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 Part 12. Seizing The Occasion

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They slept till late morning
Silently laying together thinking

Both smiling, as life was just starting

Joy of touching, kissing lovemaking

There love making had been ecstasy

So much want, passion, love chemistry

This is what they had both waited for

Hungrily and thankfully they wanted more

There hadn’t been a need for food or drink

These two were each others link

They gave each other their souls

As humans it’s the same for immortals


The magician would fight fire and hell for his lady

The lady with the crystal ball he would protect fiercely

He sat in thought about what lay ahead of them

The evil the hate he must face it would be mayhem

The magician would be prepared to sacrifice his life

The seed of life planted in his common in law wife

His lady came and sat down next to him

She lovingly pinched the nearest limb

He opened his eyes she loved his boyish smile

They both knew their wait in life had been worth while

They  knew about the evil one and what he was scheming

They talked all day and late into the evening.


They both knew it would come down to the evil one

He would attack verbally and try belittle the magician

Both knew this fight needed to be won

The magician knew evil ones goal was his woman.

He knew the odds were great

He would have to really concentrate

Alone they knew he could not win

Even if they summoned all their strength from within

Oddly enough they both were in good spirits

Evil one was blowing his own trumpet

No more thinking it was time to eat

They both fancied some soup and sweetmeat


They made their way to Bella’s diner

As they went in, they were warmly greeted by Annetter

They were rather busy and in the corner near the kitchen, was a boisterous crowd

They weren’t from the town and they were rather vulgar and loud

Annetter  seated them apart from the crowd and took their order

Told them of the days special, to hear her laughter was pleasure

Just at the moment water giver came in finished for the day

As soon as Annetter saw watergiver she beamed

What a good idea if they could all eat together, so it seemed

Annetter asked Bella and Watergiver,if they would all like to eat together

Bella and Watergiver agreed readily, true friends were on the horizon

Three friends with open hearts that wanted to say hello, they seized the occasion

01/03/2011  Copyright Jonathan Danyali
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Part 12. Seizing The Occasion
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