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 Part 8. The Coming of Realisation

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Part 8. The Coming of Realisation

Bella , her hair was wet

Her body was covered in sweat

From the kitchen the food smelt so sweet

There had been so many people 

The atmosphere felt a little strained

Normally customers were boisterous and cheerful

Happy and full of Tom foolery

The drink flowed freely

It had been a really hard day at the restaurant

Bella and Annetter were glad to sit down

Both had been rushed off their feet

Their bodies and legs were aching

Not  easy jobs cooking and waitering


Annetter had decided to stand her ground

She felt tired yet strong and sound

Tell Bella about her brother and how she felt

They sat down facing each other

Now’s the time thought Annetter

She sat and stirred her coffee and whisky

She was a little anxious a friendship lost maybe  

Will I lose my job, will Bella  be happy for me

I have been so happy here and Bella’s lovely

Annetter had grown strong and found her feet

All her friends had been lovely to meet

All these thoughts where going through her mind

Since being at Bella’s life had been so kind


Bella saw Annetter was usually quite

Annette herd Bella say speak from your heart

Bella, I love water giver she said

Annetter looked up and saw Bella wasn’t sad

Bella’ eyes were laughing,

Her eyes had a look of tease

At once Annetter felt at ease.

She had been shown friendships true meaning

How long have you felt this way asked Bella

Ages and ages grinned Annetter

My brother only had one true love, and  sorrow

Now he is not even a man just a shadow

He is a good man solid not hollow


Bella looked at Annette and said I love you dearly

She gave Annetter her blessing freely 

I have seen the way you look at my brother

I have even speculated about you two together

My brother is a wonderful, gentle man

Evan so he’s sometimes like a lamb

Its been a long time you understand

You will need a good plan

To Annetter’s surprise

Bella had tears in her eyes

Life was coming back into their lives

Once again her brother would have a life

A wonderful feisty little wife


A devious plan was needed

Laughing the ladies conceded

Bella knew a heart to heart with her brother

Get him to notice Annetter

Bella had a good feeling

Once again her brother would start living

Not once had Annetter asked for anything

Annetter planned to try for a date

Surprise him whilst he ate

Wear something a little revealing

The thought of teasing was appealing

Bella thought this was a good idea

Annetter cheeks she noticed had colour


Once a month the towns ladies met

Edith was the host at Bella’s restaurant

On theses nights the menu was set

The ladies knew what this night meant

They could talk freely

There needs and necessities

Each had a different preferential

Edith earnt a small commission on each sale

Edith catered for every single whim

From mudpacks to  facial cream

The men didn’t want to be out done

Their night was hosted by Edith’s Jamaican

Bella’s restaurant was the community haven


Next day the mystery lady caught Annetter

Asking have you got time for a natter

They talked deeply for a hour or so

Anetters heart missed a beat or two

Both were smiling as they parted

Annetter felt so elated

Mystery lady told her to live life to the full

Don’t waste another second life is beautiful

She asked herself can one drown in a love pool

She did a hop skip and jump

Fell over and landed on her rump

The mud was wet and seeped through her dress

She didn’t give a dam, she couldn’t care less



It was ladies night the restraunt

Annetter went down for a chat

She liked to be there and participate

Bella told her brother its time for a talk

Lets grab some beer and go for a walk

Watergiver knew his sister was serious

He wondered if something was wrong with the business

They had their favourite spot from childhood

Which remained with them in adulthood

They could see long beyond the town, from where they sat

The silence was broken, with the breaking of a beer cap

Bella looked at her brother with determination

Not one for words she said, its time you started to live again

I say this to you, not just as your older sister but your friend


Watergiver loved and respected his older sister

For most of his life he turned for advice only to her

He had loved and lost a mother, wife and best friend

Watergiver said, I know sis your right

It’s time to step back into the light.

Watergiver told how he felt about Annetter

He hadn’t said anything, he didn’t want to upset her

Watergiver told her Annetter turns him on

I have denied these feelings for so  long

Bella was glad her brother could see

Your doomed, love is on the way for thee

I’m not sure how she feels about me

He dared not ever go near her and  tell

Often he had thought she is so small and beautiful

She looked at her brother and smiled, laughed

Smiling Bella thought, finally at last

Happiness is just around the corner

For Annetter and my brother its coming together

01/03/2010 Copyright Jonathan Danyali
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Part 8. The Coming of Realisation
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