Looking at the Magician he had a winning smirk
Suddenly two men rushed the magician
Intent they would give him a lesson
The speed that the Magician moved with
Deadened the rumours of myth
Moving with speed quicker than the eye
The two went down looking at the evil one asking why

The odds were still stacked against the magician
Another rushed but from behind he was stricken
Even a Magician can be blind sided
Evil One had waited and struck from behind
With a thud the Magician went down
Slamming his head against the ground
Just for a split second the Magician was out
Evil one gave a victorious shout
That split second was all he needed
Call yourself a chosen one he gloated
Four men held him to the ground
Evil One kicked him randomly as he walked around
Evil one looked down with a sneer
A devilish grin from ear to ear
The Lady with the glass crystal rushed in
Went to help her man within
She knew full well, they could both die
No other choice she must try
As she went to the Magicians aid
She saw her man and her legs swayed
The Magician had taken a severe beating
She charged the Evil One screaming
She was no match strength wise
Evil One knew he would have his prize

Evil one grabbed the Lady
Running his hands over her whole body
Now to show her, put her in her place
Gloatingly many times he slapped her face
He stripped her naked
She was laid out spread eagled
Not a sound she didn’t cry
She said I wonder who was going to die
Evil One laughed and said now your going to be mine
And after my gangs porcupine
The gang had forgotten about the Magician
All were watching Evil One the showman

The Stranger asked Bella what was going on
She explained and told all about the commotion
Hearing the mention of the name Magician
The voice in my head, I knew there was a reason
He also wanted to tell Bella she was a beautiful woman
They were joined by Edith and her man the Jamaican
Five determined people headed for the bar
It was time, time for war
Stranger started to whistle a tune before they entered
So much for his whistling he sounded like a bird
Only one inside heard this sound
Smiling to himself he knew he knew he had found the playground

Silently they entered, all eyes were on the Lady With The Crystal
Evil One stood between her legs ready to have his fill
The Magician had  inconspicuously recovered his staff
Evil One froze when he heard his laugh
Evil One laughed , I guess you want some more
Lets finish him, then we can have his whore
The Magician smilingly pointed to door
There were five angry people that were going to settle a score
Caught off guard by the Magician Evil one screamed skin them alive
The gang made a rush against the angry five
Evil Ones gang was of six men in all
Stranger and Watergiver were more than a handful

Most of his life Stranger had been a warrior,
He was trained by a great master
The first two attackers he took without a blink of a eyelid
There was a broad grin on his face as he did
He didn’t let Bella out of his sight
She didn’t know it, but here was her knight
Watergivers strength was no match
For his attacker it was a mismatch
Edith and her Jamaican man’s attacker ran
He was beat no sense in being a dead man
The odds were stacked u against Evil One
He hadn’t realised there was no where to run

Bella at once went to the Lady With The Glass Crystal
Remarkably she was composed and quite normal
The suspense was killing Annetter and she came in
To see the Magicien and Evil One circling
The last attacker was for Annetter
He had previously manhandled her
Annetter showed a vicious streak
A vicious kick between the legs made him shriek
A mans tender spot, weakness
Always leaves one breathless, and speechless
The Magician was weak and weary
His clothes were blood stained, his legs were wobbly

Stranger was watching intensively
The Magician was fighting boldly
Evil One had the upper hand
The Magician was on his last stand
Stranger tried to divert the Evil Ones attention
The Magicians body hurt all over
Fatigue beat him, his legs buckled under
Evil Ones face was dark crimson
Evil One prepared for the kill
The enjoyment of killing at will
Tiredly yet smiling the Magician said
No town, not a master, just death is ahead

Suddenly between the Magician and the Evil One
Stood three angry women
Evil One had no qualms who he beat or killed
His dreams and needs would be fulfilled
Suddenly Evil One realised he stood alone
His dreams and wild oats were still unsown
Stranger stood in front of the woman
The Jamaican man went to help the Magician
The roles and odds had suddenly reversed
Evil One knew death was near he was cursed
He started to beg for mercy begged for redeem
The whole town heard his last scream

Evil One was dead
Surviving members of the gang had fled
Peace and tranquillity had returned
A lesson had been learned
The Magicians wounds slowly healed
Towns talk the lady’s beauty that had been revealed
That day they stood over Evil ones body
New era, the end of a tyrant a bully
Six people stood comforting each other
Bella and stranger were sat in a corner
The lady caught Bella’s eye
Finally Bella had met her guy

No one knows who actually killed Evil One
There’s talk, suspicion, but a name there’s none
Whoever it was that did the final blow
Only a very few know
They promised each other to keep it quiet
Since this has been kept a unspoken secret
The Magician and his lady
Have two children and are happy
Annetter and Watergiver
Have a child, happiness and laughter
Edith and her Jamaican man
Have a family, there happy doing what they can
Bella and Stranger
Love has allowed them to live for each other

29/03/2011 Copyright Jonathan Danyali
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Part 15. It Ends Here
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