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 Part 13. Standing Together

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  Part 13. Standing Together 

The boisterous crowd seemed to have died down

Seemed to be sitting and waiting without a sound

The lady and the magician sensed there could be a fight

They knew something was not right

The magician thought odds could be too great

Bella’s had always been a popular diner

Good food drink and laughter

Watergiver was doing the last of his daily chores

Preparing food and brushing down his horse

Bella was finishing up in the kitchen

Bella, Annetter, Watergiver felt elated

To sit with their lady and her man, eat, laugh, talk patiently this they had waited.


The kitchen was closed and last orders served

A rest for the workers and a good meal for the hungry was truly deserved

Most of the diners had left and gone

Annetter removed her waitresses apron

Not the crowd near the kitchen, them she had forgotten

As she passed a hand reached out and roughly grabbed her

Annetter screamed struggled and fought to slip away, she was the weaker

This man rubbed his hands over her body

This bully was cheered on by hungry crowd

That was becoming very nasty and loud

Anneteter blouse became ripped

Bella came running to help, but she was tripped


Watergiver came to see what the commotion was

Two men were trying to strip the clothes off Bella

These men were thugs more than likely outlaws

Watergiver saw what was happening to Bella and Annetter

He rushed blindly to their aid without knowing better

Three men turned and attacked watergiver in the blink of eye

Tormenting him that these women needed real men

They were going to have these two again and again

Watergiver was heavily out numbered, yet he heard Annetters  cry

Things wasn’t so easy with Bella, she was like a tiger

But the mob were winning

They didn’t hear the tapping


The first felt  a rather sharp tap on the shoulder

All he saw what he thought  was a shabby looking drifter

Looking like a evil butcher, he lounged forward

Feeling quite confident the drifter would be a coward

Suddenly he felt a sharp pain between his eyes

Looking at the drifter, he knew he had been unwise

Clearing his head he made ready to re charge

Magician didn’t wait, he hit him with a three punch barrage

The looking butcher went down a beaten blighter

Watergiver was fighting well, and he gave as good as he got

With the magicians help he didn’t face an onslaught

The attackers were to get a lesson taught


Watergivers second attacker turned to attack the magician

He suffered very quickly from blurred vision

In less than a split second he felt his legs buckle

The pain he felt made him scream, it was brutal

In less than a eye blink, his jaw was broken

He lay in shock unable to function,  frozen

Watergiver smiled as now it was one on one

But he knew he his fight would not be easily won

He fought with the heart of a lion

He was worried about his sister and woman

Watergiver  caught hold of his attacker

Threw a barrage of blows in desperation, there was no answer


The lady with the crystal ball

Suddenly looked menacingly tall

Bella had taken a beating

But she was game and still fighting

The lady broke a bottle over the first attackers face

His nose was completely put out of place

As  he held his face in his hands, he whimpered

His pain showed his face had just been altered 

Bella was now one on one

She had a black eye the size of a onion

Partly naked, she didn’t care she showed no caution

This would not happen in her restaurant in her life’s passion


Annetter was struggling, she wouldn’t hold out much longer

The magician broke one of her attackers leg without so much as a eye flicker

Annetter was looking the worst for wear and tare

Blood had run into her hair

Although the weaker of the two

She bit and scratched like a wild female Sioux

The magician, caught Annetter’s other attacker

Broke his ankle and left him screaming in despair and fear

Annetter knew she was no longer in danger

Her concern was first Bella and Watergiver she ran to her man

They smiled and kissed, she was his maiden

Watergiver took his shirt off  she smiled such a gentleman


The lady with the crystal ball  kept a eye on all

She made sure nothing evil would befall

Bella’s last attacker was on a sticky wicket

Suddenly  those he was with were quiet

She had been attacked and was angry and annoyed

Furniture in her diner had been broken and destroyed

As they all stood around the last attacker

The magician gave his robe to Bella

The last attacker knew he had lost not won

He told them all, they knew it was the evil one

Cause as much damage and harm, that was the mission

The attackers were truly beaten, no pity for vermin


The gang were left to leave, and they did so

Helping each other their leaving was painfully slow

Annetter and Bella went away they needed some privacy

Both needed new clothes, both were bloody

Bella fussed around Annetter, who was with carrying child

Annetter had tears in her eyes and she smiled

Bella looked somewhat quizzically

Do you think dinner is burnt she asked lightly

When they came down there were two more guest’s

They were hungry and wanted to taste some of Belle’s best

Seven people sat down to eat, 5 could hear their heart beat

Not all was complete, there was just one more little feat.


01/03/2011  Copyright  Jonathan Danyali
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Part 13. Standing Together
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