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 Part 11. Bonding

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Part 11. Bonding

It was still early morning

The small town hadn’t started bustling

Nothing was opened before nine

This suited the store owners just fine

One happy lady was cooking her man breakfast

Life was beautiful and for once the grass was greenest

Annetter was living and enjoying life

Soon she would be Watergivers new wife

Watergiver knew he had been blessed

Each day he no longer dreaded.

Watergivers day was long and hard

The towns respect for him was in high regard


Watergiver saw everyone who came and went

Saw newly lovers and also heard the odd argument

He never interfered, he was very disciplined

Also very thick-skinned

He was thinking about his two new friends

A bond,  like they were godsends

Thinking since the magician had come to town

His life had completely turned around

He looked up to the lady with the glass crystal

The magician and the lady were special

He allowed himself a  seldom smile

Bella,  had given him and Annetter a nice lifestyle


At nine o’clock Edith opened her store

Her Jamaican man swept the front porch, his daily chore

Happy go lucky enjoying life

Edith a sexual beautiful lady, a fantastic wife

The shop had got more popular

So had the town rumours

They herd about the evil one and his gang

Also they heard quiet whispers of a plan

She told Annetter and Bella on ladies night

When she told them, she was quite white

She too liked the lady with the glass crystal

Who she entrusted and had bared her soul


Bella looked at Edith and Annetter

Its time for us to put our heads together

Friends must stand firm and support one and other

Annetter said right now we are four

Four? The other two cried

Watergiver Annetter said and smiled

Edith said no your wrong its five

My Jamaican man is fiery and alive

Seven said Bella laughing

The lady with the glass crystal and her magician

Edith, Annetter, Bella  friendship was beginning

True friendships were bonding

A heart of a town was finally forming



That evening something nice was  beginning

Yet they knew the near future could be frightening

Somehow they knew each would do their part

The lady with the glass crystal, had shown them her heart

It was decided that Bella should tell the lady and magician

To be the bearer of bad news, they sat there intensively listening

Bella finished telling them both everything

They both looked at her smiling

We will all come through this they said

Lets not fear, be glad for life instead

We will meet our problems head on

Evil one has a band, lets believe and be strong

10/12/2010 Copyright Jonathan Danyali
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Part 11. Bonding
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