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 Part 2. The Magician

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Part 2. The Magician

A stranger came walking into town
There were many people around
Town was buzzing there was a lot of sound
This stranger knew he was homeward bound
He was young strong and good looking
A warm face long blond hair and brown eyes
A face that said love, life, understanding
It was later said many a woman looked and cried

He stopped in town to have a drink of water
The man who served him served with laughter
A lovely day squire
Where are you going? May I enquire
The humble water giver
All his life had always been a believer
When he looked into the eyes of the magician
He knew he had met someone he could believe in

No one knew he was a magician
Only special people that had vision
Normal people were to be forgiven
Females were often smitten.
His real name is a secret
And this I must respect
You could see this young man loved life
Yet strange he had no women, no wife

When he spoke to you his was voice was gentle
But at once you knew to be respectful
His eyes showed the knowledge of life
Understanding of love, hate, affection, strife
He wore a coat of grey drab
Which gave off the impression he was quite mad
On his shoulders there where like white wings
One could picture angels that loved to sing

He walked with a very long staff
You could hear him whistle and sometimes laugh
He had, had that staff since god knows when
It was given to him from a dear friend
The magician could look through your soul
As easy as looking into a black hole
He was in good health
In life that is a rare wealth

He knew he had reached his destination
Deep down he smiled with expectation
Loneliness is a hell
Who can a magician tell
He casts amazing spells
People tell of amazing tales
Who does a magician confide in
Seeks solitude from deep within

He knew love was in the air
His soul mate was near
Yet for him loneliness wasn’t a fear
And yet there was a tear
Everything felt crystal clear
Somewhat shadowed in mystery
The riddle of the mystery lady
Kept his thoughts occupied throughout the day

07/12/2009 ©opyright Jonathan Danyali

First published on Soul Asylum
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Part 2. The Magician
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