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 Part 6. Coming Together

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Part 6. Coming Together

From that very first  minute

It was love in a instant

Tonight was a night of joy and love

Passionate love making, and thanking the spirits above

There lives were coming together, not by chance

The gods were smiling willing them on to dance

As they sat and looked at one another

Sitting opposite each other

They knew a new power had arisen

The spirits smiled at their decision


Bella looked at the lady with the crystal ball

She noticed her eyes were sparkling, she was beautiful

The man in grey she could see was new

Yet also his tunic was very worn  too

Who was this handsome man in grey

Who is this handsome chappie she heard herself say

Bella had never seen her look this way before

She knew the signs of love, amore

She sidled up to their table nice and quietly

Tried to be discreet politely


The lady with the crystal ball

Had her friends and master with her and all

She loved the town

Loved the bustling sound

She loved the towns folk

She remembered when she arrived broke

Remembering how they took her in

The townsfolk were her medicine

The spirits have blessed us so well

Smiling at each other, their eyes did tell


Mystery’s past there had been many enemies

The spirits were with her in her victories

One was much stronger than the rest

Love made her blind                                    

She didn’t see the warning sign

evil was quietly lingering

was there waiting festering

waiting, waiting grinning

There was a frowning,

Her tearful eyes were questioning


You sensed it also my lord she asked enquiringly

He smiled looking at her lovingly adoringly

She knew in time things would be all right again

She also knew she and the town would gain

She knew evilness the magician could sustain

The mystery lady with the crystal ball did know

In their two bodies life fiercely flowed

Her legs had held him tightly in

Whilst tears touched his lips as she screamed

They made love to the late hours of the morning.


Mystery knew life would now be sweetened

Love can also make you blind

No matter who you are or how kind

You can be blind and shallow

Evil can fester in the shadows

Evilness would soon put her to the test

This is evilness’s enjoyable feast

Mystery  said I’m sorry my lord it will soon pass

But they both knew evil was there

Lurking hiding somewhere


The evil one hid his identity so well

For the magician there was no need to tell

Mystery lady’s fate came straight from hell

With these his thoughts the evil one enjoyed his meal

He would punish her and watch her grovel

He would listen to her plead for her soul

She would submit herself to him

She would be his at a whim

His meal tasted so good

Evil pleasure he loved and understood.

14/01/2010  Copyright Jonathan Danyali
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Part 6. Coming Together
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