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Part 5. Family

Bella had a heart of gold
No one went hungry so I was told
She employed 3 workers
One was her brother,
The water giver.
Bella learnt early in life
She could be so cold, yet so nice
She had never married
Yet so many men had tried,
And none had made her their wife
Some got lucky and some cried

Bella was well liked and well known
When she went shopping in town
Respect for her was always shown
Bella made her name
Hard work, and not on the game
The restaurant name was renowned
Her name and reputation spread for miles around
At Bella’s it was known good value for money
On cold days Irish coffee with teaspoons of honey

Bella was Bella she was solid
She was also very much admired
Never had there been once
She turned away a hungry face
She was also known as a lady of grace
It was also known she loved silk and lace
Bella also knew she was a good looker,
On her own she was happier
Bella was a great cook
Upset her and beware of her left hook
Unlike her brother the water giver
She would make sure you would suffer.
If you got on the right side of her
You would see more than her sexy underwear
Bella was known as a sister of mercy
Once in a while someone got lucky
Bella was a free bird, free spirit
Everyone deserves to taste a lady
Your luck would have had to merit.

Bella loved it when it snowed
She never changed as she growed
When young she would catch the snow in her mouth
didn’t give a damn if the wind blew from north or south
When it snowed, it laid frozen to the ground
In the town lights it glowed
When it was freezing
The snow looked liked diamonds sparkling
This was known as the fools treasure rush
Where all your dreams would turn to slush

Her brother was a giant of a man
A gentleman who loved a cuddle and cram
The water giver had a boyish look
Many a fool who was blind mistook
Many thought he was easy and simple
Often you would hear them whimper
As they lay on the floor in a crumble
To this man love had been cruel
He loved and lost all
Never would he love again in life
He smiled in remembrance of his wife
Bella had always been proud of him
This fine handsome man with the boyish grin

Unknown to the water giver
Once again his life would soon be happier
There was one of blues eyes
Petite small and had a lovely smile
So much energy, love in this little bundle
Most men cant see further than their nose
The lady of mystery knew all of those
She would soon bring these two together
The water giver and Annetter
She petite, small, quick and nimble
A sharp brain far from simple
Her boss had been like a mother
Fed her clothed her and looked after her
She knew her boss had been her protector
She loved her job at the gutbuster
Once she had been beaten, and at wits end
Bella had saved her and since been her best friend.
The customers were great and respectful
In her they saw a beautiful soul

Her feelings she had kept secret
Now it was time her mind was set
She and Bella must have a good chat
She walked up and down pacing her mat.
It felt right her and the water giver
Bella she would tell all, and hoped she would believe her
If she had known how Bella felt
When Bella first saw Annetter her heart did melt
Not for the love of another woman
But for friendship from a fellow human
Since the first hello to each other
Their friendship had gotten stronger
From day one Bella had classed Annetter as family
Annetter’s family were all dead, she didn’t have any
The water giver cherished the memory of his dead wife
Work, sleep, eat, and his memory, that was his life
Since that unfortunate day
He had never looked at another lady
Mystery lady with the crystal ball
Annetter, Watergiver this lady knew all
She had already heard fates call.

14/01/2010 Copyright Jonathan Danyali
First published on Soul Asylum
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Part 5. Family
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