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 Part 7. Edith & Her Jamaican Man

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Part 7. Edith & Her Jamaican Man


Drinking a coffee with whisky she had sat and watched

A new stranger in town that was coloured

His fine lean body

Black, shining looking lovely

She sat and she watched

And felt herself get aroused

Long time since those feelings had occurred

She wasn’t going to waste time

Edith thought I would make him mine

She would have this fine lean man

She didn’t give a dam he was Jamaican

He was a fine looking bedding specimen


Edith had beautiful eyes of blue

Her face was a picture of beauty too

Lovely red lips so full and ample

A body that was long and graceful

Her hair hung halfway down her back

Long hair that shone like silk, and was black

Her breasts did not sag, they were firm

Many a mans head did a sly turn

Wishful thinking they could dream and yearn

Often these days you can hear her singing

Now and then you can hear her man saying

Sweetheart, come here I want to show you some ting


He was a Jamaican

A proper Rastafarian

Always wanting to show to you something

Smiling eyes always laughing

He had a knack of talking about anything

His manner and humour many found soothing

He came to town with nothing

He wasn’t the kind that did much worrying

He wasn’t shy or wicked,

His laugh was loud and certainly not timid

He was always  ready for a fight

In most towns it was just him who wasn’t white


Edith was born and bred in this town

She had also travelled the world round

Once she been broke, hungry and tired, hard hit

To swallow ones pride and ask for credit

In need to ask, you know how your feelings felt

She knew many of her customers secrets            

People in need, she was so understanding

Profit had never been her main thing

Most returned at a later date smiling

To see hunger was something other

Her customers children should not suffer

Her husband was a Jamaican

One day she would have his children


New in town and alone

If  he was lonely you would never have known

Smiling as he drank whisky and coffee

Debating if he should try Bella’s curry

Edith herd him moan tjer-bloodclot

Furiously he rubbed his foot

He hadn’t had a difficult  life

Never ever thought about a wife

Rastafarian had been a traveller on one’s journeys

He had hundreds of unheard stories

Unknown to him this would be his new home

He would soon have a wife a woman of his own


Rastafarian was a little surprised

Edith sat at his table and smiled

Asking if he had travelled far

Before hearing his reply she knew the answer

His appearance looked a little dirty

Hi clothes were rather shabby

Rastafarian looked innocently smiling

Edith was pleased the ice was broken

Thinking how she loved his smile

She hadn’t had a man in a long while

Smiling to herself I’m going to have him

Edith hadn’t known he was still a virgin


Edith asked if he minded that they ate together

Rastafarian wasn’t use to eating with another

He was feeling awkward and shy

He told Edith he would have the curry

Edith sensed he didn’t have a lot of money

Bella came up and smiled warmly

Looking at Rastafarian, Edith ordered quickly

She had ordered much more than he could afford

Her eyes were laughing when he saw all the food

Rastafarian was hungry and it tasted so good

Edith was feeling good and everything was going to plan

Just a question of time, before she bedded her man


Edith asked a question or two

His eyes told her he was sincere and true

She kept the conversation light hearted

Watching how his body reacted

She asked how long he would stay

Also knowing he could not say

Rastafarian asked about a place to sleep

Needing a wash and the price wasn’t to steep

Edith said he could sleep at hers

He could also have some clean clothes

He would have to work to pay for his keep

Smiling, thinking service me at night.

Wrap those arms around me tight


They went to Edith’s store

Where she had a flat on the next floor

She showed where the bathroom was

Left him alone to get undress

She waited till she heard the water running

She took in clean towelling

Unaware he stood naked washing

She hungrily stood there admiring

He told her he had never had a woman before

She kissed him and he didn’t say no more

That night, first time he  knew the meaning of amore

Many times they made love, fiercely and passionately

Whisperingly, kissing holding each other tightly.  

28/01/2010 Copyright Jonathan Danyali.
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Beaver thank you
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Part 7. Edith & Her Jamaican Man
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