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In a time,long ago,when king's and Queen's
ruled land's with the help of lord's and Baron's
and Warrior's of high Breeding rode the land
Knight's of the Realm,clad in steel armour
brandishing broadswords,and lance's
Bravely they rode forest and Glen
seeking Maiden's in Distress
Held captive by cruel Noble's who kept
them prisoners in tall Tower's which only
had one key which they kept around their
necks,the maiden's only hope of freedom
was for a brave knight on a white charger
to challenge,fight,and defeat the evil
Noble's,thus gaining possession of the key
the key to fair Maiden's freedom and Heart.
The only trouble to all this was however
that 99% of the Brave knight's on white
charger's and about the same percentage
of said Noble's were of the Gay scene
of old,so the Maiden's those poor wench's
languished for year's atop of those Tower's
while the Brave knight's on white charger's
together with those evil Noble's held wild
party's in the forest's and Castle's of the
land,this is why as seen in all good fairy
story book's in the present day,the fair
maiden's grew hair so long that they could
lower and reach the ground from their high
Tower,not for the Brave knight to come
fight for her Heart and freedom to win
fair Maiden's hand,Nay,not forsooth
for any such Noble cause as this,
no,but for the purpose of,as soon as
her fair hair was long enough fair maiden
cut it of and tied it to the bedpost
and climbed down to the ground below
there to hitch up her gown and go
walk home along wooded muddy track's
through the Forest,passing on her way
drunken Armour clad Knight's and evil
Noble's asleep after last night's wild
party in the wood's,muttering word's
best not repeated for the Human ear
said Maiden proceed on her way home.
so you see,not everything you read in
story book's are what they seem
life to has many twist's and turn's
there's much to learn along the pathway
of life,and one thing you must have learnt
reading this is,yep im completely of my rocker
thank you for taking the time to read this
and i hope you all enjoyed the story.

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In a Time long ago
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