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PostSubject: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptySun May 19, 2013 6:11 am

First topic message reminder :

The Daily Mail had a article and it looks as though UK authorities have turned up plenty of leads . But the authorities of Portugal refuse to reopen the case because of the wide spread corruption running rampent throughout their country.

There are plenty of names on the suspect listing and I have no doubt the ousted chief of detectives who was in charge of the case is one of those who fell to suspicion.

On the political end of it the McCann's raised red flags in political arena over there in Portugal and fear spread through all political channels as a result on unwanted world wide attention and the fear of. . The tourism industry accounts for very much money in revenue in a country that is hard pressed and corrupt as all hell.

According to the article in the Daily Mail the McCann's are very pleased with the ongoing investigation being conducted by the authorities of the UK.

The potential loss in tourism in Portugal in certain localities was the motivating factor in what is noted to be one of the worst investigations conducted in a child kidnapping case .The investigation on the part of the authorities of Portugal was all about dirty tricks and wide spread political and criminal corruption .

The authorities of Portugal fear world wide attention being brought back into their domain.

Even the Attorney General of Portugal confessed to the wide spread corruption in Portugal when he said-he doesn't think there is a phone in Portugal that isn't phone tapped by the criminal element in Portugal which has strong ties to government.

I think the former ousted chief of detectives in charge of the case is a sex offender himself.Noting that sex offenders found a place to be free in Portugal.And that is a point to fact.A fact that received some coverage but not nearly enough. That very vacation spot is or was also a safe haven for sex offenders . And that is not something that would be available for review in the  the travel agencies advertising literature.And I wouldn't be surprised at all if a travel agent is involved in some way with the kidnapping.

The super rich can buy whatever they want and a natural biological child with what will be seen as perfect genes would be a tall order.

The chain of pay offs would stretch far wide.But when money is no object ,distance is no object either.

The chain of corruption would be stretching far and wide in such a case secnario

It is believed by the authorities of the UK that Madeleine McCann may be alive and well.

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptyFri Oct 25, 2013 7:31 am

Well im not saying that your right Niagra but im not saying your wrong neither  I  guess the proof is in her first arrest and those to excuse,s as to  why she broke the law, but then again I think the cat is out among the pigeons now cos the law will be watching those three from now on I should think.Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptyFri Oct 25, 2013 7:53 am

There is another one on the watch list beaver and he is the former chief of detectives who wrote a book. The shelving of the case by the authorities of Portugal was the one big vantage point in that narcissistic sociopaths mission.

Uncovering the truth about what happened does not favor that x cop in any way. In fact some of those new leads may very well lead straight back to em. 

He may even think that he knows too much about political corruption for them to allow him to be exposed.But as the saying goes,it's always those stupid mistakes that get's them caught.

And down the avenues those politically corrupt travel- well,they will just throw him like a bone under the bus so all the dogs can have at it. What you call the media frenzy.

The only thing he had going is that there was no way to prove his crime theory but he built it up in such a way that there is no way to disprove it. That man is the embodyment of evil.
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptyFri Oct 25, 2013 8:57 am

Rolling Eyes well Niagra  im just wondering if he to is in the frame over Maddies disappearance what with his dedicated handling of the case which destroyed vital evidence and bodged up the investigations, and his apparent rush to brush the case to one side hoping that it would not make headlines for to long, must  have come as one Hell of a shock when the Parents went as far as they did looking for her and other Country's took up the search, yes must have made that man very, very uncomfortable so to the Portugal Authorities with an eye on the missing Tourists in subsequent year's  
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptyFri Oct 25, 2013 9:56 am

Yes Beaver it does take you there because in try'en to understand what it all means, one simply must go there unless of course one is not wise to the ways of the world. At the very least it is safe to suspect the chief of detectives was receiving pay off's to look the other way when certain organized crimes were doing down.

You would than further figure that this one got him in far too deep.Some may think that is perposterous but many or most of those somes know not the ways of the world .

For example Bev. when yer were soldiering back in the day out of the country, yer were advised as to where not go in certain areas and what may come of it if yer do not watch out fer yerself. So yer watched and found out many things about the ways of the world-things that most people never come to know or want to for that matter. 

You learned quickly that things are not at all what it seems. 
And if yer wanted to learn more you made yerself out to look like a tippical solider out and about looking to spend a little money seeking wine woman and song -good times so as not to seem out of the ordinary .

Now what I learned back home is that those experiences are exactly what peoples wanted to know more about. Whats behind the veiled appearences. Nobody back than had trust in the media but back than other than word of mouth there just wasn't much else.Nobody meaning the informed segment of the people,those who are not so easily fooled.

Those newspapers and media outlets had them only because there was no other sources of information.You know the sayings=i'll believe it when I see it, believe little of what you hear and less of what you read in the media.

And soon yer begins to realize it just might be a waste of yer time try'en to convince those who know not the ways of world that it's not the way they think it is.sometimes it seems yer just can't educate that.That is untill those in the know collectivly make the truth known as fact. Hence the saying as it goes-you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.So,the manipulators play the odds.They gamble and win or they gamble and lose it is just that way.

That former chief of detectives sees himself as a winner but I think he was born to lose. And I said that!  so's it's as I say.

He may have been a good cop once upon a time,may have been,but if he was ,he was just foolen himself in preperation of becoming his true self the predator same as any other.

He has no conscience of that there can be no doubt,it''s anybodies guess if he ever had one.Predators seek power and grave positions of power that places them in positions that can and do cause grave danger to those they serve in the countires they serve in as well as other places and will do and seem to be whatever it takes for as long as it takes to gain what it is they crave.

Not all of them are capable of sustaining their act for long lenghts in time to reach their ultimate goals ,most of them seek instant gratification in anything and everything they do which becomes their down fall .

Molesters for example learn to adapt to prison and become model inmates going through rehilibation ,they even convince themselves they are on a road to recovery . But upon release they do it again. 

Other predators learn to imprison themselves or self desires in the interest of their long term goals.Better they figure it is to have it all in abundence than it is small quanties arrived at through the persuit of instant gratification.

This is an area of study that remains highly illusive.
Some believe power corrupts which it can,but some others of the corrupt seeking power manage to hide,surpess or imprison themselves so to speak in the persuit of positions of power where that position will seem to go unchallanged. And to the average eye it just may seem to be unbeliebly so.

But more often than not it is not although they get away with it for long lengths in time untill it gets so bad that they cannot stop and will not stop untill they are stopped. Hence the addiction.
Now than ,through the field of study about predator behavior and the various progressive stages predators pass through,it is not so hard to get a mind wrap around just how it is a predator such as the former chief of detectives over there in Portugal would convince himself he could beat a confession out of his victims. You see given his own struggles in surpressing his own desires in the interest of protecting his secret identity -his true self, he was able to convince himself that each victim that crossed his path was hiding something from him in the very same way he was hiding what he is and does -the act of keeping it all closeted yer might say, 

He was convinced to the point of obsession that he was far more powerfull than they and could force them to come out with what it was he wanted out of it. 
In effect his own internal struggles got the best of him. 

He thought he could handle it but it got him,as it does each and every one of them eventually .

Predators are a breed in the criminal element all it's own and it knows no bounds.

And the former chief of detectives former peers and those superior and of lesser standing or any of portugal's authority really have no reason no valid reason to cover for that man .

And shame on them if they try to.

He is the embodyment of evil. He fooled them all into beliving he was a devout loyalist whereas in truth he was out for himself. 

The predator tore down the walls of his own closeted containment and came out full blown which was exactly what he thought he could do to his victims and there is no way to provide that man with a cover which means there are no excuses to be made.and if you understand this than you can clearly see just how twisted that man is. He thought he knew his victims wanted to break out and he was just as sure of it as he was sure how badly he himself wanted to ,but it was all in his head -it all went down in his mind because in truth it was all about him always.He was right he knew he was right all along he just reversed it all into somebody else and that is just how predators set up victims to take the fall for evil doings predators do. They start by directing suspicion to their intended victims ,they plant evidence or create suspicious circumstances carefully planned out and executed . they are always close to the crime but appear to have no connection to it. They have all the answers and none of the answers at the same time. 

Are molesters not found out in the clergy ,be it priests or ministers ? Is there no such thing as a cop who in truth a hardened criminal or molester ? It knows no bounds.
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptyFri Oct 25, 2013 11:46 pm

Rolling Eyes Aye Niagra your spot on there, the World at large is not a rosey place is it,the General public  of the developed World's Governments tend to try and let the public look at thing's through rose tinted glasses, take when one watch's the new's for instance, like when a Suicide bomber blow's him/her self up and kill's a lot of innocent people going about their daily lifes, the jo public are not privy to the real carnage caused are they, the footage of the scean is carefully filmed so as not to show the real devastation like body parts and blood flow etc  might do some good to be shown how it is for real not as they think it is, then  some real thinking my sink in as to just how murderous these people are and not make excuses for their actions like some here in the West do, the bad men in the World all ways use this sort of thinking and go out of their way to make sure those in the west the public are fed with their b/s of how bad the west is to their peoples and that this is the reason that they do what they do, knowing that the Wests public will not be shown just what it is that they are doing which accounts for one hell of a lot more carnage than the west has ever done, yet joe  public thinks differently blinkered from reality so to speak, well the men and women now returning from these place's are now coming home bringing storys of how it really is having seen it and experienced it first hand, the same goes for some Country's Governmental  authority's  like Portugal and some corrupt in their police force they do what they do because they can and keep joe public oblivious as to what is going on under joe publics nose so to speak, well the cat has finally found the rat and the hunt is on.  cool2
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptySat Oct 26, 2013 7:25 am

Yes, joe public indeed.

I think Scotland Yard has been working with Portugal authorities and their police since the go ahead to reopen it's own investigation came down through political authority. And I think since 2011 there has been much going on in the quiet down political & diplomatic lines that may have been stale mate like stuck. And I think it finally came down to Scotland Yard having been given the go ahead through political channels to move forword conducting a wide open investigation which further meant the ok to go public and seek assistence from th public which also meant international coverage of newly formulated leads would be made public and that meant the international spot light brought back to the case which is exactly what brought on political paranoia wide spread within Portugal authorities when the McCann's took it to the people in the first place. 

Now than ,in this case  I think it wasn't political pressure what got Portugal's authorities to actually conduct an investigation ,or reopen the case, I think it was the political decision to pull out the stoppers and have at it using every available resource in and including human resources from within the greater global public. It was the telle project as it was systematicaly broadcast in England -Holland-Germany-and Ireland and eventually it will be ran in various forms U Tube -crime reports-updated progress reports all of which has the attention of the greater global public. 

So the bear got poked and as a result of that it reacted.That is cause and effect.

Politically ,diplomaticlly it is of course shrouded in sensitivity and due to the highly sensitive matters surrounding the case of course this is not the time for bashing and or finger pointing as to how bad it got at the time the crimes went down. 

A authority from Scotland Yard spoke publicly saying he thought the authorities of Portugal did a good job in their investigation creating excuses for much in the lackadasical ways the authorities of Portugal conducted their investigation, and they concluded that since there was no body there was no case.  The authorities of Portugal  in the sumation concluded that there was no proof a crime was committed.  Of course that must mean since there was no body there was no case. 
As was said ,they built up a case against the McCann's and there was no way to prove it couldn't have happened the way they made it out to look like and at the same time there was no way to disprove it.  That former chief of detectives is not what you would call a brillant man ,and so it stands to reason there was an entire pack of wolves working that crime theory up. And the animal they had out in front is who was at that time the chief of detectives,who was slated as it so happened  for detachment from their wolf pack anyway. 

There is no single reason why that dirty dog went for the gold or his thirty pieces of silver,but his knowing they would throw him like a discarded bone under the the bus for all the dogs to have at, it helped considerably to fule his fire down below.

In the words of G.W. Bush-bushwgoop;ie,regarding the kindly things said about the authorities of Portugal's investigative procedures, it is fence mending, kind of like tending to wounds. AKA public relations -maintaining the diplomatic balance. 

At the same time, it must be realized that public trust is still feeling the effects of the impact ,the damages done to public trust -the media playing sides first one side than the other designed to divide public opinion and on the political ends coming out of Portugal through political spin spun out through the media ,the greater global public was played,manipulated and there was not and is not a way to repair the damage done.

And so on the political/diplomatic sides in it, they are treading water lightly. 

Politics be as it may, what matters is getting to the bottom of what went down. When they do that-than the politicans can do as they may along the lines of calming the waters, mending those fences and treating those wounds.

As for now ,Portugal is in,thats the good in it.

As for the people,it is simply a matter of keeping an eye on it.
It is after all the greater global public that sent the authorities of Portugal the political paranoia virus which spread throughout Portugal's authority.And that is just a sample of the power of the people. 

Sometimes it does come down to the purse doesn't it ?

So here we have touched on the P.R. plan. Public relations plan is all about media attention in the news and guiding the public view to it. P.R. plan. There is a plan set to motion .

Again,you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all of the time, such as the saying goes. For the P.R. planners it is all about gravitational pull. Kind of like a suttel magnetic pull that draws yer in slowely without yer realiz'en it.

All in the interest of maintaining a diplomatic balance for political reasoning.Or what is the truth behind those lies and those lies behind those truths ? 

Such as it is.

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptySun Nov 03, 2013 8:31 pm

cof:  This is exactly what I figured the authorities of Portugal were up to in their sudden reopening of the case.

This article is today 's  Christian Science Monitor

The cops in Portugal have identified a suspect who is deceased since 2009 due to a tractor accident. 

The suspects status at the time of the crime was immigrant hotel worker & drug addict who was fired from hotel employment because and of course he was a thief.

Ok so, you got no body no case suspect is dead end case close book.

Do gypse's sell drugs ? 

Ok so you see where they may be trying to take it. 

I have always suspected it was a well planned out crime and those behind that plan used all available resources human and other wise on location which of course included any shaddy seedy employees of the resort hotel establishment and cops to fer that matter.

Pinning the crime on a dead man in full is the oldest trick in the prosecutionary book as a way of closing cases or putting to rest reopened cold cases. Just so long as there is no person already in prison convicted of the crime ,there is no gain and no loss-that means the prosecutionary record remains as it were. No gain-no loss.

The name of the suspect is 
Eculides Monteiro. The wife of the dead suspect says it is shamefull they would pin it on a dead man that cannot speak for himself.

He may have had a small part in the chain of events leading up to the adduction of the child. Where it is about perfect genes the demand order would require the utmost criminal expertiese. Drug addicts are far too unpredictable and subject to drug side effect episodes that make them far too much of a risk.

But as a spy who pass's along information -that they can do. 
The theory would be the hotel employee was doing a robbery in the McCann buggalo ,the child wakes up ,see's the perp., the perp kidnapps and kills the child to cover up the robbery .The molester-rape turns to murder to cover up the rape. 

How low the authorities of Portugal can go is anybodies guess.

What this is about is an avenue of investigation the authorities of Portugal abandoned when they decided to stick it on the McCann's in attempt to save political face .

And here is another possibility, what if the perp. was not after Madiline-what if the kidnap was about the twins and Maddy woke up and as a result of that she were taken.

As it so happens that is a theory of consideration by authorities that are truely concerned about solving not just this case but perhaps many others as well.
Not to mention cases that as of yet have not happened.

Now then,if yer were to consider that the theory about the abductor/abductors plan was actually one or both of the twins because they are younger and would not retain recoverable memories but in the process of the abduction Maddeleine woke up and as a rusult of her awakening the abductor found it necessary to abduct Madeleine because she at that point became the main focus of the abductors attention and thus the situation required immediate action,the plan changed in that moment. And there was no doubt an exact time frame the abductors had to work in because the timing of the checks was not to the order of exacts and all other activity and comings and goings in the routiene of the vacation resort activity-so's that means it not like a dark shadow moving along or scaling the walls about like molester predators do in the prisons and elsewhere. There thinking either or some type of stuff on a rag to cause temporary unconsiousness to quickly remove the child as the disturbance took away time form the abduction. To see it that way one will assertain the plot was timed down to the secound.No time to spare or lose. Or what you would call a back up plan should the conditions not be optimal.

From that theory move on the chief of detectives twisted crime theory which spun off the theory of mention except the chief of detectives claim is that the child was crying and would not go to sleep so the cop figures-doctors, yes of course a seditive was admisistered but it was too much too fast. And that spin off spun away into carafe's of wine at the dinner setting that number kept rising .So the cop who is a servent of the beaucrates and who is a trained listener of liers and a talented lier himself as well as a narcissistic sociopath get himself off on spinnig lies and more and more of it untill that wacko is in a state of bliss in his lies which became at that time ,the working theory. Because of the mass public concern and diplomatic concern form many countries -the case could not be handed as it would have should not global attention been brought to it. 

That means the chief of detectives was forced to operate in a mode he were unacustomed to . For example when he questioned Kate McCann he was not allowed to show himself as that hot headed out of control narcissistic sociopath with a fence board in hand or some object of lethel consequence. 
which means he was confined and had no choice under high orders to restrain himself and that just must have been the most complicated thing he ever had to do. When narcissistic scoiopaths go off on hot headed rants -they do in hopes of scaring who ever it is they go off on into submission.And that scare tactic is really the only wapon they have if it is one at all.

But they also get off on setting victims up and there he was free to do as he pleased down investigative lines. 

So-what he did is make certain the lead they are now showing us, the drug addict thief of a employee disappeared and aspects of the theory in it carried over in the McCann sham theory.  

Drug addicts too have a radar-a user can always  tell another user. And anyone who w=has ever been the victim of a drug addict such as a parent ,both parents or a spouse or those who stay informed, the drug addicts problem is not something the drug addict can hide. 

What that connects to is right where the authorities of Portugal actually dropped the ball in the investigation . They said they questioned all hotel employees thoroughly and fallowed up on all leads, but that was not just a lie, that is just where they dropped the ball intentionally. 

Because saving political face was of the utmost importance to the authorities of Portugal and nothing more. It did not matter to them how utterly rediculous it got on their fast track.

Some of it was power and even revenge ,the authorities of Portugal were taken quite by surprise at the global concern all eyes on Portugal. Hot headed bomblastic anger management issues come with the territories in hot climates.As the saying goes the heat sustains the lunacy.

Portugal really doesn't want to be in the middle or center of a investigation that leads to the capture of a international child abduction operation because well, wouldn't that in the eyes of the global public make the authorities of Portugal seem at the very least enept ? They can't change what they did and did not do, but at the same time they cannot stop what is happening from happening either. 

And on the diplomatic ends where balance is required .that is just where the ongoing investigation is shrouded in sensitivity.

The hot heads will of course go off,they just must,they cannot help it, but hay ,they also have ice water running through their vains that and blood to suck.
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptyMon Nov 04, 2013 10:56 am

This brings it back to the former chief of detectives,again his name s not worthy of mention and I say so because a narcissistic sociopath is still a narcissistic sociopath by any other name.Narcissistic sociopaths are in a way like used cars that forever change owners -same old car different name attached to it. Thing of it is, it is never really new and for sure isn't original.And of course there is lots of the same out there .In fact too many.

And like a good reliable used car is to a happy motarist ,the narcissistic sociopath will strive to make itself out to be the trustworthy relyable type . But you know what a car from hell really is.And that is just what they are and their reasons for being is to make as many lives they come into contact with the same hell as their own.And yet they make themselves out seem like loyal servents to those of higher authority which turn out to be providers -a means to the sociopaths desires.

This suppos'ed new lead the authorities of Portugal are passing off to the public collective is the very same lead the former chief of detectives was ordered to abandon and he knew eventually they would use that as an escape and when they do he thought ,they will surely throw him like a bone under the bus for all the dogs to feast upon. 

Than he got himself excused /removed from the case than slipped out the back door with his crime theory, got himself a worthless ghost to write it all down in what he calls ,his book.

And so knowing eventually they would throw him under the bus ,he decided to cash in on it also knowing years would pass befor it all came back back on him. And he knew they,those of higher authority would put it all on him -the scapegoat.He had it coming he knew that,he just had to choose to disbelieve it -it's an odd thing ,a kind of denial sociopaths share in common.

So it came back on him and he will claim his version of what happened did happen untill he no longer can .Same as serial killers do. And the same as serial killers and molesters ,they never admitt to how many lives they have destroyed or how many murders they have done ,or what they did with those they murdered. 
They give it up but they hold some or much back .
Yes same car different name attached to it.

But that is what he doesn't know. Each and every one of them see's themselves as unique, possessing very particular skills and methods of deception unlike any anywhere on earth.Like masters of their own motives.They do have their own universe and it is all about them,but they navigate through the world as it is in manipulative dark ways ,ways most humans beings of conscience will care not or dare not look down upon. 

On the surface indeed that old used car does appear to be a good trust worthy relyable car ,but it's inner workings are an evil assembly.

And so enter the machanic.Enter the investigative engineering machanic.

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptyThu Nov 07, 2013 7:32 am

Rather odd it is ,Portugal lists only one serial killer ,just one..Antonio Luis Costa,raped & killed 3 woman 5/05 through 5/06 . Arrested 6/06 .tried for his crimes 7/07. Found guilty is serving a 25 year sentence the maximum allowed in Portugal.
25 on all 3 counts. 

Costa confessed,his confession was no doubt beat out of him . Later he recanted his confession but through phone tapping the authorities say he talked about his crimes to his family which was excepted as an admission of guilt.

Costa later lead police to a viaduct where he hid the body of one of his victims.The case received plenty of front page news coverage in Portugal and it does seem as though it all went down fast and smooth . Last murder May 06 , Arrested June 06 ,trial began July 4 ,07,convicted July 30, 07.

I imagine their shelves are filled with such stuff. 

signed The Machanic.

On machanical edit- It would seem such criminal murderous activity in Portugal is unique in that it never happens or almost never. 
The truth is they shield their crime stats. from the rest of the world or from the greater global public's viewing.

Yes I would say that case went down in a heated rush. 

Antonio Luis Costa was born in 1953 so thats his life.

Than there is the Lisbon Ripper -murders 3 plus ?
1993. cops collected zero evidence.  Arrested 2011 not charged with the murders because it seems time ran out -. Strange case.

O Estripador de Lisboa -The Lisbon ripper

The story behind his confession is strange too. apparenly his son wanted to be on a reality TV show about like the old I've Got A Secret- The contestant comes on keeping a secret and the other contestants must guess what it is. 
da policia 's suspicions were raised upon catching word of it. A newspaper too.

Jose Padro Guedes . apparently his confession did not pan out in facts surrounding the case but they hold him in custody just the same. Guede it seems confessed to other murders in Germany and other places in Europe. 

Strange case and strange it is the way the authorities of Portugal handle such cases.

The former chief of detectives has a secret too and it won't be a secret for very long.

Machanical edit. 

Words from the former chef of detectives-He lost his home,his family ,he is in the dire straights,he too has a daughter but he was forced to flee to France for his families pertection but onword he press's pen in hand because he has discovered his very own celebirty in a cult fallowing. He does know about percentages. He says his home has leans on it due to court battles with the McCann'a ,he lost his cop consulting business he opened after he was ousted ,he calls that having taken early retirement.He says his life is not good but he press;s on. 

He is now the caped crusading copper flying the banner of truth and justice . That is how he see's himself in his projected image and that is how he wants his pubic ,his cult fallowing of haters to see him.

He self describes what lead him to venture behind the truth in his lies by recreating his own reinactment of the exact point in time the McCann's realized that if they don't find a way to bring attention to the case outside Portugal's authority, nothing that can be done will be done.

He did indeed put himself dead center in the McCann's nightmare and took out of it for himself the pain and anguish they felt and packed it deep within himself to make it his own only to use it later on for self gain and profit. He wants his public fallowing to believe that he lost evrything ,his home ,his career his family but most of all the power he once had as a top cop.The last line he will never confess to.

He discribes himself as the victim who remains loyal to a cause seeking truth and justice. 
He says the McCann's are killers and it is because of them and the people of power the McCann's have ties to ,he has lost everything. He doesn't show himself as a man filled with sellf pity but what is clear by his words made public is that he wants his fans ,his public fallowing to join him in his hate . Some of his fallowers in their comments claim those of infuence who support the McCann's are part of a free mason movement to take over the world. And so he conveys himself as a man of truth and justice and he devotes himself to his fans and he invites them all to join him in hate .

But here is the thing- he knew exactly what he was going to do where and when. That means leaving his family behind in Portugal was part of his master plan all along. The little copper consluting business he started after he took early retirement was just a front nothing more. All he wanted to do was live a cops dream in retirement ,the dream of being a writer of crime stories.Fame and glory. And the McCann case as he saw it was the answer to his most cherished wishes.
And nothing was going to stop that insane man form chassing his dream.

And so  he sees himself as an xcopper  in persuit of truth and justice-,
And writing books.Yes he imagines himself writing true crime stories.

There is no corrupt cop in Portugal that does not carry the oder off death with them always. The thing about the scent dogs do seek and find is that scent itself has no substance to place under the microscope -it has no weight or mass . And that means no trace evidence. He spoke of the scent of death the UK dogs that were sent to assist sniffed.He says he can see that which has not shape,weight or mass ,that which cannot be placed under a microscope and identified as proff.Fore what he saw those dogs identify ,that does not demonstrate the proof lies in thin air.Did they bag and tag the oder of death and send it back to the Uk's crime labs? You know that answer is no. But that former chief of detectives sees the dogs sniffer and what those dogs are trained to sniff out as valid conformation to his copper instinct. And that is what he expects you to believe.

 If the oder of death was there ,there was no way to establish to whom or what body the oder belonged to, but to understand how that worked,you must understand how manipulation of evidence is carried out.However, inconclusive means just that-no way to tell.The truth in that is inconclusive but the question is how what that was got to where the dogs sniffed it out. The oder trapped in the  childs belonging or belongings,indeed,but the chief of detectives said oder of death. And so the question is to the layman,how was that oder transferred ? Can it be ?  Of course inconclusive was known in advance to those who transferred the said oder. And so the outcome of the *[Transferrence]* was known before the transfer,as was the body assignmment to the said oder even though the oder/scent did not belong to the body assignment.You see oder itself - that's the Portugese scam.Inconclusive means non evidence which means there was no real way to tell .And thats just where and at what point in it the chief of detectives had gone into high gear. you see they had pulled it off. And man was he ever so high on himself. He thought that if this politically concieved scam can work,it would inturn bring to him considerable fame and glory. As so he thought that since they will put him out front and he will assume all the risk's -he will be the one to take the fall if or when the dominos cave in to truth, for that risk which was everything,he was going to pluck the fruits right off the vine and indulge in all the pleasures there are in it.

How than would the scent of death be transferred from one location to another ? The scent of death not the body the scent belongs to . Presents a question science does indeed have the answers to.But only one side to the issues were addressed because taking it all into public account will have raised suspicion directed to manipulation of said evidence or potential evidence. In other words the scam of it.Again politics and the sensitivity of diplomatic relations. One answer to that connects to the problem and that is inconclusive.The problem being in the question of how would transferrence take place or change the place of the scent of death. Like a pancake batter ,you got the flower in a place the eggs in another place and the milk in someplace.
So you put it all in the same place and mix it up. Simple as the pancake mix but the concept is spice.The authorities of Portugal sent the stuff of scent to the crime lab in London because they haven't the mordern world facilities in Portugal to run the tests. But isn't it odd that somehow they knew all about how it all works right down to inconclusive? Yes it was a scam -manipulating a dead person or a body,  a persons place and things. You see he said oder of death, those are his words of recent.He made very specific mention of order in reference to oderous traces left behind by a said body. Does it really require a scientific inquisition to explain how many ways a scent can be transferred from a place to another place and relocated on to or into another person,place or a thing ? In this matter because there is no body it is place and or thing.But for this to hold up to truth ,since the said oder did exist as determined by testing in a London crime lab ,than it can be assumed somewhere there is a body ,but the real question is what body? Who's body and where was it? That scent in question if it exist or did exist belonged to a body . We know the childs body was never actually declared deceased and she has not been found. And no trace evidence such as clothing she were wearing on the night of her abduction has ever been located. 
Just as simple as flipping pan cakes all you really need do is flip that chief of detectives crime theory right back to him. And since he is no Sherlock Holmes in that theory it must be taken into consideration that the chief of detectives had lots of educated help putting that bill of goods together.Down those avenues it was all political. And believe it they were researching cases all over europe and anywhere else to put it all together and as fast as all possible. Knowing it would all come down to inconclusive. No proff/evidence-no body and no case against the McCann's. But all the while they were able to keep the ball in thier court. And regaining that ball and taking full control  is where it began. The chief of detectives was no star player but he was made out to seem as though he was the star player in Portugal's game. 
And so what did he do ? Well he spend considerable time chassing balls and his team mates actually created a direction for him. And at his end game the chief of detectives ran off with the ball in play. 

And that is exactly what he planned to do all along. 
But what is left to question is the scent of death. This oder the chief of detectives referred to. Now, if the oder did indeed exist ,than the oder or scent must have belonged to a body and what it comes down to is there is no body.And so in the crime theory right back to them ,(-if the scent did or does exist ,than the scent or oder must have come from a body- but the body could be any body which means the oder or scent of death did not originate in the location the scent was said to have been located.} This is to say that it is anybodies guess ,because the body could be anybodies. You see the key to it is transferrence.The said oder, scent was located on an object or objects. Again place and things not person. 

Now, imagine if you will the legendary character Sherlock Holmes.

According to that working theory at the time,the McCann's were supposedly transferring body parts in the boot of a rental car. 
But who would suspect it was not body parts that were transferred but really it was oder or the scent of death .This is to say the oder or scent was put in that boot by the authorities of Portugal to further along the case they were building up designed to prosecute the McCann's for the murder of the child.But really the scam was all about control. That and saving face at all cost. And the tally of the cost is all political to Portugal's authority.The objective being to keep the true cost hidden away in forgetitville. That means they knew somehow the child would not be found and the childs abductor would not be found out for years to come if ever. And that gave the authorities of Portugal all the time they needed to gain full control over the media explosion .

The ousted chief of detectives is a narcissistic sociopath, of that there can be no doubt.
He will have you believe it is he who is the victim.And that means he is in fact the truth behind those lies and he is sure he knows for certain that the truth will never ever be exposed .
And that makes him free to live his lies .And that is just what narcissistic sociopaths do.

The truth is all about Portugal's KGB style of self serving justice which is not justice. And his words are solid clad propaganda-KGB style.
That is the truth. Or do you really think the authorities of Portugal would never lie ,or the former chief of detectives is above suspicion because he was a cop ? A KGB style cop ?

Common low life criminals in Portugal need not fear the judical process,but what they do fear is never living to see the light of it. What common criminals fear in Portugal is mysteriously disappearing as if vanishing in the haze.

In vast numbers the citizens look up to types like the former chief of detectives because in their secret truth they think to believe and feel certain the cops deliver justice where the system of law and justice cannot or will not. They believe in that secret and for every criminal that mysteriously diaappears,  that is one less to process and one more removed forever.for as bad as that is, it is view by some or too many people of Portugals generality as true justice rather than a slap in hand by the judical system. They do not speak of it openly but in their dark secret discussions they do speak of it. And that is something those sex offenders,the rapists the molesters would know of only too well. Because one thing that is a well known fact about them is they find places to gather usually some dark place in the wee hours of the morning and exchange information and leads and all around criminal information. And they sell such stuff . For the predators it is all about self preseveration . Knowing how to work the in's and outs of the law.

And so,the chief of detectives,- it is not all about what is known about his fear tactics during his interrogations under somewhat controlled conditions such as in little rooms at the policia stations. 

The TRUTH behind the lies is all about their or one of those theys in particulars field interrogations where he and he only were authority on high with convincingly seeming unlimited power. Out in the field. 

Why than will no one speak out against that KGB style of coppery ? Because if they do they fear they too will disappear with no trace.
And no case to find it's way to a shelf.The common criminals in Portugal know how it all works and through their grape vines word spreads about just how they do it. And that means not only do the common criminals know how they the policia do it,but the criminals also by it know how to do it when committing crimes. So for those criminals it not just about knowing what the cops will look for,but also knowing what they don't know how to look for .what they are capable of and what they are not capable of.And for Portugal criminals that pretty much leaves a wide open very vast field to operate in.

Criminals like sharks know their little territories and how it all goes down,everything that is there and most likely where and moreover anything new that happens along. To the criminals it is just a game of cops and robbers with the robbers knowing all about the cops game -what cops can do, will do and will not do.When those cops are not on top of their game than the criminals level the playing field.For example the former chief of detectives did reluctantly confess mistakes were made in the early onset of the investigation. To a point where the cops first on the scene compromised the whole of it and everything there in it. Look those cops are contaminated so naturally everything they touched became contaminated.

The criminals know all about that and how and why that is.
Happens to be of the many reasons there is so much unsolved crime.Or unheard of crime-if the public does not hear of it ,than it is the same as if it never happened.

That is the truth.

France will not provide the former chief of detectives with an island exile where he can exist freely should he ever choose to sell the whole truth for profit.But if he becomes addicted to his pen in persuit of glory ,he just might sell them all out and all of it.

For now he has his supporters back there in Portugal policia friends still very much connected and active in police activities.Untill or unless he turns on them all. For now they claim he was a good cop.Right as rain as the saying goes.

And rain it will in time.

The odd thing about narcissistic sociopaths is they somehow have ways of convincing themselves that the lies they spin up are also truth, so they believe their own lies even though they are fully aware they are liers and are incapable of speaking truth. They tell only partial truths which are laced in lies.When they are not sure where their words will go,they clam up or say I don't know or I don't know that to tell you.Or I don't know what to say about that because I which is a lie wasn't there.

Becoming very convincingly good at that is how he got himself advanced to chief of detectives.And it was effective in his survival in shark infested waters. Sharks will eat other sharks.If the narcissistic sociopaths can't convince themselves the lie is no lie than they know the lie itself won't work or most likely won't.

 What that means is they create that lie than live that lie. In living that lie the lie becomes truth to the narcissist.

So he believes himself and he really thinks you should believe it too.

There is more on that and how it all works.

What that former chief of detectives is doing is living his lies.
And worse yet he believes those lies will lead him into a grand transformation beyond even his own wild imagination.

A crime novelist.-and isn't that a novel money making glory seeking scam.. ?

But even living his fantasies he does indeed miss his old job.And for the loss of that alone,he seeks revenge.You could say it is not one thing only he seeks revenge for -but that one thing to him was his everything, everything else came of it.So you might say his loss's are many but he expects his gains to be twice as much and more than that. At the moment he is living the lie of the poor starving writer.And that is all part of his game plan.

 He is self assured that all his sacrifice (that is how he wants you to see it} the leans on his home ,his loss of his family-his friends,his job ,his everything will in his long run pay off making him far better off than he otherwise will have been. He wants everything he can pull out of it.

Did he expect the McCann's would file suit against him ? Well he had hoped the money would dry up and all their resources would dry up and than he hoped legal costs would prove to be far too exustive. But that didn't happen. But , he has finished his secound book and is working on a third . Kind of reminds you Michael Jackson's three funerals.

Is there an end to that mad man ? Well if the devil has a purse the ousted chief of detectives is working out of it and the devil always does collect on those depts ,as the saying goes. Yes and it won't end well for him at all.

As for his cult fallowers-they will all find something else to fallow. Haters just love to hate.

There are some people that just got sucked in. If the truth in it teach's them not to get sucked into what that is ,than something was learned by it.

As far as justice where the ousted chief of detectives is concerned,the means to his end will be self justifiable to him but he will live it out till his end in denial.

What is his end? What ever it turns out to be he has no one to blame because he brought it down upon himself. And yes there is a scent. The dog walks with the human side by side when tracking that particuar kind of a scent for very particular reasons.

One of those reasons is truth. Not revenge, satisfaction or reward but truth. The truth is what it is ,not what you want it to be or expect it to be or in some or many cases how it is made out to seem. And it can hide or it can be intentionally hidden. But that doesn't mean it cannot be found or will not be discovered.

Sometimes the truth somehow mysteriously is just there where it wasn't before it was.And sometimes that truth can be defined through oversight or that which was missed.

Everything about the case the authorities of Portugal built up against the McCann's was hit and miss.And the truth is that was their game strategy. It came down to no win and no loss and the case ended on a shelf to be continued at a later date. 

And so now they are hitting in all the areas they intentionally missed .

And thats political.

Back to the former chief of detectives and his interviews with concerned journalist in France, the self proclaimed cape crusader for truth and justice made reference to something that seemingly did not exist and that was reference to a ransom note. On that note he expects you to believe his theory of reference in that most kidnap cases as history will show there is ransom at the bottom of it ,that or revenge.But he says you see, there wasn't one -a ransom note .in truth you can't see because it is not there therefore there is nothing to see.And so he makes reference to that which is not there in effort to get you see only what he wants you see and the thickery of it is the fact that there isn't anything there at all to see.

And so and again he wants you to see only what he shows you even though there is nothing there to see and even if there was something there to see, what that is or would be would not prove a ransom was the reason behind the cause whatever the cause is. Because if there was a ransom note he could or would have said that anybody could have written it indicating it was part of of a devilish murder plot or cover plot involving the death of a child. And so it falls to anybodies guess about a note one way or the other. In his theory,there wasn't one or even if there was He's got you. That's copper. 
And of course the same as there is no body ,there is no note.
Hit and miss and no point taken.And that's copper.

So, lets look at a cop who's figures of authority ,those above him =prosecutors, politicans those of rank and privilage that are tied to the political process through a chain of command.

The educated type ,those who come from famlies of wealth that are well connected, those who came up the ladder through various means -mentors and such -you know what the haters call it-, the lucky ones. How they see it, money marries money,lawyers only like lawyers ,doctors who marry doctors -politicans who marry into wealth. How it all works. Where does this former chief of detetives fall in the old pecking order ?What's his place ? And whats his thing ? This person who has his place and a thing that he does. We know his place has transferred. He said so because he said he transferred himself for his families saftey. That is what he said.
But it comes down to transferrence. And again that word is key.

You see there were no body parts transferred in the boot of that rental car assigned to the McCann's in Portugal ,but something was transferred and that something was oder or the scent of death.And he knows how and why that scent was put there not in exacts but he knows. He knows the oder was transferred to the boot of that rental car put there by servents of Portugals authority through orders that came down from Portugal's highest authority. He cannot name names or faces but he does know they exist.

Phone taps for example ,you might know yer conversation is listened in on but there is no name or face or exact authority to put on as to who the listener in is or recorder be it a thing. But you know they are there. He may suspect who some of those who's are but he cannot connect it all up in the form of proff. After all the chief of detectives had been a servent for a very long time with years of experience .Quite the player.

And he did run off with that ball in play.

Transfer, Transferrence, transfixiation,transformation ,transit,transportation ,transend ,transient ,transitus a string of words fit for a French quarter. Tracks and trains and drifters.

Does safety really lie in solitary as he lives his lie claiming to be in the person of the poor starving writer ?

Well, Antonio Luis Costa a Portugal serial killer convicted of three murders and three rapes sentenced to the maximun penalty of the law ,25 years in prison. 

Now than what is this former chief of detectives very own definition of justice.?This x cop who would hold a fence board over a woman suspected of crimes under the threat of being beaten. The said suspect knowing through hear say the kinds of terrible things this man has done and is capable of doing ?

What is the truth about that ? 
Only his victims know for sure and of course they are all criminals so nobody will believe what they might say. The only credible witness's to what went down throughout his career are cops who were there and just as guilty as he himself. Unless of course somewhere in some box on those shelves in Portugal there are offical complaints about it filled out by cops with a conscience . But of course such complaints ended up on the shelf -for safe keeping so the saying goes.Nothing came of those complaints as far as displainary action taken against  the former chief of detectives but those complaints did end up on the shelf with everything else in Portugal's unsolved tucked away, hidden away however one would put that,cases.

There is no justice in all that but there is truth there.
And the truth in all that cannot be intellectually explained away by this x cop who is reported as being one of intellectual capacitiy.

Press him on such issues and you will see and experience his explosive personality. Quite the site no doubt. Pop his cork as the saying goes.

Here is what you might call a bit of a odd seeming coincidence or perhaps it isn't  as some names are quite common. 

The Lisbon Ripper one of Portugal's two of record serial killers name is  Jose Guedes
Rudy Guede is the name of the drifter convicted and imprisoned in the Kercher murder.

Jose Guedes Lisbon Ripper
Rudy Guede - the drifter convicted in the Meredith Kercher murder case.

The Lisbon ripper case shows details that are odd.
All three victims in Portugal between 6/92 and March 93 names are Maria.

His apprehension came as a result of his son's desire to cash in on the crimes by getting himself in as a contestant on a reality tv show the new wave of telly .

In the math how many cold years passed between 92 and 2011 ,that's a lot. And the former chief of detectives didn't know the killers identity untill 2011 unless he did .What he knew for sure is the names of the 3 victims and what terrible things were done to them.

Now back in 07 this information was not made public and no face or name to place on the murderer. But of course given the strange nature of the three cases with identical m.o.'s ,you can safely assume that the ousted chef of detectives obtained all the details about those three murders. As fallows, 

The first victim Maria Valentina nick named Tina was found July 1992 in a large cabin in Pova de Santo Adraio . She was strangled  and some of her internal organs were removed.Disembowled

The secound victim Maria Fernenda age 24 found Jan. 27/93 in a large cabin in Entrecampos . She was also strangled and some of her organs were removed .Dismembered/disembowled

The 3rd. victim Maria Joilo age 27  found March 93 . Like the others she was strangled
 and disembowled but this time the killer removed all her organs with a sharp object not a knife.

So now you know where the ousted chief of detectives got the outline for his theory if it was ever really his own. But if yer keen with insight you can easially figure the details on all three murder cases were somehow mysteriously on his desk one day with a note attached, you may need this regarding the McCann case. Sent down from higher authority. 

Portugal did not need to look any further than their own shelfs to find a working theory to build upon in their face saving measures as they were all operating in emergency mode. 
It was Portugals counter attack. They believed the face of their nation was at stake and they had to save face at all cost.

It had nothing to do with solving the crime at hand at that time.But it had everything to do with unsolved crimes-or unsolvable crimes-that which political authority can never confess to. Again transferrence and that word is key. 

Now this is old hat political mishap -when they are all wrong and refuse to say or admitt they are wrong ,what happens in the emergency save face mode of operation is they marshal all ways and means conceivable in one direction and one direction only and that direction is what is favorable only to it and no others.It is Portugals authority. That leaves only one daming factor in possibilities that can or will confound their efforts,and that factor is the unforeseen and in some or many cases the unpredictable.
Circumstances and events that can happen beyond thier control.  Such circumstance can and do in many cases lead to the truth as it is ,not necessarially justice though.

Circumstances and events that have come to light in the past few years have finally forced the hand of the agessors- the guilty party-the authorities of Portugal,not all of them but some of them. Far too many of them no doubt.

And that is why nobody really believes the ousted former chief of detectives .Fact is you really cannot believe a word he speaks.

He is after all- a narcissist. He is a lier ,a deciever. 
But and again there is this oder he is sure of isn't there ?
Again I say,where in the world would they have gotten that ?
Or perhaps that answer is simple,-they manufactured it.

Ok so, they don't have the mordern world ways and means to conduct the testing down forensic avenues ,but that doesn't mean they are clueless to how it is done, what the limitations are and how to manufacture a oder/sent that will come back inconclusive. It's all about transference. And it was all about control and saving political face. And it still is on Portugals end.

To that end make no mistake about it the transference of the said oder -the scent was not orchestrated by a team of fools which means the chief of detectives knew of the scam but did not know how the scam went down ,he only knew *(they )* have ways of going about it. *They are people that are servants of the Portugal authorities that are down professional lines more suited to stage the scent transference in such a way  that later on in time regardless to the untimate outcome of the case ,Portugal's credibility where police agencies share information would not be damaged or strained in any way.That means just because Portugal has not the mordern world crime lab faciltites ,doesn't mean their people of science don't know all about what can and cannot be determined given the proper equipment. Now, that ousted chief of detectives was just a cop ,he knew and knows nothing of all that or those people of profession that do- But he knows of such things and people those (theys). He knows there are many ways to manipulate people,places and things. He knows that anything can be made out to be a real possibility or even proven by faulse or dispicable means.

And those *theys* over there in Portugal did a pretty good bang up job on getting it over on forinscics professionals in England .Those they's in England actually lent support to that theory bogus as it is and was. Because they were fooled or played .

At this point showing the ousted chief of detectives view of those they's ,well thats all in his head. His real opinion is that the McCann's too were and are those they's. The kind of they's that are not under the influence of the Portugal's authority. That gave him a place to channel all his hate. His hate of all those they's -they the people that are not filled with hate-those that believe in hope and education as an avenue leading down hope's path.That man has a giant narcissistic ego.And in the very same way those criminals work the in's and out's of the laws manipulating circumstances, people, places and things in the planning stages- And in carrying out their crimes much of which are hate based, so does this ousted former chief of detectives, using I say his wealth of knowledge about all criminal operations- through his own experiences within his said profession and all data on those shelves he had or has access to over the years. Therefore he sees himself way up in the upper echelon of the criminal element -up there with the brilliant ones.,which comes down to knowing how to operate within the in's and outs .Bottom line ,criminal same as any.

But as he fondles his tie with the hand he writes with ,he sees it more like white collar crime or crimes of oppertunity. 

In his head.

The ousted chief of detectives said loss's have been covered.  He is living the lie of the starving writer- in his theory right back to em, that's on the table. (rewrite to complete paragraph on edit}the machanic.

But since this is now in his head,- the lie he is currently living is part of his ultimate gamble. He did indeed bet the farm-all of it and one way or another he intends to win big. This is it for him -it's all on the table. He cannot fold in his cards than say- Ok so now you know eh. The game to him is all about shifting the blame -destroying good peoples lives and gaining considerable gratification out it. He is a hater and gaining fame,notoriety and profit by this his ultimate gamble is now his everything. But he is a narcissist so he sees through his ego and sees it as being invincible, which means he cannot see himself as the loser. And that makes him dangerous.

The question that just must rise is when exactly did that man ,this self proclaimed victor of truth and justice enter into- The Unlimate Gamble?  Imagine the case files pulled down off of one of Portugal's shelves on the murders of the 3 woman named Maria ,the work of the said Lisbon Ripper who at that time in 07 there was no name or face to put to that killer.All three of those woman were disembowled and body parts were hauled away.Gruesome, dispicable, terrible terrible sick murderous monster.

That ousted chief of detectives must have been rubbing his hands together in glee at the very thought of making the McCann's out to be murderous monsters like the Lisbon ripper.
Right off the shelf. And doesn't he have a story to tell.

Doesn't he. And he has it all down-first of all you write about what you know, your experiences and never forget to look in your own back yard-and in this case that back yard is whats on those Portugal shelves all of which is or was inconclusive.

And thats truth and that ousted chief of detectives is a lier,he is a psychopath that man is twisted .

But he will have you believe he is a family man and he too has a daughter.He will have you believe he is human not animal.

Can anything at all be said good about Portugal's authority even as a possibility ?  Well, there is a possibility ,returning to the Lisbon Ripper case. Now, the Ripper can't be charged with the 3 murders in Portugal but the ripper is held in captivity because he confessed to murders in Germany and other parts of Europe,same M.O.'s.

If than it is suspected that the former ousted chief of detectives has ties to the abductors through some type of payoff, it may be that it was expected of him to run off with the ball in play.Or when he did,that act raised red flags . But that would also mean the case was really in total secret being investigated. Therefore that possibility is quite the long shot given all the blunderous happenings surrounding this case. But on the other hand -the chief of detectives fate may be in waiting. That to a possibility, his fate would or will be subject to tailoring by authorities -made out to seem those theys had a hand in bringing closure to the case or solving the crime.But thats the ways of the world ,fate answers not to those theys.It simply is what it is.

And it is highly doubtfull the former ousted chief of detectives knows much at all about the nature of the game he is caught up in. He thinks it's about pulling out of it as much as he can and he believes he understands full well the ways of the world.

But he doesn't. He hasn't a clue.
And that stands to reason because he doesn't have a conscience which further means the truth to him is nothing more than a figment of his twisted imagination. Justice in his view comes through a fence board or some lethal object held over his victims in order to terrify his victims into submission.
That is his version of justice self justified. So now you know what is truth and what is justice to a man without a conscience.

His cop friends would call that interrogation technique. Some people would call that water boarding. The fact is he is a predator.
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POLITICAL PARANOIA And The Marriage Between The Power Structures And the Media ,control,fear,lust and greed.

John F. Kennedy wrote about television and it's potential both good and bad back in the 1950's. And what it's about is where the power actually is. Human resources.

Kennedy's essay is about politics and television at the dawning of the age of telle.

And it says here,out of the essay:

It is in your power to preceive deception ,to shut off gimmickry,to reward honesty,to demand legislation where needed.Without your approval,no tv game show is worthwhile and no politican can exist.
Television can help to bring out some of politicans best moments and can also show the worst a politican can be unbeknoweth to the politican untill after the fact.

Honesty,vigor,compassion ,intelligence or the lack of such can make up what is called the candidates image. And these images or impressions are likely to become uncannily correct. 

There he is talking about the power of preception and the power there is within the people collectively.

Kennedy went on to say ,it says here:,

But in the wrong hands television can be used for manipulation,explotation and to lure with gimmicks insidously.

Fergive me if yers will I just had to expand a little after explotation about those gimmicks.

Kennedy goes on to say -it says here:

It can be used by demigods,by appeals to emotions and prejudice and ignorance.

End quotes form J.F. Kennedy's essay on the tellevision .

Ok, so he pointed out that it is up to you to use your abilities to preceive correctly because it,the medium of television he was saying can be used for good and evil intent.What he was getting at is the power of preception is a tool you have and must use always or fall subject to louring explotation and gimmicktry insidiosly. 

He is saying we must keep a vigerous watchfull guard on ignorance and great potential mass media manipulation of the very worst kind. And he starts it off by reminding you that you have the power. 1959.

And political paranoia is all about that very power and it's potential application collectively.

Control. Murdoc is no peacock and the media game is his ugly baby.

Indeed Murdoc, setting his game aside for now and going back to the Lisbon Ripper.

Going back to to one of Kennedy's quotes -
Without your approval no tele game show is worthwhile and no politican can exist. 

Trust me in that this is fitting because as yers know Portugal is rather like a 1950's kind of place stuck in time.

And so the son of the suspected Lisbon ripper who has not been charged with the three murders in Lisbon wanted to be a contestant on a tele game show where it is contestants are locked away each with a secret, charde to figure it out. There was this game show that came out in the 1950's called I've Got A Secret -so call that a spin off in the reality show concept of today. 

But the authorities of Portugal caught wind of this and the son of a ripper did not make it through the selection process.So how does this connect ,what does it mean ?

Simply put should the son of a ripper made his way into that game show and his secret became a huge promotional secret in the form of shock news  ,why imagine political paranoia spinning out of control in Portugal. Of course the game show promoters let the wind out of those sails quick and informed the authorities about the son of a rippers intent. To hot to handle. 

There was this porno film that gained much national attention and made millions of dollars back in the 70's titled Deep Throat. A porn star with the screen name of Linda lovelace .
This porn star was a guest on a late night popular telle talk show and answered journalist type questions. The public was egar to know. 

But what came as a surprise to the talk show host -the station manager and the entire network and all the viewers, is she,screen name linda lovelace was no willing participant making those pornographic films. If you were to title what went down on national television it would be something to the effect of National Shock Wave. 

Her book is titled Ordeal.

This boy friend she thought she loved so much as it turned out in truth was not the guy he made himself out to seem to be. He as it turned out is or was a monster of the worst kind. The same as that former chief of detctives over there in Portugal ,that guy liked to use fence boards to beat his victims-woman,into submission. She had no idea the guy made porn movies ,she thought he was some kind of respectable business man which is exactly what he wanted her to think.That is untill he groomed her to the point where he thought she was ready and in effect kidnapped her and beat her into submission. than he forced her into acting rolls in his pornographic movies.

They made millions upon millions than gave her $10,000 and than shoved her off.She was lucky to get out of that alive.And the same as the former chief of detectives is sure nobody would believe what his victims would say about his ways of beating his victems into submission because they are just criminals. The porn movie maker also figured who would believe a porn star? Because she's just a what ?

And the nation was left shocked by her story.And many many politicans and lobbyist had seen that movie and watched in laughter and glee and it was under the table talk in Washington DC in their after hours hang outs -Watergate.

But something else happend in all that- a deep deep political fear rose up to the surface areas of politicans gut feelings and deep sense of fear. You see through the telivision media outlet on national telle which was more or less subject to political sensorship -and somehow this slipped out and created mass media attention later leading to the Abscame investigations which was all about investigating the doings of politicans in those bars and places they gather. The truth about what goes down and those dirty doings and witchcraft too.

It created political paranoia on steroids.And things have changed a lot since the Washington Post broke the Watergate scandal-Deep Throat. 

So the porno movie took it's title straight out of the Watergate scandle which was ongoing at that period in time and it made ton's of money.

And Linda lovelace ,screen name porno star in the movie told of her ordeal on national television -kidnapped and forced into making pornographic movies- on national television -but her telling that was not expected- in fact it was a total shock. and it was not sensored and her telling it raised national and international attention and that created political paranoia because,well,imagine ,-so,sensorship over the media was hightened considerably due to political paranoia.

And as a result of political paranoia came the marriage of media,government and the military industrial complex thereby making it a unit. Hence the lame stream media.
All that means is the media became even more lame that it was prior to the Watergate scandal.

Nope the media is more Murdocian these days.You see governments spy all the time and tap phones and Murdoc doesn't print what governments don't want printed as per the marriage agreement ,which means the media and government -military complex are one big happy family ,and if government/governmants do it than if Murdocians do it too,it is no crime. Murdoc thinks that since he is a media king ,if the king does it ,it is no crime. It is though,but what will come of it ?

Nixon said something to that effect to David Frost in a interview. If the president does it ,it is not illegal.Executive powers.

So Portugal's authorities snapped that one up quick(the son of a ripper's plan to get on TV} and put a pressure lid on it to quash that out .And what the public did not catch wind of is the political paranoia that little ordeal created. OK, so -the suspected Lisbon Ripper case gone public 2011. And the note becomes a cord and the cords become music and lyric is added into the music and the music is a story and the story becomes a popular story and everybody listens. And politicans watch what people listen to . Influences. So as quickly as the story transferred in it was transferred out even faster. Political paranoia.

Ok, so to the point- So you didn't have a choice approving or disapproving the content of that game show because the government of Portugal took away that option with the help of the owners of the game show.It may seem like a small thing-but where does it begin and where does it end ? What we do know is that in Portugal it ends up on a shelf stuffed as far away from your mind as possible. Out of sight ,out of mind.You don't have to think about it,they will think about it for you,they will handle it ,you need not worry about it. But really nobody believes them.

People are not powerless unless they are made to believe they are. Power is always in the numbers it is not singular.But one little singular event can tip the balance of power in the structure. And when that balance is tipped,political paranoia spreads like a wild fire. And it knows no bounds or geographical lines drawn in the sand such as border crossings.

Over in Canada a child pornography ring was busted up with over three hundred arrests. Arrests were also made in the United States connected to this organized crime ring with connections to at least five countries The BBC news has the article up in todays news. Check Canada/U.S. Odd it is there was no mention of Portugal.

Direct connections to Australia, Spain,Mexico,South Africa,Norway,Greece,The Republic Of Ireland.
films distributed in 94 countries.

Over four hundred children were rescued during the 3 year investigation.
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptySat Nov 16, 2013 10:47 pm

Rolling Eyes I read that about the child sex ring  bust in Canada, just goes to show how wide spread this sort of thing is,but those arrested and the children that were saved are only the  tip of the Globle  ice berg so to speak, I don't think any Country is free from this sort of thing its a World wide shame committed by people with no shame on the innocent,the Police forces of the World need to coordinate on a Globel Scale to tackle this dispicable problem, but even as I say that I can well see that some of these people who engage in this sort of thing are they them selfs some of those very people that are charged with rooting out those that are of the same mind set as them selfs,so will this sort of thing rearly ever be tackled or solved, sadly I think not.Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptySat Nov 16, 2013 11:33 pm

Well, sure, the ideal job fer a predator such as a child molester who is say of profession a cop would be a cop who's assignment is to go into the lower grade schools in uniform as part of a child awareness programme -the friendly cop who is the childs friend warning the kids not to except rides from strangers or gifts such as candy or what ever else.Had such a case here where the cop was a frequent face on telle.That is untill he were busted fer computer child porn and other associated crimes.

You see where it comes to all that it not just about priests as pedophiles - The pedophiles like to plant themselves dead smack in the middle of the childs world and they do whatever it takes to get to it. So yer right about yer suspicions down those avenues-but,

There is in fact an international effort to seek out ,identify and bust international child abduction rings and child ponography operations-snuff movie makers and the distribution methods anywhere on earth.

It is headed up by the mordern world as the saying goes with it's influence streaching everywhere on the globe.

It's a giant task force that operates through joint cooperation.
I don't know if Portugal is involved in the joint task force due to the way it's laws are laced in total secrecy which mean they hoard what they got.  They are hoarders.

Might seem like a strange thing to say but I can tell you,that the former ousted chief of detectives has the Portugal hoarder problem and I say so because I can see that regardless to what truths come into focus he remain firm in his crime theory which is all in his head and what it has turned into is total denial. Hoarders see reality as being what's in there head -

It doesn't matter how bad the surroundings circumstances get- all the junk is beautiful and valuable to them.

Now, you look at his crime theory and clearly you see it is horrid-but he sees it as a thing of beauty-a perfectly constructed crime theory,that is how he sees it IN HIS HEAD.

Pedophiles are deranged in a similar way inso far as what goes down in their heads and how they disassociate themselves with the reality of the things that do . This is not to say pedophiles disassociate themselves with reality or the reality of what they do-but in their heads it is all arranged in such a way that to them there can't possibly be anything wrong with it.

The priest pedophile does know that it is all wrong -but they also know they cannot and will not stop themselves from doing the dispicable things that they do.Unless that priest or minister became the priest or minister for the very reason of planting themselves dead smack in the middle of the lives and activities of their intended victims. Family matters- the childs parents under those circumstances become the informational highway to the predator who is of course seemingly lovingly concerned for the childrens welfare.

Those are the cold calculating predator pedophiles.
Or cold calculating predators. The former ousted chief of detectives is a cold calculating predator.

You might have noticed that when the case was officially reopened by Scotland Yard it was almost simultaneously reopened by Portugal's authority. But one must further notice that Portugal's authorities ran off in their own direction basically looking at all the leads they disregarded because it became political.

But you really must look at the former chief of detectives who as is typical of his Portugal nature as a predator however,ran off in his own direction with the ball and wrote books.

That connection requires much thought in order to get to the bottom of it but whatever it is or comes down to. It just might be something of a incurable nature. Hoardism for example can be cured but not in every case which means it can be incurable .

Somehow I suspect the outcome of all this is not going to be the least bit favorable to Portugal's face saving measures.
They could have done better but they chose not to.

Ok,so as far back as the television in your family room goes,that would be after ww2 1951 in there ,twas actually a thing of the fifties like the volkswagon was .
The workmans back pocket paper back novel turned to weekly stories told through the television. Game shows in the evening right around 7 pm or 7:30  Western tv shows took off quick over here ,the western frontier,cowboys ,indians & old western towns the open plains ride yer horse out on the old open ranges.and least we not forget the 6:oo pm news  . Indeed finish the evening meal in plenty of time for the old man to read his evening newspaper and catch the 6 oclock new on the telle befer watching the favoriate nightly sagas of life in the 1800's in the american whild west.

Kennedy realized the power in television communications as a political medium for both the good and bad in it. Befer telle there was radio hour and befer that of course those newspapers. Early on local news broadcasts were created and national news . The national news reached of course the entire country and further streached into global events. Now yer politicans have to actually keep up appearences for the camara.

Where is this all going some 40 years or so befer the internet ?Political paranoia tracing it's orgins and pin pointing where it escalated on high .

So what is it,what is political paranoia ? Political paranoia is about like a virus that contaminates yer computer and because of nothing works right. It spreads like a raging wild fire out of control and because of it the one priority becomes extingusihing the fire by all means and at all cost.It effects all political business and contaminates the entire political process through the duration of the virus.

The Attorney general of Portugal made mention of phone tapping in Portugal when he said he doesn't think there is a phone in Portugal that isn't tapped. But he made no mention of political paranoia that comes of it.That of never knowing who may be listening in.Same paranoid onsets strike during person to person closed secessions because of the paranoid fear of listening devices .Trust no one all that. and than there is paranoia that comes on suddenly effecting politicans when information spreads around in the generality -common folk that does not reflect well to the said politican or political embodyment. As yer recall the el president of Portugal was also president of the EU an appointment that rotates from country to country in the EU.

So the McCann case was not simply an embarassing situation that brought unwanted media attention on to Portugal, Political paranoia became that raging out of control wlld fire that spread throughout the entirety of Portugals politics and government.

Which is why Portugal appealed ,reached out diplomatically fer some relief, or suggestions on how to put out the fire.And they did get some . They got assistence from the media too which is politically structured. All the ambassadors of the mordern world were dialed into it and all that was going down. Very much activity between the consulates and information was passed through political channels.

From a diplomatic stand point in it you don't say ,well them Portugueess finally got off their arsses and decided to look into it in some kind of proper way.Maybe dat's on the count of finally a fire was set a lite underneith their arss's. No, yer says, Portugal is doing what is highly commendable in their efforts to get to the bottom of this case.Than yer further compliment them on how they conducted the investigation given what they had to work with. Diplomacy,diplomatic channeling all part of the political process as everything is political.Also applies to business. A cookie is just a cookie but when the baker spreads sugar on top befer the bake it changes to a sugar cookie.

But there is one guy that really just must be sure they will never get to the bottom of it. And something must make him sure of it. Or he convinced himself of it based on everything he knows about unsolved crimes in Portugal and any crimes he knows of through inteprol where tracking a perp. on run is of the international order, by way of whatever connections his former superiors have in those areas.Like wanted posters in the old western movies,the ones that were popular in the 1950's and sixties too. Sometimes it can seem as though time stands still.

The former chief of detectives has bet his arss on it and he won't believe the case got solved even when it does get solved. Because he believes there is no bottom.He thinks it just keeps going and going and going to no end.

The old saying ,the bigger they are the harder they fall-, it 's not the fall that gets them,it's the bottom and what is there :reap:

It seems clear to the notion that political paranoia has everything to do with maintaining a controlling strong hold on those who bring the politicans to power. Indeed now goodness me ,isn't that the people that do the voting ?

Let's take another look at what was said back in the fifties .

{It is in your power to preceive deception,to shut off gimmicktry,to reward honesty,to demand legislation where needed. without your approval no game show is worthwhile and no politican can exist.
Television can help to bring out some of politicans best moments and can show the very worst a politican can be. }

We know the media is filled with gimmictry deception and lies.We can no longer tell the difference between tabloid trash and main stream media so called news. And just so long as we keep buying into it, we are in fact rewarding it.We can start advocating our collective powers of preception by demanding some legislation right there thereby forcing the media change itself conform to the peoples standards or cease to exist by popular order.

But lets look at rewarding honesty taking what was said back in the fifties out of context and viewing it in part ,we will take it apart than look at what was said in depth in each part than put it all back into context and review it again.

Regarding the McCann case the people have spoken in dollars and cents.And of  sensible means collectively.And the sixth sense is no myth.  There is no question about who is telling truth .And the powers of the peoples perception cannot be reversed or denied.

That leaves political paranoia and all methods of political decepton and media gimmicktry. Ok so they dropped a camouflage curtin over it in an effort to make pure truth out to seem to be lies.To change the peoples perceptionary means,to strip the collective powers before those powers become a force for good.We'll get into the dynamics of how that went down later.Imagine being caught in the cross hairs of revengefull political paranoia and media gimmicktry. BREAKING NEWS.
Are tabloids not a perverted version of events ? We therefore have two versions of what went down, the true version and the perverted version with it's face of show the former chief of detectives who wishs to write stories about crime.
And the missing factor to the visual on the perveted version side to it and that is the tellevison.

The bottom line in the part of the hole is -television can bring out some of the best of politicans and or the very worst. No authority in Portugal speaks over and above political authority therefore words spoken by authorities are pre approved by political higher order.It not just about bad publicity,it's about political survival at all cost.

It comes down to fear.And so political paranoia is fear and fear turns to panic driven actions and reactions. But those political paranoia actions collectively are also laced heavily in revenge motivation rooted in self preservation from the top of the political order all the way down to as far down as it goes collectively.
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptyTue Jan 14, 2014 7:22 am

In the news today it says, the police handling operation grange -the reopening of the
of the case are prepared to move forward on calling in for questioning three thieves
that are prime suspects in a series of robberies at the vacation resort. Those thieves are
are also suspected of kidnapping the child. It says Scotland Yard is prepared to make arrests and the authorities of the UK are working with the authorities of Portugal on these matters,

There is no public comment by the McCann's on these matters apparently because the media is likely to run interfearence with the ongoing investigation .
Scotland Yard has little to say other than what was said in print through the media.

What it comes down to is the fear of inciting political paranoia within the authorities of Portugal which could inturn cease all avenues of cooperation between the two investigative authorities..

The word that applies politically is sensitive. Due to the sensitivity in matters about the case,little information regarding details is being fed into media outlets.

Now, those thieves and their doings in the time frames leading up to the kidnapping
prior to the McCann's visitation and during .There has been rather scant information about the elevation of crime in the area where the vacation resort is ,exclusive vacation resort actually. Now here is just where you look that former chief of detectives straight into his eyes and say what about those thieves ,what did you know ? If he says he didn't know than he couldn't have been much fer a cop. If he down plays that question or side steps it,that is because politically he is/was obligated to do just that. Further down the line that denial also served his personal agenda.

At this very point to call is just where one must seperate the politics and law proceedings from that of the typical and move into the political business of tourism on the by and large and than broken down into localities. In context and in part.It's just a bit of a different set of rules.A type of sneaky,greedy deceptive kind of politics. You see those newspapers have little sections known as crime reports.You know,arrests and prosecutions of local criminals and victim reports /statements that are as a rule published. Unless of course such publicity would or might restrict the flow of tourism.
And of course such a restriction is also a finincial set back for the business sector and it also as yer may know leads to lay off's in the employment sector which means the local economy takes a severe hit,jobs are lost and so on. Cut backs as the saying goes in politics. This area is important because it demonstrates just how far political paranoia goes and spreads into the populas -it's a fear base thing. A good living wage is reliant or dependent upon a stable ecomomy.

And when it's all about the tourist dollar-euro whatever the standard, and bad publicity equals a loss of in tourism ,why that can translate to loss of job and that is everything in the world . Now this hits on the subject of control through fear. OK, so everybodies on board for what it all comes down to.

One would think such information would be readily available ,you know those crime stats. In fact one would think  upper ended tourist vacation booking agencies would keep up on such matters of concern vigerously in the interest of protecting the interests of the clientel. Such a business interest is in the interest of building a high volume business practice  or what is known as a very reliable & trusted agency. But if such information isn't available,than there is no sign of trouble and all seems as good as it is advertised in the agencies vacation package plans.The vacation rsort bills itself and sends out the information to the agencies. It's all connected.

Laws are the same in tourist resort areas as in any other place.But the thing of it is ,things are done or handled in very different ways by authorities where it all comes down to tourist revenue. In the same way the farmer wants to plant a bumper crop and sees to it that happens by all means ,the tourist are that bumper crop and nothing is going to get inbetween the locality and the bumper crop.
farmers rely on a little luck and hope because hard work doesn't always do it. It's a weather thing.

If a situation occurs that does not reflect favorably on a tourist economy and it cannot be handled descretely,or secretively, than that situation is either covered up or is of no mention -hence let not a word get out & ensure the winds remain still. When you look at that place in Portugal, it seems like a quiet place where nothing happens and where there isn't much going on-not much to see.Reserved a sheltered setting -safe secluded.
And of course the criminals are well versed in the art of being visible or invisible in plane sight. And it serves them well in a locality where everything unwanted is kept in the qt hush.That means that place looks so perfect you just have know it's dark side is not too far away to fetch. You know you toss the stick and the dog must retreive that stick-fetch.
  When in a forign locality one must figuritively toss that stick every so now and again so as not to lose site of the riff raft that is always and always lurking somewhere's or even in plane sight. You see,dirty dogs are always and always looking for what is free and easy to obtain.
eh, fetch the stick. Nowhere isn the world is there such a place that is free of dirty dogs -those dirt bags are everywhere.And there are plenty of dirty cops too.

But to understand the underhanded and even dispicable practices of such agencies it is required that one investigate the whole of the operation and that investigation begins at the source which as it so happens is the vacation resort area itself ,or all of those.Question everything as the saying goes. And the further you look into it the more dirty and deceptive it becomes.One can spend 15 or 20 years or more finding out about all the dirt. The business ownners ,the cops ,the politicans ,even the local peoples that are relient on their jobs as a matter of survival -all the dirty stuff connects up. Hence mums the word. Hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil.
Those three monkeys and those three blind mice.

Some people in some of those vacation hot spots will claim that the tourist industry is just but a fraction of the revenue generated within a given locality. Such people may even claim they wish all those tourist's would just disappear ,go away forever and they think the locality would be better off for it. Some would say so.

But the hotel/motel ,restaurant ownners and all those little shops the tourists spend their money in would all put up a bitter battle over them kinds of words. But hotel and high end restaurant ownners ,yes well there you have those that are politically connected in every way-and it doesn't have to say Hilton fer that to be true.Politics and business and business is politics. Hand in hand,hand in the pot -underhanded ,over handed you name it ,it's there.

Nobody, none of those people who were and are employed by the resort dared mention the fact to the McCann's or any other visitors about the elevation of robberies or those sex offenders running around freely unchecked .I am not indicating they are are guilty ,but I am saying there is a certain thing,a likeness to a code they all fallow and it is I dare say self serving regardless to one;s station in life.Be it maid service or garbage collection or the king pins that run the whole show.

The elevation in robbery stats. may have been a deceptive measure by the way ,an attempt to throw off a investigation leading investigators to believe the kidnapping was
done by local thugs that were conducting a series of scams and in the process a child ended up in the middle of it.
Rather than a well planned out plot to kidnapp what is considered a perfect child at a perfect age who has the genes . Talking about a highly funded child abduction organization there ,with resources to no seeming end.But thats theory.

Make no mistake paranoia has struck the entire tourist industry and potential tourists are
asking more questions relating to the safety of the family at their so called perfectly safe tourist hot spots and in particular those that are billed about like that place in Portugal.

 cof:  Now how would I know anything about all that ? !
Thinking about getting married ? the've even named a sector of the falls the bridal veil falls ! Hotels have very particular accomodations fer newly weds ! And it's all so very very perfectly deceptive thoroughly saturated in commericalization fit for greed mongers exclusively ? What you might call a heavenly hay day in the horse pasture. And those banks are in on it. Indeed those bank chairmen just love to see the proceeds entering into their vaults most earnestly by insidious proclamation indeed.Which brings into the mix the politics of those banks.Bankers,hotel/motel ownners ,fine dining establishments ownners ,right down to those little shops that sell those novelty items those tourists just love to buy as little reminders of their visitations.Than there's of course the old buther ,the baker and the candle stick makers,the petro stations and service repair shops that tend to yer automobile.  Limo service too and air service which brings in commerical air lines into the mix on the by the way.One really must look hard at all the tourist industry does in deed encompass.Quite the encompassment. And plenty of politics too.By the way ther's a new doughnut on the market ,it's called the chris christie.Don't know why I tossed that in there-it seemed fitting fer some reason.

However down speculative avenues this is not good news for the former chief of detectives who wish's to be a crime novelist. He was fully aware of those thieves and their doings when they were doing it.But when political paranoia took hold all that went direct to the flush. Have you ever heard the saying-never in a million years.? Imagine that former chief of detectives slamming his fists down on the table saying ,this can't be happening.

And than there's the other saying-never say never.

In the Uk it has always been on the side of never say never and greatness is that very realization becoming the fact of the matter.Hence tenacity.
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PostSubject: news brief a load of crap !   Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptyFri Jan 17, 2014 10:11 am


This article is in a ralative way exactly what happened to the case at hand when political
paranoia struck the authorities of Portugal. They dumped a whole load of manuer over the
the top of it all making it impossible to see anything other than horse sh-t.

And that former chief of detectives was the chief distributor .

Check out this French farmer who knows exactly what is what about it.

Ok so, if the farmer had been able to dump the entire load there was a good chance the only
thing visable will have been great gobs of horse sh-t. You wouldn't have been able to see past the horse sh-t and you wouldn't have known what is behind that horse sh-t because there is so much of it. Not to mention the ODOR. Happens to be the big thing with that former chief of detectives-the odor emitted out of the boot of the rental car during the search all of which came about after political paranoia took charge of the investigation.

But we'll get to how they did that later on.They being those scammers.

OK so, now there is somewhat of a visual to look at in order to gather an impression of
exactly what the grand master scam orchastrated by the authorities of Portugal is/was in attempt of quashing out the unfavorable publicity and unwanted global attention . Fallowed by the former chief of detectives personal scam having to do with his insane desires to be published and revered by all his readers.

The old cop thought all that manure (horse sh-t) would fertelize those little seedlings thus allowing his ambition to flourish like all hell. There is this cop in L.A. California (Hollywood) who in 1984 slipped a pipe bomb under a bus carrying olympic atheletes to the games at the 84 olympic summer games.That cop fallowed behind that bus ,than suddenly flagged the bus driver down franticly . The bus driver pulled over off to the side of the main street wondering what in the world. The cop instructed the bus driver to shut down the motar than proceeded to the rear of the bus on the outside ,crawled under the bus and pulled out the pipe bomb he himself planted.That cop was revered by all the people as a hero. He said he just so happened to spot that suspect device under the bus and his instinct guided him from that point -he said he fallowed his instinct.

Imagine how that x cop now imagined himself being a movie star class cop in a town like L.A. California -and not just a book that would come out of it but movie too. Why, he'd be set fer life financially and ferever revered by people everywhere as a super hero.
He'd get a ghost to do the book writing and those movie studios would hire him as a consultant fer the movie and his royalities would sore on like a high flying California condor. Why,he could even own a first rate sports pub what serves food too and everybody would come to eat and drink at the home town hero's joint.

He entertained his fantasy for all of one full day ,on day two the truth spoiled his show.
Can you imagine ?

The hero thing was just a load of crap -horse sh-t. Oh but of course he didn't want to hurt
anybody or kill anybody or destroy anybodies lives er anything like that-, he just had to have glory and all the richs to fallow.You see he wanted more than there is. More than he is.And what he did is how such in a type view oppertunity.And that view and that type of individual (scumbag) is twisted. What they lable one with a narcissistic personality disorder. The only thing that mattered is glory. And they gain much gratification in pursuit of whatever it is they are after.

I can almost see that twisted former chief of detectives sitting behind a desk question Kate McCann or conducting his own version of a interrogation.I can imagine the insidiousness in his mannorism. And I imagine a little table fan going,- there to move the chief of detectives share of the horse sh-t ,representative of the sh-t hitting the old fan.Move it along so to speak. And I imagine that twisted cop was easy to see through although what he was really on about remained illusive and perhaps still does.
As sure as he has in the past been part of a task force hunting down leads leading to master criminals, he knows what master criminals are capable of and further knows how they operate and has a little of each and every one them in his master plan to run with.

Which leads to the question what exactly is he covering up or part of ?  
The former chief of detectives has always been as good a suspect as any from where I sit.
So, they say it was when the English sniffer dogs arrived in Portugal and sniffed out the oder of death or scent,it was they say- at that point in time the former ousted chief of detectives theory grew legs
That chimes in with the rate of progression in the former chief of detectives investigative method. But clearly he were sure of those legs before those legs were there-or before the dogs were shipped in or flown in. And it was in that time frame that the case was put to a  heated rush because political paranoia had set in and taken full charge. In that inbetween time frame is just where and when the ousted former chief of detectives had to come up with a little miracle grow solution to put over on those seedlings pitched into the manueur or instant grow.

This particular time frame from the start of it or actually from the day of kidnapping is where the truth hides. And it hides because it was carefully hidden .There is no doubt about it ,the former chief of detectives is an oppertunist who's fantasies about becoming a crime novelist collided with his reality and in a heated rush he went for it-to him it was too good of thing to pass up. He is quick to remind about the oder or scent of death in the boot of rental car ,although there is no proof positive the scent/oder is or was connected to death and if it is/was,than that leads to the question where did it the scent /oder come from.
That was explained away is scentific terms at that time but if the said scent was the childs scent and if the scent was of a deceased being than, the question is where did it the scent come from ? And a rational explination to that was presented back than or the childs scent in the boot of the rental car may have been left behind in cloths carried in the boot. which means at that time the scent of death as it was said was questonable as to rather or not the scent there was of that of a deceased person. In other words at that time there was and is scientific questions around what those dogs actually sniffed out.

The former chief of detectives will have you believe his theory.
That disgraced ousted top cop will have you believe his theory.
and he swares by his theory because he thinks or will have you think that contrary to scientific questioning about exactlly what those sniffer dogs did sniff-meaning what it may or may not have been, that disgraced and ousted former chief of detectives will have you believe that his own sniffer abilities along with the abilities of those trained sniffer dogs is proff enough.
Because if you do not except that than you must ask where did the scent/oder come from
and who put it there and how was it put there ?

Cops and or detectives are not above suspicion because they are cops or detectives
They are held accountable and as a matter of fact the former chief of detectives accountability fell to question in the heat of the media scandle Portugal was under the thumb of in the auhorities attempt to either reverse the media attention to their favor  the or simply make it go away. And because the former chief of detectives accountability fell to suspicion ,he was ousted. He was ousted because he is a lier and a oppertunist who was conducting a twisted perverted investigation for the purpose of self gain and promotion.

But in this theory his early retirement was part of his master plan all along.All he had to do is let it all play out thereby becoming free to pursue his fantasies of becoming a revered crime writer. He fantasized himself writing many crime novels.
He became possessed by his addiction. Only publishers could satisfy his uncontrolable insatisable erges that compelled him to do very very bad things.
He convinced himself everything of his fantasies was there for The Taking.

And thats the title of the story about he who turned blind eyes to the crimes that went down in his very own locality.

There For The Taking .

If for example those cops that were under his thumb had conducted investigations into the robberies that occured in the resort vacation hide out before and after the McCann party arrived,than in doing proper investigations with do dillgence,  the guests will have been alerted to those crimes and that will have effected the sanction visitors think they have in what is billed as a perfectly safe haven. Unless of course you would find it hard to believe that the money behind that vacation resort isn't politically connected. Bad publicity even when it's just passed through the word of mouth equals the loss of renenue .It therefore comes down to money. As the old saying goes-loose lips sink ships.

And so that means there were none too many people questioned about the crimes-or those that were had criminal records and would never breath a word about having been questioned. And than of course what went without saying on the former chief of detectives turff, the penalty for leaking word of it out comes at the price of having a confession beat of you in the chief of detectives house.That happens to be the one language career criminals understand.
But ,to who's advantage ?

And so now the title of the story is lenghtened

There For The Taking- Vantage Point

There are cases to no end to read about where it is all about once upon a time cops
that crossed over into the criminal element thus becoming criminals. Such as the uniformed partol officer in L.A. California who planted a pipe bomb under a bus in route delivering oylimpic atheletes to the summer games in 1984. most likely he never will have made his way to detective sergeant. Most likely will have never gained the third stripe.

Thing of it is in every case review ,it not the crime that surprises yer, it's what pushs them over the edge. Always of course it comes down to the wanting of more than there is and in most cases more than they are or were ever interested in working tword legitimately.Somehow they come to believe through all that they see and know about in the world of crime,- that everything is for the taking and those that do not take,do not get. And so the former L.A. cop thought he saw his golden oppertunity -the once in a life time oppertunity.

It really doesn't matter if it's the guy with only two stripes or a detective sergeant or a chief of detectives or a police captian or the chief of police,it all comes down the the very same one thing in common. And that thing is a key.Find the key,open the lock,look inside.

Looking back at a report by a former Scotland Yard kidnapping and special investigations one former inspector Horrocks who headed up a special investigations team for five years befor retiring ,it becomes clear he holds to the theory that the child could well have been a victim of a well organized kidnap plan . Mr. Horrocks further theorizes in his view point the child may be alive and being raised as someone other than who she is. 2011/2012 ,it's old news and he works as a consultant in the privet sector these days -his article is on the Daily Beast .

But Horrocks seems to indicate that the child was spotted than targeted upon the McCann party arrival at the Algarve in Portugal.He sites the possibility of a childless griven couple who deduced that those people have 3 children and we have none, they can always make another child. Eh, it's a possible scenario.
And for what it comes down to along the lines of the grief stricken childless
couple consumed with envy,it certainly can add up.

But Horrocks does not consider a larger picture in this theory in that he seems to indicate the kidnapp plot began at the point of kidnappers spotting the child upon  The McCann party arrival in Algarve Portugal.It was too good a thing to pass up.
Actually now the former chief of detectives who is a woman hater but has a wife and even a daughter could have been sympathetic tword the perpetrators and or those who hired those perpetrators by the same thought process ,those people can always make another child. In such a theory the former chief of detectives may have not just known of the kidnap plot by also may know or have known the kidnappers which would further indicate in theory of course that the ousted detective could have thewarted the kidnapping but choose to become active in the coverup . So his possible involvement falls to question . In such a theory there were no real mistakes in the handling of the investigation because each misshap ,bungled investigative proceedure was pre planed and carried out by order of the chief of detectives So As To cover up the trail leading to the chidless couple filled with envy and hatered tword couples that are chid bearing.

That said couple could also be friends of the ever notorious & diabolical former ousted chief of detectives who headed up the investigation at Algarve in Portugal.

But I think Horrocks theory is not so far off however I think it may be somewhat shallow and perhaps for a reason.

Now in There For The Taking -Vantage Point ,and in the interest of the key of mention and opening the box in order to look inside ,Horrocks theory where it begins is not where it begins in this theory. Where it begins is where it began and where it began is at the vacation booking agent.And if not than befor that which means anybody anywhere talk of the planning of the vacation went down
such as at work or anywhere ,meaning those who overhear talk about it and passing along information.

But to the vacation booking agency as you know information is a commodity.OK, so you buy something at some store you card pay fer it, they ask yer fer yer email addy so's they say they can send yer coupons and inform yer about upcoming sales. Yer say oh hell why not ,so's you give it to them.A week later yer email is flooded with advertisements and junk crap-why? Because they passed on all yer information it's a market,yer information was bought and resold again and over again. But a store rep. tells you we keep that information
fer corporate use exclusively and it never gives out yer info.and isn't that a lie ?

In fact vacation booking agencies are big buyers of your information ,spending powers expecially.And it's a racket.
Now than peoples of extreme wealth are well versed in methods of protecting their monies ,hiding sums of it and also keeping track of the flow of monies in the interest of making more wealth down investment lines. What you call deep pocket investors that have lines into any and all information flowing by any and every means. Vanity, privilege and all that.

Now it may seem as though this is taking quite the leap on off into some kind of preposterous conspiracy theory ,but really it's not all that much of a leap.Portugal is not doing so good ,kind of poor really, but it does have it rich as does all countries. Vanity,privilege. It is not all that much of a leap.The question does take rise as to the possibility the former chief of detectives in Portugal may have in some way been a part of the kidnapping. He is after all a good a suspect as any.

What could not have been factored into the kidnap plan inso dar as the kidnappers covering all bases covering thier tracks is the McCann's actions and reactions which woulden't have figured in planning even in the worst case scenario.However political paranoia on the part of authorities of Portugal's actions and reactions did assist the kidnappers.The kidnappers most likely figured it would ,but not in the way it did.
And so it was the unpredictable aspects of what went down or that which was unforeseen meaning that which the perpertrators could not preplan methods to counter act.

That in theory would be the chief of detectives job in it- to counter act or throw off the investigation. In theory of course the former ousted chief of detectives in charge of Portugal's police investigation is as much of a criminal as any.

And there are reasons that stands to reason.

Shall we begin to consider some of those reasons.
(1) As we know career criminals ,thieves, robbers,murders, and such have no conscience. Such beings do not care what grief is to the victims., know not what remorse is and are as a rule although there are exceptions to the rule are bad actors at playing the roll of coming on in the courts or at parole hearings as being the very essence of remorseful.However they do gain gratification out of performing the act in front of the audience-be it the judge ,jury and all in the court room attendence or the parole board. The criminal gets off or gains pleasure in the planning stags of a heist ,the suddden onset of thrills fallowed by the act itself which brings on the adrenaline high. Every form of gratification the criminal gains -in the thinking of it ,planning aspects down to the adrenaline high in committing the act or terrible deeds is the drug induced high as it compares.

As what starts out as fantalitical thinking thus transforming into a reality base for thought filled with glee. Soon they feel as though they can almost touch it-,it being the objects or object of desire. The former ousted chief of detectives objective in desire was his fantalitical thought process;s of being a revered crime novelist actually having become within his grasp in a reality based projection. Although I have never seen this former chief of detectives in the flesh
I am certain his ability to hold himself up in the act of sustaining his crime theory ,face to face for those that have experienced his method of interrogation and others he defended his methods to,must have come away form it suspecting this man it ill of mind ,that or diabolical . On the part of the secound ,one may be inclined to turn away from that thought to it-turn away as to refuse further  thought because that is just too terrible a thing to fathom.

The fact is the former chief of detectives has confessed in his book that he too
was drawn into escapism by way of fantalitical thought process brought on by the mystique and serene surroundings at Algarve . He discribes it as something somewhat mystical and inviting in such a way that it cannot be refused. He claims that it was the telephone much of the time that was relaities call to return.
News of a case or questions from subordnants.

Now it will appear as though the chief of detectives as a writer is bringing the readers into Algarve in his discription almost like a tourister advertisment.
But what he did is confess that as a professional cop he were subject to his fantasies and fantalitical thinking which further means he was out of touch with reality catering to his fantasies .
But what he does not realize is in his own book is thst he has confessed to something that very much ties him into the criminal mind not as a cop but as a criminal, in theory of course. He was not under contract at that point in time to write a novel and he had not any material to submit to publishers because all his stuff was in his head wrapped up in his fantasies which was all about escapism. ,I mean what prison inmate isn't preoccupied with thoughts of escaping the confines of prison ?
Now it is one thing to find an outlet when off the job so one does not become totaly absorbed with the job. But that x cop confessed to dereliction of duty because of a cronnic addiction to escapism further escalated by his desire to find ways to transform his fantasies into reality.

However the possibility did exist in his reality, as he saw it thorough his fantasies when the McCann party arrived in Algrave.That would mean all he had to do was sit and wait for it to go down. In theory that is a indicator he is connected to the perpepetrators. Hence the Vantage Point. If he were not connected to the perpetetrators his oppertunity as he saw it was befor his very eyes at the onset. He never cleared the parents or the McCann vacation party.
and he never ventured very far past that in his investigative method if that is what they call that. You see Cut And Than Dry.And it all ends up on the shelf.

And again-too good to pass up. The former chief of detectives has confessed and he is a criminal of criminal intentions. His desires over powered him and as a result of that his actions became criminal he thus became a criminal who was out for self gain at all cost.
9 t0 g0 at least.  cof: 
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Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: The tourist exchange as a fight to the bitter ends   Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptySat Feb 22, 2014 1:16 pm

Who is say really what was invented first and where and when exactly, cars,airplanes ,trains submarines or even the wheel ! Submarines,the Turtel,Holland maybe ?

But from what it says in history books, over here it seems the Wright Brothers Wilber and Orvel laid claim to the first motarized flight in a flying machine.
And there is a historical flight museum which of course brings in plenty of tourist dollars every year.The first flight it says took place in !903.

The thing of it is, the flight experiments took place in one state and the flying machine was created in another,both states laying claim to the first motarized flying machine flight.The flight experiemnts took place on the dunes at Kitty Hawk North Carolina and the Wright brothers bicycle shop was in Dayton Ohio which is where the invention was created. Both states are at odds over the tourist dollars ,both states laying claim to the title of the first flight in the areoplane.And there is a whole lot of revenue involved.

But there is another state in running looking to lay claim to some of the revenue,the money through tourist dollars spent and that state is the state of Connecticut . A guy by the name of Gustave Whitehead back in 1901 could have beat out the Wright brothers by 2 years and it appears there are newspaper articles that reported the flight. But on the whitness end of that story it remains very sketchy. And of course there is indeed much politics involved .We are talking about the history of man in flight,history books and so on.

But this Connecticut claim recently and again gained some trackion due to the discovery of a faded blurry photo that may show some sort of substance to the claim of flight back in 1901;

And so there is this Connecticut state representive,a one State Rep. Charles Clemons Jr., who is one of the politicans heading up a bill to have this said claim acknowledged so that his locality which is Bridgeport Connecticut- can in turn lay claim to some of those tourist and further seperate some of those tourists from their tourists dollars spending funds.

But the thing of one of his major reasons for supporting this bill he says, is that the economey is down in Bridgeport Connecticut ,those factory jobs have all dried up and his constituenicy ,the voters can use a boost to their ecnomy.

So, what it all comes down to is the money. Tell them it all went down first right here, and they will flock in massive droves to look upon it,bringing with them loads of money to spend. They really couldn't have cared any less in 1901 when the said Gustave Whitehead conducted experiments with flying machines  ,I mean people in 1901 didn't give a hoot about contraptions. And people in Bridgeport Connecticut today don't give a hoot about Whiteheads efforts today except for some monies that might come of it. And thats the way it's always been. And there are those that will think to believe they should bennifit form Whitehead's work because inventors is genusis that's suppos'ed to help poor folks even when they don't give a hoot.

Well now, there's already a 2 way feud over the laid claims ,now it's 3.  
And the history books are in the middle of it so again there and don't you know-; politics.

And you know that  money, those tourist dollars spent is also what pays those cops-did yer know that ? The more money the locality generates ,the more cops the locality can afford to hire ,and for those already there with a bombing economy comes pay hikes ,and of course corrupt kick backs from ripp off vendors that don't want cops looking around too closely. Political corruption runs all the way down to the county sheriff's.

This is about number (2) of the 10.

And this is an area in topic the media won't touch because it will not assist in breaking down the economy through it's corruption corrupt point to point, only to find the chain of corruption goes all the way to the top through the political chain of corruption .And as you know the media mongers are in bed with all that.

When you look for truth you cannot rule out the former chief of detectives as a suspect.In fact he is as good a suspect as any. His job was to maintain the appearance of the said tourist safe haven. To make the place seem as though what it was made to look like and not what it really is.

Would you think that tourists there who are in fact temporary residents for as long as they stay there, do you think those people have a right to know that crime runs rampent ? Sure they do, but if they were to be made aware of such things ,than they would not come,would they ?

I mean that congressional representive back there in Connecticut, he just wants to see those people back there in Bridgeport have better.
thats what he says. And of course he wouldn't be the first investor in line to profit by either eh ! It's been tough he says,, those factories moved on over into India ,jobs dried up and the whole economy took the plunge. A lot of cops were laided off forever. They had to seek employment in far away places some of them. Fer the ones that didn't who were laid off ,who knows where a laid off cop would seek sources other than cop for employment.I mean thats anybodies guess.

Now, they got a rep. that sees high hopes by cashing in on some of those tourists dollars ,new business's can come out of it,  it'll stimulate the economy.

The point being is the tourist industery is not at all what you would call small patato;s- it is a multi billion dollar industery with political ties and power to boot.
And money to spread around to protect their interests.And there are plenty of takers and no doubt the former chief of detectives is a taker and that made him and makes him a suspect. He is not a good guy, and he never was one.

Bridgeport Connecticut USA in it's hay day as the saying goes was a industrial town/city- there was plenty of work factory production and so fourth. In fact most of the north eastern sea board was highly industrialized. But now it's not.
Those that remain,those people that haven't uprooted and transplanted to other places of course are left to find ways to earn a living. whereas once uon a time at it took was a trip down to the corporate offices to fill out an application for employment than wait to called in for an interview. And just so long as everything in yer app. was in order ,yer chances of being hired were quite high.
Everything was on the upbeat. Rock & Roll on so to speak.

But 20,30 years ago or so all that dried up-yep the old wells went dry. So that left transplant-go where the work is or find alternate means . On the secound that of course requires some creative thinking because when what yer looking at seems like a whole lot of nothing it will seem you as though you are facing the impossible task of virtually creating something out of nothing.And thats through a good long hard look at the circumstances .Perserver as the saying goes.,where there is a will there is a way. Keep to mind an honest living and yer off on a venture.

But you know,even when things are rolling ,in those good economic times there are always those deceviers, those peoples that are forever looking for ways to get something for nothing or to aquire through unearned means such as through deception or stealing or some illegal means or other. And the persuit of that sort of thing is like a drug high to them.Always on the take. And in situations where the vast majority in a given locality uprooted than transplanted -,go where the work is, -you will indeed find what you got left population wise is more of the kind that are always on the take because to them there no other easy way with little work about it to get to it.  Thieves and decievers. They justify their means by labelling it survival. They also believe everybody does it in one way or another. In a tourist town for example the decievers will point directly to deceptive advertising which is to decieve the public through lies and although it boarders on illegal, it is not. But the thief understands it in very different ways.
And some cops understand it in their own very different ways.Remember that Rolling Stones song, and all the cops are criminals and all the sinners saints ?
There has to be a perspective here to keep it on track because it all branchs off into high level political corruption for where it 's going.And make no mistake low life thieves and corrupt business ownners will all point up in that very direction and say,everybody does it.It's like,- likeness's attract. To such of a kind everybody in the world as they see it is that way.The rest of us are nobodies other than potential victims of some kind of scam or other. That's where the saying doggie dog comes from, or on the take. Those are the bad ones.Deceptive advertising is a god damn lie, thats all it is.billing or advertising a vacation resort hotel that provides safe comfortable shielded or sheltered surroundings suitable for a peacefull happy and safe family vacation which is how that place was billed and as it turns out the safe haven aspect in it is for the criminals who operate freely right under the noses of the police.

Well. other guests as they are referred to as will say oh no our vacation was just perfect, it is really not all that bad. No problems at all. What do such people know about thieves and how those thieves operate ? Or would they even care to know really ? Why for instance is the home and business security alarm and visual surveillence industry bombing these days anyway ? Surely it couldn't be because thievery is out of control could it ? Oh but of course in sunny Portugal there is no such thing eh  ? I mean they have their ways of keeping that sort of thing under control right ? Those security survailence outfits put out pamphlets you know ,designed to inform yer about home pertection. It will say yer must yer enemy and the enemy is those thieves. the way to know them is to understand how they operate to know how they operate will prepare yer to pertect your home and yer family.Well don't yer know knowing that should be part of growing up, part of the learning process same as learning the alphabit or tying yer shoes. Security equipment gives us an edge on it. Another tool in addition to yer other tools.some people actually get educated about those damn thieves through those pamphlets! You really have to wonder,do they not know thieves have been around forever ? They like easy targets,they alway have.And that is just what they forever seek.And they will go where that takings are good as in easy pickings.  

Well as is true in most tourist hot spots,deceptive advertising which is god damned lies, doesn't begin and end at the area of high interest to the tourist.The whole damned locality is behind those god damned lies.And the local politicans are just as much in it as those who profit the most. As does anyone of those localities that are connected politically or through business.And if you work for those business's or have one or even just a vendor who sells hot dogs on the street, well hay guess what, yer job is yer livelyhood and so you wouldn't risk that so, well like sheep they fallow the unwritten rules. That's called -don't make waves.  So the educated tourist knows a little something about how to ask around indiscreetly because after all there are always sheep and wolves,but than there are people that are real people.

Hard working people such as the many back there in Bridgeport Connecticut some or many of whom raised families through a working living wage at factory employment did so because oppertunity was there,but the children were raised to do good in school ,study hard and get a scholership and go to college so you don't end up shoveling coal or working a furnace in a factory or making tires for cars, areoplanes and trucks,education is the way. These people/parents came up through the depression erra.That does not mean such people are/were what you call prime factory stock people. It offered a living working wage. It was a choice but not necessarially a prime choice and a war happened.And so the grand children ask ,did grand dad go to college too mommy ? See mommy and daddy want their children to study hard and one day go off to college like they did and the same as their parents worked for in raising them.So would they have ? That's the daunting question ,would they have? Daunting indeed when those grade reports came out and those quarterly marks didn't seem high enough to the old man ! We'll never really know or even why actually they didn't but we do know that surely they believed everthing they taught us and enforced through parental guidance ,and at the same time we know there is a lot of hurt and unhealed wounds back there in great depression times.So's perhaps some questions it is better never get asked or pressed on for answers.
And there is indeed a fire down below .Sometimes it is better to leave some questions go unasked.

What we do know is that they were not fooled by lying deceitfull politicans,they were not fooled by those newspapers and they were not fooled by televised news journalism. That would make one wonder where in the hell do or did they get their information from !

Short wave radios maybe? I mean inso far what really goes on in the world contrary to the ABC World News Reports !
Of course there was no internet back in those days !

Had this neighbor, he were a machinist in a local factory ,he used to take his newspaper on occasion into his back yard -which was quite long and wide, and he would nail it to a tree and than walk back tword the house and on a table was his gun, -what he would do is shoot that paper multiple times ! Why does yer dad shoot the paper we would ask ? Me old pal said he always swares at it ,calls those journalists dumb ass's, most of the content is bull sh-t he says, and on days like today he must figure it's all bull sh-t so he shoots it I guess ! All I know, on days like today that newspaper really pissed him off  ! The next door neighbor to me old pal who knew his old dad well once told us ,well one day you might join the union and if you do ,you;ll come into the know about things and what is the truth about what is going on the world.Those newspapers are what you call slanted , much of the content is geared to steer yer into thinking to believe what it or they want you believe-slanted. Ther's some truth in it some of the time  but most of it is slanted.

Logic would seem to tell yer to quit that paper I said- the neighbor said back ,when the day comes nobody needs to buy into that crap, it will be a better world, and you will see that day come for sure, if you keep up yer grades in school. Because if you don't, it just might not make a damn bit of a difference to ya.

I suppose they were all on the same page about those grades.But they was also teach'en, they didn;t want the kids to fall prey to the likes of that former ousted chief of detectives over there in Portugal. I mean look up the word slanted and apply slanted by the dictionary definition in the context of what was just said about those newspapers! So's it takes some figur'en and ciphering to patch it's meaning together,fer a kid I mean. So slanted is like a vacuum wut's slowely sucking yer in-eh ! So's shoot'en that paper was kind of like shoot'en holes in the vacuum bag sending off the vacuum back into thin air , kind of symbolic of that, like a neutralizing agent of a sort ! But of course that was all a long time ago !

Shoot'en those newspapers today in the city might even be against da law ! It was a bit of different world back than ! Lots of people did have short wave radios ,or long range you might say,they would listen to european news and music so fourth . The different european countries. So there were ways of keeping up with world events all along. Telephones and letter writing so on. The old ways and word of mouth as information travels. As it were in the industrial revolution,smoke stack alley ,fragrance and chemical compounds,graphite, steel and the furnace,car factories and tire producing factories , on and and so on,oh yes fragrance.

There is indeed a fire down below.

How did that sick twisted chief of detectives weave his crime tale ,I mean it is pretty damn far out there. Well, he was a career cop and a detective with ambitions and fantasies of becoming a writer of crime novels. He's not a rare case there ,as a cop one is a trained observer and good writers well,you might say it's in the blood,writers be it novels or music or poetry all artists actually actors too ,the art of observation seems to come naturally, a life time learning process. you see a writer is an artist a creative artist and a cop is not.Thats why I used the word weave because even if he wishs to write true crime novals his stories will fall to fiction.

Writing does require research and of course to each his own method.
Safe than be it to assume the former ousted chief of detectives must have researched murder cases and in particular of the most heinous of kinds. He most likely or did and does fallow high profile cases such as serial killers .
but through his coply connections you can bet he coped a lot of information /data about terrible crimes that do not and have not made it to public viewing.
And of the above mentioned he most likely found interest in IRA related crimes and in particular outside of the UK. And he must have taken quite the dive down into that and all of that ,in fact he is no doubt consumed with all that.Saddists, sick twisted devil worshipers such as the L.A. nightstalker as a serial killer case.
Ruthless cold blooded killers that have not a conscience none.And thats what he sits with with little outside contact if he is really writing away.
apparenty he's not really doing so good from what he says.Ted Bundy the serial killer comes to mind he was what a cop might call real brainy- law student,in fact he represented himself in court in Florida where he was sentenced to death.
The judge looked over his presentation and said to Bundy I would like to hear to present your case in a court room, but he was put to death .Apparently he must have prepared an impressive legal presentation. Kind of like a preempt to his last hurah. In the end he was trying to wheel and deal for more days to live in exchange for telling where bodies could be located. They cut him off and expediated his exacution post haste.

The way his theory about the dinner table the amount of wine consumed changed from a few there about escalated to 6 and than 12, oh but of course the changes came about as a result of intensive questioning of the resort staff perhaps on as many as 3,6,or 12 or more occasions. And than he turns the whole thing into a sex orgey. But why would I go there now ?

Because the question at hand is this-, at what point in his handling of the investigative proceedures did he decide that the child and the case itself was his great oppertunity of a once in life time chance happening. Because at that point in time is when he dehumanized the child ,both parents and the entire McCann vacation party.That means they all became objects of manipulation. And that cop is sure and without a doubt to his mind the child will never be located nor her abductors captured. His theory is garbage which comes out of junk writing ,so how is it he is sure ?

He's a closet writer if he writes at all so never would such a type sit in at a writers circle brainstorming ideas.If he ever had,he would see how his thoery and how the investigation was conducted not to mention his methhod of interrogation is almost funny -all of it ,except for the fact that the people involved are real and not fictional characters .

But there was a whole lot going on and the media was in the reverse mode.
The media does it to politicans all the time- they give them favorable coverage for a length in time ,politicans even look forword to greeting journalists. But as it gets closer to election time it all changes and the favorable coverage turns to negative coverage.Some politicans are made or broken by it . When ther's a loser there is also a winner. Cloke dagger all that.So the big shift was on and the ousted chief of detectives took possesson of his window of oppertunity.

News is money as is time.
His theory and his book is garbage, He is a sick twisted man who is all about self promotion -that is evident. But what remains illusive is why is he sure the truth will never see the light of day ? What does he really know and how deep and how dark is it ? And thats been the question all along. Because what he came on with is so sick and so dark that the truth of the matter is what he is hiding and what he is hiding is far far worse than the twisted scenario that he put out there.

And somewhere in there is the one big mistake he himself made. And thats the mistake that takes down the criminal every time.But he is sure that cannot ever happen or he thinks so.

Sometimes they think they got it all down to a science but they never can really account for the unaccountable or unforeseeable.

Example-there is an ongoing serial killer case going on in Long Island New York.
this one started his rain of terror in 2007 it seems ,there are different thoeries about it. But the case centers around 4 bodies located in a thorney brushy area on an ocean front off the highway in a rather desolate area . The four murdered girls found were sex workers murdered between 2007 and 2010. 1 in 07 one in 09 and 2 in 2010. But the discoveries were a perchance discovery when the police were searching for another victim who was also a sex worker who was reported missing and had been attending a sex party in Suffolk county Long Island -non related to the Suffolk serial murders Called the Long Island serial killer. It is because of the search for the missing girl whos death is most likely non related to the serial killings that the serial killer and the bodies of the four victims were discovered.

In the area they have located about 11 bodies thus far some going back decades.
The first four victims located were placed there in a very particular way each wrapped in burlap sacks covered over in the thickness of the brush cover. The victims were placed in a line about 500 feet apart. What is called the killers cluster-the case mirriors the Suffolk strangler case in the UK.

The killer seems to baffel police-some cops think he could even be a cop because it seems he has knowledge of police investatative proceedures and seems to know how to avoid detection.

This is year 7 . He knows he will be caught but he most likely fools himself into thinking he won't be. At the same time he was caught by total surprise when the victims bodies were discovered. That didn't factor into his plan and now the world knows of this high profile serial killer.The ocean front runs on for miles by the way so imagine what kinds of fantasies that scumbag entertained in his head over it.

So it's not all about what they do know, it is all about what they don't know and can't  know and cannot figure into. Hurricane Sandy came along too, to give you an idea of how the killer must have been devistated by the discovery of his victims bodies.To the killer it was as though the whole world got whipped right out from under him.There was no connection the case or body discovered to 2008, so it seems the killer stood a carefull watch from 7/07 till the summer of 09,at some point in  09 the killer must have become confident in his choice of a location to place his victims bodies. He was on his way to creating a cluster to visit wherever he pleased.

You see, so it's important to address the question ,-at what specific point in time did the former ousted chief of detectives gain confidence enough to close in on what he saw as his window of oppertunity thus dehumanizing the McCann's and their friends at that resort making the child his gem in persuit of his goals.A gem is a thing or object not a person. That makes the ousted chief of detectives moreso animal.

The kind of a crime he presented does happen but nobody there of the McCann vacation party fits that particular profile.That is why the cop had to portray them as sitting around the table being gleefully carefree getting drunk in preperation fer some kind of sex orgey .

I believe he became totaly possessed more of a likeness to a run on drug high in persuit of his dream fantasies of becoming a crime novelist.Paid lectures ,book signings ,contract offers ,and as much wealth as there is of all that.
He saw it as his golden oppertunity and in persuit of it he became an unstoppable mad man. Or The Predator gone full blown. He wasn't ousted just because he over stepped his boundries ,he was ousted because he himself decided there were no boundries to over step.To him it was all about he,his crime theory and his book and nothing was going to stop him from going after what he saw as his golden oppertnity.

He did what was expected of him, he delivered in full with plenty more, but out of it he wanted his gain by it. He knew it was his biggest case ,a high profile case and he also knew it was to be has last. And out of it he wants what he thinks he is owed for his years of devotion to what he now sees as those ungreatfull authorities of Portugal.alone with his thoughts his anger consumes him ,his years of devotion ,he served them, he did what he had to do to deliver what was expected,and when he is no longer of any use ,what do they do he thinks to ask himself and he answers himself through his self pity, they discard him simple as taking out the trash.

His book was removed form the shelves,he face's law suites ,they sold about 200,000 copies of his lies in Portugal but it is on hold pending legal outcome.
He not doing so good he says.and his friends his political connections back in Portugal all avoid him .And so he was abandoned like the case was ,his books removed from the shelves -.So now he will have you believe he has been victimized.

He saw it as his Ticket To Ride but somehow to his disbelief his ticket got revolked. How can they do this to him after all he has done for it, for the authorities of Portugal.In his self pity he believes they turned their backs on him -,he helped them turn the McCanns into the scapegoat and than they discard him after it was done like tossing out the trash.

He believes he is being unjustly robbed of his golden oppertunity.
He doesn't believe the truth will ever be found out.All he has left is his readers and those of the people that were and remain brainwashed in Portugal ,the people he were suppos'ed to protect and serve. Whereas in truth his service and loyalities and devotion was to the authorities of Portugal through the political chain of corruption. And after all he has done for it, he is nothing more to them than that which is dropped off in the trash bin.  So this is how he thinks as he wallows in his own self pity.

He was sure he had his ticket to ride in hand-all he had to do is climb aboard,he believed his ticket was marked indeffinite, opening the gate to entry into the ride of his life time,his golden oppertunity, but suddenly his ticket was revolked.

OK, so, some ground has been covered in (2) of (10).

1. His ticket to ride.
2. to catch a lucky break
3 the weather
4. the mind of that cop-serial killers
5. brainwashing the locality and a country propaganda
6. no cop is above suspicion -if no one is than no cop is.
job security and how far one will go or not go what they can say and cannot say because of the fear factor.
7.relative comparisoms.the former chief of detectives self pity, how it is we can see though a natural disaster hurricane Sandy how the long island serial killer felt after th bodies of his victims were discovered .
8. the lucky break came into happening because of a missing persons case non related to 4 bodies discovered but there were uncanny similarities. The long Island serial killers victims were all in the sex trade, all advertised on Craigslist as did the missing sex worker who 's case lead to the discovery of The Long Island serial killer. And both cases tied to the very same locality ='s close proximity but seperate cases -one leading to the other . Now- the unforseen,  unpredictable and unaccountable factors known to some people as providence.
***Big*** note here on this one PROVIDENCE AND WEATHER.
Make no mistake these two factors count in the theater of war.The planners plan in the planning rooms far away from the battle field but the field commandors look beyond the battle plans to set those plans to motion in perfect timming.And what happens in the outcome as it so happens much of the time is the unaccountable factors and the unpredictable factors which mean in both victory and loss there is providence to be found out and realized. Providence like free thinking cannot be marshaled and it does not fallow an ordered time table.It operates in it's own measure in time seperate though running parallel in our time as we measure it.To compare the two seperate time frammings it becomes necessary to view time as timeless although one must never lose site of just where the center of time is in our time because an endless journey is a waste of time.
The endless journey is what the criminal hopes for and is the fear of those in persuit of the criminal.Endless to those in persuit of the criminal meaning no fruit to bare. Providence and hope run the very same course.As does hard work ,perservence and high hopes of catching a lucky break.
Thus far there is no equation to time over time ending in a red eye result before hand.
Wait and watch still holds .

(9) Beat the clock. as is known time runs out in a given circumstance or set of those. Th former ousted chief of detectives was racing against the clock and why that is should be a matter of common placement of simple pieces to a childs 10 piece puzzel in it's proper sequencial order. He said he wanted off the case ,but why is both his cause and reason. At what point in time as we measure time did he know the clock had run out on him ? And at what point there after did his clock restart for his ***,this has everything to do with the master plan. And could shine the light on what he knew,did not want to know and kept to himself regarding the case.Because inside all that and all that was going on in the case is and was his very own master plan. And it has everything to do with his untimely departure,and untimely departure applies twice in his action. He left Portugal in a untimely departure same as he left his job as a cop and so number nine is beat the clock. He say he is not doing so good, what he cannot say is he fears the clock is no longer to his favor which means time commenced winding down upon him.
(10) is total exposure.
He said publicly, it was time- time to move on.

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 4 EmptyThu Mar 20, 2014 5:31 am

This article above supports my point of view standing since 07 about the former ousted chief of detectives who in my opinion is a low life himself.

As the chief of detectives he had all this information about the criminal activity both in and outside his locality at that time. As the chief of detectives it is the job of the chief of detectives to know about crimes and ongoing crimes criminals commit. Names of suspects and suspect associations all in a very long line into criminal activities.They maintain a data collective, a running account and use the available data in putting investigative cases together.

That former chief of detectives admitted mistakes were made in the investigation but he doesn't admit to the big mistake he made because he was derelict and so addmitting to mistakes having been made, he pass's off the blunders to an ill funded crew all of whom are derelicts. Scape goats.

There is mention of a particular odour the suspect carries of his person.
To understand what thats about one must understand the personal habits
of pedophiles which will require reading into police investigations of pedophiles, such as when cops go in to the pedophile cave, residence what have you and toss the place-search it and photograph the scene .Stuff piled up in layers ,dirty cloths and stuff inbetween rather a collective ,they come of all walks of life so the dirtyness of that type of collective will fit a certain type in a profile, the oder clue seems to point to that particular type in a profile the dirtyness -there is always something in each layer of stuff the pedo wish's to keep in a collective,likeness to trophy, even the same shirt holds stuff -stuff the prdo ingrains in the fabric.
Horders yer might say.If yer were to ask a investigator investigating that and what's in it, the investigator might say to you, if I discribed it to yer ,I might throwup on yer. There is the stench,the oder, but there is also something or some things about it that hit ya harder in ways that cause the body to regurgitate-rather a sickining sense of something or some things if yer will.
Things of a kind or type that does not wash off in a shower.

Now if yer read into that former ousted chief of detectives crime theory, it becomes sickening, dismemberment all that. He discribes the actions as if an auto machanic is deassembling an automobile.
Imagine that cop for as many disgusting searchs he has made throughout his career, how easy it was for him to spin or concoct .

The wine consumption changes where he couldn't assign a number that fit just right was the dead give away that his concoction was not piece mealing together as well as he had hoped it would.

The pedo profiles that show
A type of a kind the former ousted chief of detectives knows about only too well.
is in fact where he drew from in his police data collective jam packed with such of a type.

And his job was to keep that information away from the general population and the media so as to keep a certain desired perspective on the locality that serves the business prospects.That means all of what was in his data collective to his mind was his alone to do with as he saw fit. It was there all along like a sleeping dog.  

This of course leads to the question at what point in time in his investigation did he decide that the McCann vacation party and the child were nothing more than objects of manipulation in his persuit of his goals . You see he served those he were obligated to serve up in the political chain of command and out of it for his service,not to the people as in uphold the law but to the politics of business and those connected to it. Which means he served the greedy not the needy.

And from the onset he were out for personal gain.
You really have to ask ,what makes him so sure the child will never be found ?
What does he really know or think he knows ?
Because his book is a book of lies and his crime theory is a junk theory athough at that time in 07 it was a theoretically possible. But here is the thing, and this thing comes down to simple cop work, nobody in the McCann vacation party or the McCanns fit that particular type of profile.

What this means is factually the former chief of detectives crime theory at the time his investigation was ongoing as chief of detectives raised suspicion on him for being (1.) part of a massive political cover-up or (2) in some way involved or connected to the crime-kidnapp.

On (2) it is logical to suspect his connection to the crime through some type of a pay off. Paid to run interfearence or do as little as can be done.

As is known the case was botched from it's very beginnings because the crime scene was contaminated in every possible way.

They dropped the poor card over that claiming they don't have modern ways of doing things like they do in the UK .But even back in 07, that excuse didn't even add up in Portugal's view to it which eventually lead up to the chief of detectives having been relieved of his duties. He says he asked to be removed form the case, fact is they resign befor they are fired or relieved of duties or made to stand to charges of misconduct.

If yer were a tourist and what to know what is what about things, and say yer were wanting some off the shelf medican such as aspitin fer example, yer could find it fast right at the hotel, or yer could venture out in the world of the locals and find a drug store ,maybe pass a little conversation with a pharmacologist and other local partons, mix and mingle a little. It's called stepping outside the typical tourist trap hocus pocus and getting some fresh air amonghst people that know the lay out of the land.

All part of what makes a vacation moreso interesting.
When you want to know what is what ,you go where the people go and as one of the people ,people will fill you in if you have a mind to know what is what.

Now it stands to reason business people small or big know far more about what is what having to do with those thieves and cops that are total slackers than the average everyday people, because as yer know in a cash and carry business money exchanges and crooks are always on the take for easy pick'ens. So store owners keep strict track of crime activity in and within their locality.

But that doesn't mean the average person is clueless either.In fact the most interesting people I find have ways of seeming ordinary and seem to find a certain comfort zone by it. After all in the art of travel it is really as much about the interesting people you meet along the way as it is about the things that you see.

Thing is, cops keep files and the data collective has all the information,not just the parts the victims add in to it.

And I really don't think that former ousted chief of detectives was able to shoot that sleeping dog down. Which means it's there ,so he has to believe nobody will dare wake up that sleeping dog and look into just what that dog is sleeping on.
After all he surely thinks, they wouldn't let all that to get out there -you know bad publicity and all that stuff layered in there, even if they went into it, nobody would be able to sort it all out than start the process of making connections.And of course the 07 stuff is most likely missing- robbed you might say.

You would have to imagine something like a shelving process at a automobile junk yard where all the old car parts -motar parts are shelved, but mixed up ,toyota stuff, mixed with all kinds of other kinds of car stuff and unless you know exactly what is what-it would look like one big collective of junk.however these days auto junk yards are called used parts outlets. Look up auto parts stores, it says auto parts new/used it's a choice,take yer pick.

Like he did with those wine carafes , 4-no not enough 6, no not enough -8 no not enough- 12 or more, that works.
just like the criminal mind which too is scattered all over.
And of course those employees he questioned tailored to suit el detecto's preference.He wanted 12 or more so it could have that many.

Another gray area is the business percentage's at that hotel in occupancies per quarter on a yearly measure taking into account prime season high rate of occupancy and slow seasonal occupancy and in that overall percentage rate across wages for staffing and what is permenant staff by the numbers and seasonal hires at high occupancy or prime season.

Of course if yer looking to save money on the discount ,you look fer the lesser rather the greter.

But here it's about hotel staffing and how it is hotel mangemnet cuts corners where it is about overhead costs or where cost of operation cuts into profit for the greed mongers.

As yer know those employees with somewhat shaddy back rounds, or questionable ,and x fellons who are not using a fake identity will be most willing to work for less in wages, after all wages are just part of it wage wise when fer the crook it is also about all yer can rob.Crooks who pass information along to other crooks, called moles are looking at percentages through profit in the sale of stolen goods.El Detecto knows all about all that-its in the files,the files that haven't as of yet disappeared.

Oh yes we have some pretty good crime novelist over here too!
they don't mind exposing dirty tricks at all .That's right folks, politics is corrupt right down to da sheriff.

Ok so if yer were thinking to buy the vacation resort,yer would want to look at the books and inspect the buildings and the staffing too and the includes staff' hires both seasonal and permanant past and present. Yer might not look too far into backrounds ,because new owners might hire all their own and fire the existing or terminate.

And if the existing owners are found out to be slackers on employee back round checks, as a rue it comes down to termination. That is reason for for total termination of employees although there is always more to it. And then comes the lay out of the land and a thing called the criminality factor.A respectable name in the hotel business requires all things taken into consideration. That means understanding the lay out of the land and criminal element ,unless there is no information available in the localities data collective- Ok so, that sleeping dog. Sometimes yaning that information out might seem to be the next thing to impossible unless the investor are dentists ,gett'en that information out from under that sleeping dog would be about like try'en to sneak up on it and pull it's teeth without it knowing it or realizing it. Might seem to be a impossible task to perform. Deep pocket outfits sent in their own investigative team to get all true to life data on the lay out of the land. That included highly skilled privet detection agencies and those agencies know how those deep pocket investers feel about their money and just how they command value on their dollar-it;s that or consequences.

Seems Scotland Yard is figuring out how to get it out from under that old dog over there in Portugal.And that old dog just won't be awakened.
least wise not just yet. There are after all certain preperations that certain individuals must tend to befor the dog lets it all out.Or as much as will allowed to be let out. But all cops keep certain things under lock and hide so's it shouldn't take ferever.Timely though are those arrangements to be made.Politics ,bureaucrates and business.Ok so after the info. is made obtainable,than come questioning cops that were assigned cases of possible cases that may connect.Again lengthy process.

So, now that some of those hotel secrets are out there -it's time to go there and look at it in the break down.
But really though ,for those that make it their business to know more into what is what-that information is always out there everywhere. On that note it's all about knowing how to look into it. Iffy means iffy and stay away from means just that.

Another way to look into what is what is local business journal news. It's usually like a little newspaper or magazine. Makes fer a little conversational stuff should the occasion arise ,which it does often actually. Or one might say,most visitors are't interested in what is what along those lines which may place yer in the catagory of- not of the common of a type.But what is ordinary really other than typical as is per usual? Creatures of habit perhaps ?

In the bottom line this pedophile suspect involved in multiple beak in's robbery and child molestation, it is important not to lose site of the fact that it has been exposed since the investigation was first conducted at the time the child went missing that pedophiles had made that very place the place for them to mix and mingle free like birds because of the laxed laws regarding the kinds of crimes they commit. For those of a type it is or was a safe haven .

What that means is this- there are hundreds of pedophiles that need be questioned some of them have good information  in connection to the case to give up.Because a safe haven provides them with a place to gather and talk amoungst themsevles about themselves ,their desires and their doings freely.
They share buy in sell information,pictures, films ,leads and merchandise.Voyurism with their camaras is what they like to do in public parks and places children go. Pedo's know other pedo's like pictures and will pay for those pictures..
Theres more, but the details become as ugly as it gets about those kinds of criminals.

I would guess their known hang outs are being looked at ,even if those hang outs are no longer safe places for them to hang out.lots of terrrirory to cover in all that.

Cronnic repeat pedophile offenders don't usually commit the crimes in the areas they reside in. They like to travel outside their localities where there is no known activity associated to them about the things that they do. So their boundries are vast.

Under the dog is the data and in the data is the necessary links to put it all together .

But one x cop really has to believe that-that data,information is scattered so far and wide, they will never collect up enough pieces to put it all together.

All criminals think just that way.

So, look at the former chief of detectives kind of like a shark swimming in it's claimed territory. Sharks cut out their own areas to hunt in ,when the food source is used up those sharks move on. But now it is known those sharks will sometimes return to a previous hunting ground latter on in time. Might stand to reason as the food source builds back up in the sharks absence. Modern studies about shark behaviour have demonstrated certain similariities between shark behavior and the behavioral patterns of the human predator. Molesters ,child abductors,common thieves and murderers are predators.Sharks actually hunt close to where they hole up or sleep .and sharks are territorial.

Where's all this going, ? It's going to the former chief of detectives crime theory and how similar to shark behavior his behavior is, predator wise.He is one of them.He concocted his theory about how the remains as he discribed it were distributed-or scattered you might say over a wide range,burried in different places But there was question to that at the time he were working his theory because the car changed hands so the odometer readings couldn't possibly add up in his theory , yet he got it passed them through all the questionable doubt.

All along it was easy to see through that former detectives short comings ,but where you go in research is not so easy -the similarities between shark behavior and human predator behavior as a field of study is fairly new to research.
So new in fact you one wouldn't have thought to draw those comparisoms between shark behavior and the former chief of detectives behavior viewing the former chief of detectives the same as a criminal predator because as a cop one might think he were automaticly eliminated from suspicion because he was a cop of rank and position.Fact is his theory actually substantiiates the connection to a certain degree by way of his distribution of the body parts scattered in hiding places .
Ok so he knew or knows every inch of his territory with sharks vision.

Simply imagine a shark swimming about in a small ,very small part of an ocean ,not vast and endless as was thought ,imagine boundries, accounting for time and miles,distance ,speed all that ,so he had to establish perimeters same as sharks do. And this is science too, it's just that it's new.As a matter of fact back in 07 it was cutting edge new. The new discoveries about shark behavior in general changed the way we understand sharks completely,and it also showed us quite a bit about human predator behavior as well. One hell of a connection wouldn't you say?

Think about it,the sharks preay is just there doing whatever it is it does. And in a sudden flash instant the preay is consumed or torn apart.

The human predator will seem to be a typical human being untill that flash instant occurs at the time of the strike. That's a visual ,the similarities go on and on, but that's lengthy stuff about behavior and such of a psychological nature.

Only the victims of those predators can give a discription of the what the predator looked like at the time of the assult, but, much of the time the verbal accounting discription is somewhat distorted,  that stands to reason because the predators facial appearence too is distorted or that is the true face and the face otherwise,or the everyday face of show is more of a mask,- Kind of like a running state of hibernation that mask is ,and it comes out from behind only when it strikes it's victim.And that true face of the predator will seem like something right out of the imagination, like a distortion -creepy,scary ugly,evil seeming.And it is all that.

Jeckel Hide might come to mind. But how do they hide it you might ask- again it's more like a state of hibernation, but always lurking, always always watching every little thing ,everything from back behind the mask.

They only show you what they want you to see.
The former chief of detectives was doing something just like that- he wanted you to see only from his view point. All of which is distorted ,crazy kind of stuff that once may have held a very small amount of plusibility ,but that little inkling was proven wrong. I say small because that former chief of detectives is not and never was a powerfull man, but he believed himself to be very powerfull. And he fooled a lot of ordinary people into thinking so too. I mean if you were a simple ordinary house wife about to be beaten with fence board by the former chief of detectives ,you might believe that predator is all powerfull, you might even say anything he wants to hear you say out of fear fer yer life or severe bodily harm-pain.

Now in the case with the woman that former ousted chief of detectives beat a confession out of with his fence board, she saw the true face of that predator.
That face is not the face of a true warrior ,it is known in history as dawning the face of evil it is dark and what stands out as a rule to those that have seen it is the eyes or that dark empty look of pure evil itself. It can seem to glow in a dark way sometimes more sometimes less as though there is some sort of dimmer effect.some predators are warriors but the predator is not a true soldier. Predators love only death and are always consumed with hate.

So the victim saw his true face. She saw it because the former chief of detectives had her in his house- house meaning in a place where he was in total control with no one there to question him or his ways. The circumstances allowed the predator to come out with his true face.But the true face even as it comes out is also illusive. You see in glimpse's .It is usually the look in the eyes that stands out to memory for some reason.Although some recall distinct changes of voice pattern -.

When two or more people have seen it for what that is ,and those people come together and compare notes, that scenario of rare occasion, is when a much better discription forms of how that appears.Such an occasion is a rare forinstance where it actually works out better where no two people see the same thing in the very same way.Because you are translating what you saw or different aspects of what was seen 'captured to memory through gimpse's like snap shots from a camera,rather distorted glossy's .Take yer camera and hit the click several times, see click ckick click -like that. It all goes down fast ,very fast and at the same time, time seems to freeze a little.

Now when that copper questioned Kate MaCann ,I rather suspect he really wished he were in a position ,a setting where conditions allowed him to come out from behind his mask- show his true face.He most likely thought about his fence board or whatever object he would beat a confession out of his victims with. And I suspect he may have found it difficult to contain himself. What I think in fact happened is at certain points in his interrigation method, aspects of his true face just forced it's way through. And since predators don't have mirrors positioned so they can keep an eye on themselves ,you know so to guard it ,he were not aware his true face or some parts of it forced it's way through.And it is when that happens unbeknoweth to the predator,that is when somebody sees it for what it is and the predator is the one that don't know.So he is married with a daughter,how could they not know you may ask, it is not uncommon for that particular type of predator to hide it from family as if it is not and never was there.and they of course will sware to it.They being family mambers. No doubt it was insidious seeming ,strange ,weird, and his mannorism no doubt became strangely weirdified. There is no funny thing about it. But sometimes those predators stear yer away form what you saw,witnessed ,by becoming comical and sometimes it even works for them. However I suspect Kate McCann came away from that knowing something is terribly not right about him.But surely nobody of Portugal authority would believe her about what she came into the know about that predator.

Anything can set them off, sometimes it's just a little seeming nothing of a kind of thing really, not even much of anything to reflect back upon.It could be anything ,not necessarially anything the victim says or does. Might even be a watch or a ring the sun catchs and sends a ray of reflection off in some direction catching the eye of the predator.

Kate McCann's vebal discription of how that cop appeared no doubt would be most interesting . Perhaps confirming ,conformation yer might say.

Two modes in that climate for the former chief of detectives type, easy going layed back and hell fire flamming out of control mad. Those two modes.

The heat sustains the lonacy-it must be that- because it;s more than just hot blooded.

Lastly this is directed to the authorities of Portugal and it's political paranoia,

Fear Is A Lier- Worry is a Thief. It's hiding like a lying thief so give it up and come clean by defeating yer fear.

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Rolling Eyes Portugal has been painted as a Country now were its infested with sex offenders and thieves with an incompetent Government and police force to boot, and no doubt its reputation as a good safe Holliday destination has been hit hard by all this. The truth is its not just confined to Portugal or its Neigh boughs Spain, France etc as the Whole of Europe has become infested with people who see nothing wrong in taking a Woman or Child any Woman or Child for sexual use and exploitation as we see mass illegal immigrations  flooding into Europe from lands were this is the Norm,  i.e. Pakistan, India, Africa  cool2 no im not being Racist as some may say its the stark truth, just today iv seen on the news that 4 men have just been found Guilty of gang rape of a journalist in Mumbai last Year, and even in England we have seen how young Girls have been abused by men of Pakistani and Indian Nationality, and  all to frequently we have seen how the Governments and police forces have all most turned a blind eye to it so it seems and these sort seem to be getting away with it by and large, and people trafficking all most seems to be coming a growth industry in Europe  cool2 I think its only because of Madies  parents being so insistent and dedicated in the search for answers and so insistent that the search for their Daughter continues to be in the News, im sure that those in positions of so called Authority would have buried and forgotten this case long ago  cool2  But im hoping that this case has installed in the minds of family's who take their Children  on these sort of Hollidays  abroad to be forever watchful  of their young ones, dont  relie on resort child minders, you would be better of taking some one you trust with you on Holliday who could be there with them for you and have a free Holliday them selfs at the same time, ether that or have them with you at all times, safty  is your responsibility, and as for the local police force and Government of these Countries, be alert as to just who is in your Country and City, Town, Village  etc, those that are now roaming some places illegally have to eat and to eat they have to resort to criminal activities like breaking and entry stealing stuff to sell or eat, and some see an opportunity of some thing else see no reason not to abuse young Women or Children with little or no fear of being brought to justice for it,and even if they are caught all they can expect is a slap on the wrist and deportation which don't stop them returning dose it. Basketball
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To your bottom line Beaver, They cannot stop and will not stop untill they are stopped.

Through the poor card the authorities of Portugal layed down as their cover all,they will have us believe that there isn't enough financial resources or human resources ='s time/money to conduct proper investigations into mattters that are lower on the priority listings.It wasn't untill the child was abducted that all the gross negligence came into public view.
Given the extreme of Portugal's authority to spin this case that way it was,you really have to suspect they have a mountian of dirt they are hiding.And their fear no doubt is total exposure . I don't know what in human and financial resources they use in tracking global terrorist,but thay might use that cost as mean to explain the gross negligence around uninvestigated crime activity.

Now, we have seen that particular card played by police agencies time and time again and as lame as that is fer reasoning,it will continue to play that way over and over and over again.

Where that card is kept in storage is somewhere between fear which is a lier and worry which is a thief. I dare say it is a universal excuse that is no excuse at all.

Because of that excuse which is always there and ready to be launched,where it is about lackadasical and those of the human resource element that are what that is, that excuse card applied with the poor card allows all slackers an avenue to find their ways out of doing exactly what they are paid to do. Some people are actually wired to find any and all ways to get themselves out of doing work when they are actually at work .

Thing of it is, like a flu or the common cold,it's catchy .
And thats the problem.
And that problem on the by and large effects the best of the professionals because, nobody can do it all alone.

Now, sooner or later for as late as it is, there are those that will come clean as a matter of conscience.

All cops have a build up of personal data in a collective. Some stored to mind some other stuff scattered . Cops rotate assignments, when one transfers from robbery to homicide ,the personal ,professional data collective keeps right on building up.

Example, a hunch acrossed 20 years experience is not just hunch or a good idea to try.It's an access point.

It;s an avenue with a cross walk. Imagine what it might look like if yer were stuck at a dead end.
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October 2013 top poster

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Rolling Eyes The police forces of Europe have no excuse as for cross boarder cooperation between forces of differing Countries isn't that what Interpol is suppose to be there for if a force is found wanting it should be investigated forth with and those officers no matter the rank should be held accountable  cool2  if found to be unable to act in a way expected by the public for the public to an acceptable  level of professionalize then they should be removed to be replaced by those  that can demonstraight  competence  cool2 Joe public can influence proceedings by way  of showing that they are not going to patronize a Country that  can or will not guarantee their and their Children's safety while holidaying and spending hard earned cash which provides jobs and security to their own people and stay away and book some were else for their holidays, money talks and so dose  the lack of it, Governments tend to sit up and start taking notice especially when its brining bad reviews and a falling level of Tourism which sparks discontent within the populas that depend on foreign flow of cash etc  cool1  Basketball
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Thats where yer on to it Bev, where you brought up the picture that has been painted, now the business sector is forced to address the issues from a fix it stand point rather than a cover it up stand point.

You can be sure media coverage of the case is rather scant in Portugal because as you know the Portugal authorities fear public outrage.

And it is because of that lack of information where the Portugal public is kept in the dark about how bad it is,that is crime running rampent and uninvestigated ,
and it because of the false sense of public safety the public in Portugal has been under,that and pride of country and culture, that low down mind messing low life former cop was able to swindle the Portugeese populas pockets through the some odd in the hundred of thousands of book sales.

But his book sales didn't sell much outside Portugal,and he expected that to be that way. At the same time he hoped it would sell outside Portugal.
And he isn't finding much favor in the Portugees court either.
In fact his books were removed form the shelves in book stores and the internet sales in Portugal. He didn't think that would or could happen.

That is why he took the fast exit, he were racing against the clock. He had hoped that book of lies would launch his fantilitical pipe dreams of becoming a novelist with a considerable following.
But I haven't covered that yet. Bill Gates -micro soft- ran the race against the clock- that was a fair won race. come to think about it, I haven't covered that yet either !

The former ousted chief of detectives ran a sticking dirty scam.
But he thinks he knows too much for the authorities to give it all up.
Or he'll tell on them back.

All those frustrations Scotland Yard is dealing with ,you know ,where the process is the process, well, the former chief of detectives knows all that process ,how it works and more over how it doesn't work.

And he knows people in high places in Portugal are relient on the process not working.
And from his stand point in it, it cannot possibly work for Scotland Yard because if through some means or other it somehow does work, he is scewed,meaning burnt toast.

Yes indeed the process is the process ,but in that process is plenty of cover up ,and that is the former chief of detectives risk factor should that which has been forever ongiong coverup's be uncovered.

No cop anywhere whats every case they ever worked on put under the microscope.

And that wack job actually flirted with the lab rats in his sticking crime theory.
But you must note the lab was not in Portugal, it is in England
and the wack job is not in Portugal,he is in France, unless he drifted elsewhere like those sex offenders do.

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Rolling Eyes well its the same over here we got a problem with Asian sex pests who target young Girls etc, we know its going on much more than is so far reported, looks like the authorities are trying to keep a lid on things so as to stop it boiling over into full blown confrontations on the street,but they can only keep the lid on so long as more and more injustices happen on our streets daily, more and more of our way of life being eroded so as not to offend a certain section of the now populace of our England, and not only in England but on the European main land as well, then they are trying again to keep the far right in check who say enough is enough and are gaining in popularity more every year, in England we see an upsurge in support for UKip which are now taking votes away from the old main party's  which have got them dishevelled some what.   Basketball
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well, since it's coming to the point where time indicates it is close to the hour of closing in,meaning time to get down to specifics . Me instincts from the beginning pointed to the former chief of detectives as the problem not the solution. From that point in it on it's fallow-up. But, as is always there are two sides to every coin. He too has his two cents.

Let's have a look at him .

Here he is:

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Madeleine McCann case
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