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 Part 14. Silent Thoughts,

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Part 14. Silent Thoughts,

Bella and Annetter looked like something the cat had dragged in

Good friends fun and laughter, they didn’t feel to grin

In a light hearted way their make up was discussed

It was difficult to see who was the shyest

Out of all of them, Bella was alone

The lady smilingly told her, she wont be on her own

It dawned on her she had no one to cuddle

Men weren’t a problem, she too wanted someone special

She admired all those around her at the table

She didn’t know they all thought she was a marvel

The lady with the glass crystal, knew what she was thinking

Very quietly she whispered to Bella, he is coming.


Bella took comfort from what the lady told her

She had been the keeper yet her heart began to stir

Looked after those around and in her life

She loved every minute of that, never a word of strife

Now she was ready for a mate

If Mr. right came she wouldn’t hesitate

Laughter brought her back to present

She curtsied, as she received a cooking compliment

Everyone one of them knew, they were in good company

Friends one holds to ones heart dearly

They all knew they had to be aware

Evil one was waiting to attack waiting in lair


The magician knew tomorrow he must seek out Evil one

Tonight some of his gang had been beaten

Tomorrow will be a day of action

If not Evil One will be the towns ruin

For all it was a pleasant evening, he said not a word

But his lady read his mind and knew he would not be deterred

She did not want to lose the father of her children to be

His lady was strong willed and spunky

She knew his path he had set

He would not be alone, help he would get

Tonight all were enjoying being in each others Company
Jonathan Danyali
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Part 14. Silent Thoughts,
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