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 Part 4. The Meet

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Part 4. The Meet

The sun was shining through her bedroom window
Shining on her glass crystal setting it a glow
When she awoke she was smiling
As she started to get out of bed she began laughing
Today her heart didn’t feel heavy like lead
There was a happiness, as she jumped out of bed
Finally the day has come she said
She felt young, happy, lovely, glad

In the mirror she looked closely at her reflection
She looked at her face with a great deal of inspection
The tip of her nose shone brightly
Her eyes laughed happily.
She wasn’t getting any younger
And the men wernt getting any handsomer
But her man was handsome,
He was also her magician

A young child was crying
The wailing was quite alarming
The young child was a little terror
A mothers nightmare, a horror
Looking out the window, she began to stare
She saw a young man in grey with a staff
Then she herd a child’s delightful laugh
Could the magician see her from there

Finally her saviour had come along
He knew she was his dream song
Magician she murmured I will serve you well
No more lonely days will you ever dwell
She knew he wasn’t just anybody
She tingled throughout her whole body
This day she knew had been long in coming
Her body was moist and welcoming

She could feel his presence so near
Never would she have anything to fear
She knew he would be her life
Smiling knowingly she would be his wife
She would bare two children
Young clever magicians
They will play in a lovely garden
Their garden will be called Eden

For some unknown reason
The man in grey kept her attention
She stood just watching this man and boy
For some unknown reason she was filled with joy
She saw the young boys look of surprise
The man in greys laughing eyes
Her attention was riveted on the man in grey
Her heart fluttered she pushed the thoughts away

Feeling hungry she went to Bella’s to eat
There was always people to talk to and meet
She stopped by at the water giver
She knew he totally respected her
He greeted her with a big welcoming smile
She hadn’t been so warmly greeted in a while
My second special customer of the day
The first was a man in grey

She heard herself ask a man in grey you say
The man in grey, why yes my lady
After she had quenched her thirst
She was off to the shops in earnest
Needed some yarn for her embroidery
She loved to do animals and scenery
Also wanted to buy a new dress
First time in her life wanting to look her best

In the distance she could hear a cheerful song
She realised she was also humming along
Thinking where did this song come from
Smiling she just couldn’t put her finger on
She started thinking of a young man with a staff
For some unknown reason she began to laugh
Why did such a strong looking man need one
She suddenly smiled warmly, he was handsome

She got to Bella’s and sat down
Surprisingly there were not many around
There was much laugher from a small group
They always had the days soup
Bella was her usual self
Busied herself putting jars on a shelf
The mystery lady with her crystal ball
Suddenly felt so beautiful and tall
She felt his overwhelming powerful presence
He stood there smiling and admiring in silence

02/01/2010 Copyright Jonathan Danyali
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Part 4. The Meet
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