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PostSubject: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptySun May 19, 2013 6:11 am

First topic message reminder :

The Daily Mail had a article and it looks as though UK authorities have turned up plenty of leads . But the authorities of Portugal refuse to reopen the case because of the wide spread corruption running rampent throughout their country.

There are plenty of names on the suspect listing and I have no doubt the ousted chief of detectives who was in charge of the case is one of those who fell to suspicion.

On the political end of it the McCann's raised red flags in political arena over there in Portugal and fear spread through all political channels as a result on unwanted world wide attention and the fear of. . The tourism industry accounts for very much money in revenue in a country that is hard pressed and corrupt as all hell.

According to the article in the Daily Mail the McCann's are very pleased with the ongoing investigation being conducted by the authorities of the UK.

The potential loss in tourism in Portugal in certain localities was the motivating factor in what is noted to be one of the worst investigations conducted in a child kidnapping case .The investigation on the part of the authorities of Portugal was all about dirty tricks and wide spread political and criminal corruption .

The authorities of Portugal fear world wide attention being brought back into their domain.

Even the Attorney General of Portugal confessed to the wide spread corruption in Portugal when he said-he doesn't think there is a phone in Portugal that isn't phone tapped by the criminal element in Portugal which has strong ties to government.

I think the former ousted chief of detectives in charge of the case is a sex offender himself.Noting that sex offenders found a place to be free in Portugal.And that is a point to fact.A fact that received some coverage but not nearly enough. That very vacation spot is or was also a safe haven for sex offenders . And that is not something that would be available for review in the  the travel agencies advertising literature.And I wouldn't be surprised at all if a travel agent is involved in some way with the kidnapping.

The super rich can buy whatever they want and a natural biological child with what will be seen as perfect genes would be a tall order.

The chain of pay offs would stretch far wide.But when money is no object ,distance is no object either.

The chain of corruption would be stretching far and wide in such a case secnario

It is believed by the authorities of the UK that Madeleine McCann may be alive and well.

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyFri Apr 25, 2014 11:14 am

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptySat Apr 26, 2014 1:18 am

Shocked  affraid
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptySat Apr 26, 2014 6:53 am

Yes well ,the criminal dark minds are horror indeed. Joe Duncan for example shows the full blown criminal psychopathic murderer revenge motivated. And when you look at what that murderer did to the child Dillen,you see kidnapp/rape molestation, murder and than the burning of the body in front of the other child. The scale of evil is blown off the chart. 

The point in this viewing is to demonstrate the kinds of crimes floating around in the former ousted chief of detectives head, all in waiting to be written and published. And much or most of what is readied in his head is the stuff of unsolved crimes that were shelved investigations for political reasonings. All of which leave plenty of room for literary licence in that x cops persuit of literary credibility.

The case he/they fronted was not just politically motivated ,it is and was a total fabrication pieced together in the head of a lunatic,or a man compelled to the point of obsession on a mission to reach goals beyond his capabilities.A mission  self appointed, under the instruction of his over inflated ego.His second career ,his defining moment ,the dawn of what is the sum of all his experiences bringing fourth a writer. That mad man is insane as well as obsessed.

The McCann case was his free pass into literary fame which would secure his place in the literaries. The big ticket item. This case to that x cop was the difference between entertaining the fantasy of becoming a writer using story telling on paper as an outlet/escape from the routien of his politically ruled and run profession. An afternoon on the golf course is always a good escape-outlet, every professional needs some type of outlet- interest, other than business to keep the balance.The well rounded aspect of professionalism.

Mark Twain wrote a short story about a jumping bull frog -it was a real event ,not a total fabrication.At the same time it is/was not a total fabrication of a real event.

Make no mistake about it, the former ousted chief of detectives has much insight into the inner workings of the criminal dark minds, the thing of it is much of what he knows from his own home grown experiences come of cases that were never really investigated because politically no such crimes could possibly happen in Portugal. And when such crimes do and did happen -little will the public know of it if anything.And there is no secret in how all that works-for the record.

Eventually the truth will come out about where and when the former ousted chief of detectives got his start beating confessions out of victim/suspects.Those happenings at first started out with beating known criminals state needed to remove into confessions of lower crimes enough to incarcerate those known criminals to the maximum. It worked however his obsession with beating confessions out of suspects became his trade mark. Interviews with x prison convicts and prison guards will no doubt lend credibility to the said stated view of that mad man.

And within his profession that x cop made enemies although non of them as of yet came out with it-,it being the truth about that mad man.

And so,back to case beginnings , politically that left that x cop to his own devices within the political confines the authorities of Portugal layed down long before the McCann case happened. 

That left one and only one investigative angle for that cop to work out. And that is why the McCann's were never ruled out as suspects. And that is the only angle he were allowed to persue politically or otherwise.For that x cop that was all fine and well because he had his own agenda,they were going to get what they/it wanted out of it and he was going to gain for himself as a resullt of his loyalty,serving out those certain obglations to the higher order in certain political circles,what he wanted out of it.

He did not think of it as a trade off, he see's it as that which he is owed, they own him, that is how he thinks.They are invisable ,he is totally visable. They are protected, he is not.

When you ask yourself, how is it one will set out on a mission to destroy the lives of others for no real reason other than self gain or group self gain and when you look at the damages done by those actions, when you see through the political aspects in it, you might sum it up to political corruption excepting it is what it is. But if one submits to that, than one is sumitting to being or having become powerless.
The McCann's saw trough that, when they were advised to say quite, do not make waves and let us handle it, we will handle it. Sure imbeciles running around, malingering,lackadisical ,fumbling.bumgling ,imbeciles.Imagine seeing that.And who was heading up all those imbeciles, why who non other than the chief of them all,but the smart one, the one who knew how to operate for and with those of authority politically on high. The first rule that came to his order was solve ir fast or quash it out-meaning quash out publicity.

And that didn't happen,They could not stop what was about to happen from happening because there was no way to predict what would happen on that particular scale. 

At the same time there is no way for them to stop or quash out what will happen either. 

Heads will eventually roll as the saying goes in politics, but the politicans are not on top of it or with it because it hasn't happened yet, and that as it so happen's is Portugal Authority's greatest fear. Can it possibly get any worse they wonder.

Yes it can.

What makes serial killers kill is about like what makes a guy like that former ousted chief of detectives do what he did. You see murder of the mind/minds is no less a murder than any. 

And that is what need be brought into a common understanding.
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptySat Apr 26, 2014 6:09 pm

Rolling Eyes My thinking on this is that if ever the case of Madeleine McCann is ever solved now this late on it will be some thing of a Miracle to say the least  Shocked  yes she may have been murdered shortly after abduction who knows what she may have gone through before then, she may have been abducted to be sold on, taken to order you may say, if so then she may now be alive some where with those who have raised her as their own, and she really just don't know who she really is  cool1 well any one of many things could have taken place, Maybe the chief of Portugal's police  dose know more than he is letting on then again he may be as in the dark as to what happened as the rest of us are, one point I have not ever seen raised how ever is that she may have been abducted by illegal immigrants making their way Northwards from lands were this sort of thing is seen as the norm, i.e. the African Continent, or even further the Asian Continent i.e. Pakistan/India/Afghanistan etc  cool2 as there are a constant tidal wave of these people trying to get into Europe and once in Europe crimes of this Nature are often committed like we here in the U.K have seen where by young Girls are groomed and taken by much older mainly Asian men for sexual exploitation, could Madeline have fell foul of one or more of these who may have come across her as they broke into apartments looking for cash, food or any other thing of value to fund their onward journey Northwards, if so then she most probably will have been exploited and disposed of locally some where, if not then she is probably and I say probably still alive and quite the grown up young lady now hope fully she was looked after by her captors, but if the worst did befall this young Girl then I just hope she did not suffer and her end was swift. cool2
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptySun Apr 27, 2014 4:32 am

The former chief of detectives is in the dark because his mind too is dark.That is the point. He knew of the cases uncovered by Scottland yard and he knew and knows there are many more crimes to be uncovered that could be in some way related to the McCann case. 

And here is the thing, the ousted x cop holds a doctorate of law, -educated. It is understandable Portugal does not have enough resources and that they are behind the times along the lines modern investigative tecniques and forensics ,so fourth .
But the former ousted chief of detectives had and has axcess to good material ,research findings, the stuff a criminal investigator can use to help solve cases.
He had axcess to data banks. For example research and data collectives show the progressive phases child molesters pass through. Years ago a molester that seemed to perfer age 7 to 10 or 12 will have been catagorized as such. Not true, the age factor decreases through progressive phases eventually leading up to murder to cover up the rape. That means it might start out age 10 or 12 but the age decreases over time 5/ 6 -4/5  2/3,you get the picture. The study of the progressive phases molesters pass through changed the way law enforcement investigates those particular kinds of crimes. ie: the age decrese rape leading to murder to cover up the rape thus murder becomes the big thrill. This is viewed or understood through the progressive phases. 

Criminal profiling has come a long way in the past 30/40 years. And the data is there.The former ousted chief of detectives was much more of a breaucrate than cop-or some cop but mostly breaucrate.Or breaucratic servent.

That makes him a lier.

All of such information is easially obtainable and so Portugals method of ruling out possible case connections is strictly political.Keeping information about crime
out of the public eye is more important to the powers that be in Portugal than is actually solving crime. 

And least we forget that revolving door prison system. Some of that may have been the former ousted chief of detectives self justificationary reasoning for beating confessions out of his victim/suspects some of them guilty of crimes other not as the x cops obsession with administering beatings progressed.

You see the thing about those progressive phases in the criminality ,it isn't confined to molesters.  Once upon a time a long time ago the former ousted chief of detectives may have been a good cop,but that was a long long time ago.

If he were a cop that came up through the ranks by his  coply instincts and aquired experience ,sure it would be possible he were 40 or 50 years behind the times in modern criminal investigative procedures. But that is not the case,he holds unprofessionally a doctroate of law-he can read ,he can look up the kinds of stuff mordern research has turned up about what goes down in criminal dark minds.

But none of that interested him because he had* other interests to protect* and self interests.The thing about that former ousted chief of detectives is that he is completely unaware of just how easially he is seen through.

After that quirk of his is tapped into , you cannot believe a word he says. Not one. He is a lier,a thief and a con artist.It may be hard to prove,but it is the truth none the less.By the way, hard to prove does not mean impossible to prove.and somethimes the truth seems to have ways of revealing itself.Sometimes people help that along unbeknoweth totally.
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptySun Apr 27, 2014 10:20 pm

cool2  Basketball
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyMon Apr 28, 2014 7:57 am

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyMon Apr 28, 2014 8:10 am

This is the case which was and is a all about political paranoia, the political need to lay blame as quickly as possible with total disreguard to truth or justice ,the investigation conducted was about as poor as it gets.

But in the details what this case over all will show is exactly what the former ousted chief of detectives is counting on to save his dying arse.
Getting down to the the truth of the matter.The grand jury was manipulated by the powers that be.

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyMon Apr 28, 2014 12:14 pm

To understand the complications involved in this case handling by that x cop.For one,(1), the high degree of manipulation of the mind must be understood to some extent. The former ousted chief of detectives is a highly skilled manipulative con artist on a mission and his mission is self gain. 
Tailoring police investigative reports /findings ,conclusions ,about like stacking the deck in the game of cards. I am of the opinion in theory of course ,the former ousted chief of detectives is a terrorist.I also say so because there is somewhat of an oder about him that smells very bad all the way around the world.Difficult to pin point however due to all of the pollutants discharged into the air that we breath.Which is what makes it possible for that man to hide that .   (Gas Lighting)

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyMon Apr 28, 2014 8:40 pm

Rolling Eyes Now matter who or what you are police chief, Business executives, King,/Queens or those laying on the bottom rung of the ladder of life their sure is a hell of a lot of stink to wade through during a life time, and some's life stink is thicker than others are Skunks of society and they taint the rest of society with that odour  Shocked  sick  sick 

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyTue Apr 29, 2014 3:11 am

OK so, if you understand the basic dynamics and something about operational modes of the sociopathic gaslighter ,and you further see that the former/ousted chief of detectives interrogation techiques are a product developed through his own devices ,and than you see he were considered by some of his peers as being somewhat of an exception, unique in ways or in his ways.And you know unprofessionally his holding a doctorate of law having become a cop, he is/was viewed as one of their own standing with them not above them. His method of deception is no less unique than was/is what was thought of him by his peers when he was a working cop.

This does not mean he had them all fooled, but he did/does have enough of them fooled in the just the right places ,and that is where his unprofessional standing within his doctorial came in handy in his covering his tracks each and every step of the way in his professional climb up the ladder or ranks.

At what point in his career did he cross the line one may wonder. He crossed the line when he became a cop is that answer. He knew than as he knows now how it all works. Many lawyers start out as ambulance chassrs,got to start somwhere right ? They start out by getting into people's /potential clients or witness's heads.Face to face and from afar. No reason to be carefull with words along those lines given that animals unprofessional standing. He stands accused in my theory of murder, murder of the mind. And He has done it many times.
That makes him a murderer,a terrorist. And as he stands in end zones as it is, he may believe he has already won. It's been done.

The thing of it is, the percentages he operates within are decreasing not increasing.That means not in his favor. Though still there is no body and the child remains missing. 
And the fact is, that is the only thing he has going for him .

And that brings rise to the question, just what does he really know ? 
Again, he is a lier ,a thief and a con artist.He is a terrorist. But that question is and has always been the first question. The public is coming into the know about some of what he knew and knows, slowely the natural light is beginning to shine.

What he does know is that the greedy masters he served all his professional life are thankless and will throw him to the wolves.

He has stationed himself at a distence. And he requires a place to go where nobody else can go in order to deal with his own hauntings.Not having a conscience or much or of it left, it can only be the fall out which falls in line with the consequences of evil acts.

He believed the McCann's and the McCann vacation party were fair game at the onset,. That in part to some degree was his self justification for those things that he did. Evil things. He convinced himself they brought it down upon themselves.
He believed they should have known well enough that his obligations were to the powers that be and justice is what they say it is. He believed they were given the oppertunity to retreat, remain silent and lay low or leave Portugal. And he knew those powers that be were going to turn him loose on the case giving him free reign to go at it full blown ,using every advantage available to him and more. And so that means that his version of justice is what the powers that be want justice to be, and justice in this case to them ,was making what those powers saw as a political nightmare having caused wide spread political paranoia throughout Portugal's authority ,this problem as they saw it had to be neutralized first ,than reversed to their favor. 

Media spin was a tool the former ousted chief of detectives was assured would be applied from every available source in Portugal politically and otherwise or by all means.Advisement also came to them through certain diplomatic channels.

Every now and then horses have their hay days and the former ousted chief of detectives saw his day on the horizon.Every dog has his day. His ticket to ride. And with that ticket in hand ,all he had to care about was/is himself and his self desires.

Bu the way, professionals of his type are not fired or ousted as it comes with their standing,they are simply asked to leave,and upon having been asked to leave or resign,the do so, or ousted becomes their title should they refuse to leave. Now he can make excuses about all that and so can his former peers on his behalf, but the truth of the matter is what it is and it does not matter how it may seem on the outside of the truth within.

Now, having covered his doctorial of law back round, it is appropriate at this time to look further, deeper into the scent or oder of death the UK sniffer dogs picked up some type of track on. But not scientific explanations as to how what is proven one way or another . Least wise not yet. 

What is beeing looked at here is how it is a Lawyer, solicitor, attorney at law,with no knowledge of medical science,having never studied medical science in any formal venue ,would prepare a case either in defence or prosecution of a said defendant who's crimes or said crimes are medical or crimes or a crime done in the process of a medical procedure.To begin with attorneys are not all knowing, they are just lawyers,and they think as lawyers, attorneys.And so that means in such a case the attorneys must become familiar with the due process in medical terms under legal guidines,essentially seeking to find flaws='prosecution or in the case of the defence no wrongful doings.
Inside the case preperation the attorneys by looking up information in legal books and other areas including medical practice stuff, they build their cases. 
now, if it's the prosecution ,it all comes down to wrongful doings or alleged wrongful doings, and that is all they are interested in and further all truely understand ,because they are lawyers not doctors and they are not all knowing.
Nobody is all knowing. 

The prosecution looks up cases ,reads transcripts of similar cases relative to a case being built up. And there is always considerable cherry picking what goes on in the process. But that's all here or there.The prosecution relys on case evidence presented by the cops,cops and the prosecution process are married or joined at the hip.One cannot exist without the other.

See, unprofessionally a doctorate of law and as a cop married or joined at the hip with the prosecution.All around guy.Man for all seasons.

Their go to guy.The one with ways to provide. If they had exacution in Portugal ,he will have earned the title exacutioner.That having nothing what so ever to do with justice. It is about winning cases at all cost. By any and all means isn't at all about good because evil is invited in ,any and all. And that is political.The thing abut evil is it can make bad look good.

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyTue Apr 29, 2014 5:18 am

Shocked  Shocked  cool1
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyWed Apr 30, 2014 5:29 am

Introjection- the process of transference is the most highly complicated aspects in the sociopathic obsession :to penetrate ,deep psych not just to confuse but to alter one others thought process's. It's effects are immediate and also long term. This is not about one getting into one' others head in effort to find out how one other thinks, or what makes them tick as the saying goes, it is about thought transference and one making one other think what one wants the other to think or believe. Creating a false sense of reality- distorted but real seeming to the victim. 

Now, if the subject/victim's IQ is in the lower ,say of reasonable average,for however that will figure -meaning whatever is average in line with the population
testing results. Ok so, reasonably average may be on the boarder line average perhaps lacking a point or two regards average.Example 98 average 101.

Now than, when you look at the former ousted chief of detectives gas lighting a woman/victim accused of killing her husband, x cop unprofessionally holding a doctroate of law equaling above average IQ,-victim/house wife IQ reasonably average or somewhat below average, the process of introjection may simply pass having zero effect .Two ships passing in the fog-zero effect. The sociopath will become infuriated upon realization of zero effect and take it to mean the victim /subject is purposely refusing thought,and doing so to taunt the sociopath, who is in this case the former ousted chief of detectives. And that is why the ousted chief of detectives was compelled to use force-blunt object='s fence board. Representative of forcing it in. It's not about did he or didn't he strike the victim,  it is however all about just what compelled him or why he was compelled to use that fence board. He wanted to strike her, and again and again .he knew if did that ,it would have been the end of him. But he wanted to beat her very badly, not because he was sure she was guilty of murder, but because he didn't think someBODY of far lesser intellegence can possibly have the audacity to refuse him entry in persuit of total control, the puppetmaster,the puppet. In other words he thought it was going to be easy prey.In long term effects it may relate to planting seeds and tending the garden.

Ok so, the sociopath is entitled to various titles,in the case of the ousted chief of detectives with his apparent anger management issues,psychopathic homosexual applies. Now, the fence board -,blunt object is representative of forced penetration ,essentially rape. It is not about beating something out of the victim,but it is about getting in to the victim. Forced entry.Breaking the victim down, forceable break in and entry. The sociopath craves total control .

Kate McCann however to that sociopath presented a very different prey to that predator, a worthy challenge ,a challenge he believed he could over take.At a loss, he was sure she was easy prey to the predator. He only showed her what he wanted her to see.And none of what he showed her was real,but he made it seem so. He made it seem so because he was given free reign-he was set free ,given the authority to do as e saw fit to get it done by order of the highest authority in Portugal. That translates to by any and all means.what he wasn't supposed to do however is come out full blown from behind his mask. That means show his true self to his victims.The true face of the predator.

And again it had nothing what so ever to do with solving a crime-it was predator prey.

His intention,revenge motivated was to get into her head and destroy her.
And that was his job.

Understand he was in fact cautioned by higher authority,he came out from behind his mask during the ordeal where it is he utilized the fence board on the victim/suspect. And in a fit of unmanageable anger ,he showed his true face.
He was told by higher authority to keep his true nature contained.He therefore had operational confines.And according to information available, his actions done in the case prior to the McCann case were under review for what little that means coming out of Portugal. So he was cautioned about that.

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyWed Apr 30, 2014 5:30 am

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyThu May 01, 2014 5:50 am

Now than, it is known what that former ousted chief of detectives was trying to do and how he went about doing it. Much of the illegalitiy about that investigation that what when down as of yet have not been revealed.

This case reference here demonstrates just how hard it can be and how long it can take to turn up evidence on the criminal sociopath. I can tell you through the former ousted chief of detectives case history, he as revealed himself in different ways by accusing his victim suspects and or making those victim/suspects out to be or seem to be exactly what he himself is,and that is how they let themselves in on just what they themselves are.They will in effect pin the things that they do onto other people-either by forcibly aggressively accusing,or by directing suspicion and planting evidence. It is a form of transference.The victim suspects are just objects of manipulation to the sociopath, meaningless nobodies.Directing suspicion away from one's self into or on to one other in attempt to make a victim suspect of crimes ,a crime or wrongfulness -a sociopathic trade mark.


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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyThu May 01, 2014 6:24 am

Ok,now here is the thing about sociopathy, * note* the article date is 4/2007.

To a sociopathic deviant such as the former ousted chief of detectives, one can clearly see how such a reference would seem to work in favor for the deviant. 
A reader in Portugal might look at it and think to say,( see-he were a highly credible doctor.) 

Deviant socio's are all about destroying people's lives starting out with their own families.
And they become masters of trickery. 
It is never them ,it is always somebody else,they were always some place else or their happening to be in the general proxcimity of a crime at that time is always coincidence. It's never them ,it is always somebody else or somebody is setting them up. This is also a way they have of tallking about themselves ,reversing blame and directing suspicion is all about setting up unsuspecting victims which is the M.O. of the sociopath. 

To look at it,, you look at the actor,ok so the actor becomes the character through character development and in the process the character takes on personality characteristics which is a combination of the actors observations, observing people in general of particular interests, facial expressions, reactions., habits so fourth ,they observe/watch people and mimic. And some of the sum total is the actors own stuff so to speak. A little of everything you might say. 

It's a bit of a reverse for the sociopath, The sociopath who is pitching the spill essientially becomes the character than spills it out. Everything the sociopath wants to lead you to believe and in it, his or her own truth comes out in the spilling. If for example it is you the socio is reversing into,setting up as a victim, than the character the socio wants to potray could more like you ,the victim.As he attempts to convey himself as more like you,  the socio will inturn try to make you out to be what he himself is.Pinning a crime on you that is.When the socio is questioned about a certain absurdness in the story,or inconsistencies, the socio fills in the blanks with I don't knows and I don't know what to tell you, or I told what I know ,I don't know what else to say, and so on. But in the process the sociopath will at times become somewhat comical seeming or lacking something  such as spirit, or in moments will appear somewhat zombified.Because the sociopaths true self is in the mix as it is spilled out through the socio in character, the socio at some point or point in it is talking about his or her true self and that is a thing not so easy to man or woman up to. They become commical or somewhat zombified in the process. Not confused ,but unsure of how well the act is holding up.Or how much was given up.

They also find humor in those spills as they are weaving together lies in the process, which means they have thought out much of it in advance, like a script, but some of it is created spontaenously.If than the socio is getting carryed away in it ,and even to the socio it seems as they see it in their heads a little too far fetched,  the socio might crack a smile than say, I know it seems hard to believe, (you laugh too.)The socio goes into grooming mode at that point. Or is drawing you in,likeness to setting mouse traps as a visual.Steering away from it, changing the subject in some cases.

But it is at that point or those points in the spilling where the socio becomes seemingly zombified,something missing, and it is a sudden onset that pass's quickly,
(that is where the socio is hesitant because although the socio is talking about someone other-{reversing blame) or reversing into, they are actually talking about themselves and there is no lying way to hide that.Further they cannot see how it is they themselves appear ,nor can they act past self reaction in the process.

Hesitation happens or comes over them and at that point they will be lacking presence-zombified - the socio when in character cannot act past it holding up a sound presence. And there is no retake of the scene.So they keep going ,same as stage actors do when a mistake is made-they move on as though it never happened. The socio does that but usually goes off on a tangent.
They do practice their crafts,mostly in their fantasies. In the former outsed chief of detectives case for-instance,it was done in his fantasies of being a crime novelists,and he used his job to inhance his fantasies.A sociopaths's fantasies are all carried out in reality, in fact reality is the sociopaths world stage.They are center stage theater 24/7. Super stars.They are the writer ,director and star of show or grand performance.Although much of the script comes down as it is ,as it so happens. They are not good at acting when they are not above suspicion. They are however very good at putting on the act of rage when things are not going their way.Such as when the socio is confronted straight away with no way to get around it. 

But of course, the best treatment for that is to leave the socio wallow in it in seclusion.

There are circumstances and events that happen that can turn into terrible tragedies,somebody may rise to the occasion and prevent that. Those are heros.
The socio however is the creator of tragedies and believes him or her self above the action /actions at all times.People,places and things are objects of manipulation. For that there is no treatment or cure. They cannot stop and will not stop until they are stopped.

, Some people come across very badly through the eye of the televison or movie camera. A lier for example can be saying something,telling something, but the facial expressions and body language tell a very different story. But in the telling,the lier has no clue to what truths came out actually until after they see it long after it all went down.Or they are in jail.

Socio's need people to spill out lies and deciet to,They can be loners even reclusive but they need people to lie to, deceive and cheat. Therefore they need people and hate people at the same time. They do not practice lie telling in front of a mirror to perfect those lying decietful skills same as actors do.That may be because the truth of it is, they cannot stand to the truth.Which means they can't stand themselves,which is why they forever try to become someone other-it could be anybody they have come in contact with. Or a self created image.

Actors use mirrors to practice or hone their skills, sociopaths see it in their fantasies. They believe or convince themselves they can simply become whatever or who ever they wish to be for as long as it lasts.They destroy everything in their surroundings so nothing lasts for very long. 

The thing to never lose sight of is that the predator is always in persuit of pray and pray must at some point cross paths with the predator. And to the human predator everything is the act leading up to the moment of pounce.Everything and what goes on in the planning stages in the minds and the doings of those predators.

But , no matter how medthodical they are in the planning stages and the execution of the dirty deeds they do, and telling lies over the top of lies and more lies to cover for lies they have been caught in, it is the stupid mistakes they make along the way that eventually leads to their being caught/revealed.

In the former chief of detectives obsession-that of being compelled to destroy the entire McCann vacation party, the 4 carafe's ,more questioning, interrigating hotel staff changes to maybe 6 ,back for more ,he wants to know could it have been 8, he pushs ,could it have been 12 he pressures the staff, they cave it could have, it than changes to 12 or more carafe's ,plus what that sociopath will have you believe they consumed before the McCann vacation party arrived for their evening meal. 

So, he turns it into a big sex orgey. 
The former chief of detectives wasn't just slipping, he was sliding acrossed the ice unstoppable because he had full reign, however he was expected to operate within certain confines.

OK so, directing suspicion and reversing blame onto others through trickry.
And in some or many cases they hone their skills in trickery over a life time in their experiences.

And there is no second guessing trickery, it is what it is straight away.There is no it could be or might have been this or that, it may be or might have been, there is no at the time this or that wasn't known or dna was in it's early stages,- trickery simply is what it is straight away- . There IS NO SECOND GUESSING TRICKERY.
And there is no bennifit of the doubt about it.

If you second guess trickery,than trickery got you.If you don't ,it won't,straight away.

Not only does the socio have an excuse for everything, they are also good at getting others to create excuses for them. If not that,than it's the bennifit of the doubt they rely on.

They will do exactly what they say they would never do or have ever done.

They are the very opposite of logical-rational and honesty.

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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyThu May 01, 2014 8:33 am

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Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyTue Jun 03, 2014 1:16 am

Added/6/3 on edit.It is you know the little things seem to fall,Back to square (a) ,makes perfect sense.You have to notice the opinions reflected 
on the wish this thing would simply cease to exist,the on going investigation .
The opinions that this thing reflects badly on the vacation resort, stirring up memories of a truth of kind that reminds people that,that place,that so called safe haven vacation resort isn't really ,not in truth what it is advertised as.

They wish to move on and have the case quashed out.They want the allure of the said perfectly safe haven back.It doesn't seem to matter to them that the truth about the said safe haven is a lie.You see,the truth behind the lies is actually the cowards truth. Rather than confront the truth of the matter in the fact that there are serial child abductor, molesters, rapists, murder's on the loose,aka serial killers, they want to live the lies as though those lies are truth and truth is lies.

Out of sight out of mind you might say.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/23/skeletal-remains-necklace-long-island-beach-homicide-lattingtown_n_2531516.html?utm_hp_ref=long-island-serial-killer
They say things finally returned to normal and now this. 
Do they care to think about what really goes on right under their noses as they enjoy the allure of those lies ?

They do understand the need of closure and all that, but they wonder why it just must interfere with their vacations or the daily business of the locals dependant upon the tourist trade where the local economy is at stake.Lets not pretend, that place is what it is because of tourism.Or without that,what is it for them ?

What is the world out there without the world out there coming to them ?
Just a bit of a sociological question there.


So it could be something ,any little thing.

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Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyTue Jun 03, 2014 1:47 am

The truth as it is isn't at all a plesent vacation thought process,but in order to actually have that perfect vacation it is always necessary to think about protecting yourself and your family from those predators, the family first as the saying goes.

Clearly one cannot completely rely on the authorities to handle that ,can one? Or wouldn't one be a fool to think so ?

Here is an example of the truth as it is.
And it happens a lot doesn't it ? And if you don't want to think so,than you choose to live a lie.And if you choose to live a lie ,than you cannot possibly be thinking about protecting yourself and your family from those predators. 

Isn't it better to confront the truth than it is to deny it exists ?
The question directed to Portugal's authority. 

Because the truth of the matter is,if it were not for those lies about the said and over billed advertisements about that place in that country,and if the public will have had access to information about the kinds of crimes going down right under their noses and under the noses of authorities ,than chances are the McCann kidnapping will have never happened because they would have known the truth.
Instead they experienced the truth about those lies to no seeming end.

Furthermore,should the public have been made aware of those crimes,when those crimes went down, than the public eye will have been on those crimes and those criminals. And out of that will have come information from the public to authorities about suspicious characters which can and does lead to arrest's.

Criminals know the lay out of the land in the terrirtory criminals operate in and within. That means those molesters know that operating in the tourist zones in portugal means little to no publicity and that provides those criminals with a cover or shield because they are shielded from the public eye thereby allowing them to operate in total secret.That means the authorities actually provide those criminals with a mask.Little will be known public wise about the crimes. Is that not a mistake ? The truth is the truth behind those lies leads to the real question which is what is really a return to normal in such a place. It is a blinding question that opens the door to total vision. 


6/5/14 It does seem as though the authorities of Portugal are making certain allowances leaning tword a cooperative effort in the search procedure. And it looks as though leaking information about what is what to the media is completely out of the question which means there is no yes ,no or maybe in answer to media presented questions. And of course that too makes perfect sense.

Interesting thing about those sniffer dogs, in the case of the long Island serial killer case, the search was on for a missing persons report, a one Shannon Gilbert. And as it so happens the Gilbert case is more than likely not connected to the Long Island serial killer case . There are conflicting reports about just how it is the sniffer dog happened to sniff out the remains of a murdered victim leading to 3 more in the same area. One story released by police authorities is that a dog handler cop was driving with the police dog down the ocean parkway and let the dog out of the car to do it's business and as a result of that in the process the dog alerted. What you might call a per chance happening. 

Some theories go ,if it were not for the disapperance of Shannon Gilbert ,possible murder,possible tragic accident, the Long Island serial killer's murder victims may never have been discovered. The fact is the cop was there at that particular location as was the dog. Where the cop was going or coming from isn't an issue that connects in. where the cop and the dog were at that time was very far away from the Gilbert search zone.

There are disconnects between the dog sniffing out the remains of bodies and the Shannon Gilbert search, but the thing of it is in the process of tracking evil and the doings of evil doers ,it is somewhat connected as one thing leads to another meaning everything adds in . 

The Long Island serial killer used burlap sacks and the thick under brush in an area of the ocean front parkway that does not offer access to the oceans sandy beachs to form his cluster. The victims bodies were streached out in a line maybe 1000 feet apart . Has to do with revisitation of the crimes,keeping a watch over.  What you might call a dead zone. To the killer the area was his alone.

All thought out and planned out meticulously but,the evil doer could not foresee circumstances and events to happen that could or would work against him.
In other words if evil is an enity than there is also it's reverse . And it's reverse isn't necessarily pretty but it is good.

And the same as the killer could not foresee or calculate what could or would happen in future events that could or will altimately lead to his capture,neither can the authorities.

This is to say the Shannon Gilbert case and the police dog handeler happening to let his dog out of the vehicle at that exact location for whatever the reason are connections to the Long Island serial killers doings through ways that work against them or evil itself. Those two things. 

One might call the dog handler letting his dog out at that location catching a lucky break. Evil doers also catch what they believe are lucky breaks.
The evil doers believe lucky breaks as they see it are what makes them exceptional ,whereas the the other way one may realize the lucky break wasn't about luck and the find or discovery is something greater one is a part of in some small way.

That something is great, far greater than any one individual. Humility teachs that very thing.

Skepticism does not explain away evil or it's reverse.How can it when logic as it is doesn't exist as we understand it. 

And even the most skeptical cop has to believe in one cause and that being a greater good. And is for it, and if not, against it. It can be hard to tell some of time ,which side one is actually on that is.

From July of 2007 until December of 2010 the long island serial killer was confident he had himself a killers cluster that he could add onto anytime he flet like it or felt compelled to kill. The ocean streach goes on for miles where no/one would dare enter into the thicket and the thorns in the under brush.No maintnace on the state owned land -no care takers, no chain saws ,just thick brush covered land by the ocean in a long drive to the popular Jones Beach, a summer time attraction. But in the fall and spring and winter, it all belonged to the killer, or so that killer thought.They say in a theory the killer could be a summer time visitor, because all four of the victims were murdered between June and August. One in 2007, and one in 2009 ,than two in 2010. But that doesn't seem logical because in the winter months that section of the parkway wouldn't belong exclusively to the killer,or so it did seem to that killer before the dog got on to him. Seasonal visitor doesn't seem to fit. The killers arrangrment of the victims bodies seems to indicate the killer must have been compelled to revisit the crimes or the victims. And winter time on Long Island when the ocean highway is seldom traveled in the wee hours of the morning or very late at night, offered to the killer optimal visual drive by's. In theory of course.

 It seems the long island serial killer had a cool down period in 2008 .Perhaps a radical change in his daily living arrangements,or a territorial change.  Given the rate of progression that could indicate victim one in 2007 may have been the killers first victim. One in o7, cool down period  in 08, one in 09 than his rate of progression elevates to two in 2010. 2008 my have been a period of transition for the killer. 

No body-no case.And until the first four victims bodies were discovered, there were no cases. Now there are 11 cases and 11 victims of circumstance.And one serial killer who's doings are no longer his secret alone. Although there may be more than one killer. He hasn't been caught ,but he no longer operates in total secrecy.And that puts the killer at a loss.
The victims were listed as missing persons /sex workers in New york city a city of ten million people where people come and go a lot. That means no case .

Which means missing persons reports of such end up in a storage pile for inactive possible cases should something develope ,thats if and only if the  missing persons reports are processed. But thats a different area in question.


6/8/14 The article in the guardian 6/7/14 hit the mark pretty good. The local mayor is terribly worried about revenue coming in through tourism. 
The mayor is terrified over this search because of the fear of entire local economy taking a downward plunge in this is their season of the coin. 

The thing of it is, this revenue paranoia is not just about Portugal where it comes down to tourism and the revenue brought in by it. Greed you see has no conscience.
It's been 7 years says one political greed monger, why do they have to do this in our prime season of revenue. THAT IS A TYPICAL POLITICAL PARANOIA REACTION COMING OUT OF A LOW LEVEL NO DOUBT CORRUPT POLITICAN IN A ECONOMY DEPENDANT ON TOURIST TRADE.A mayor .

And do not doubt this,that same politican is very angry with the powers that be in the big world of Politics in Portugal for allowing this to happen in their prime season of the coin.

The business sector all up and down the ocean front are living in fear because all the coinage is falling over the edge because of unwanted publicity, and tourist as well as locals are asking questions and interest in the case is revitalized. All that potential coinage is falling down down down and out of reach. ohhhh noooooooo.

Greed has no conscience,believe that.
All those cases that got quashed out because of greed and fear of the loss in revenue. And so they in affect helped the predator/predators cover those tracks because
should vacationeers catch winds of the kinds of crimes that go uninvstigated in the tourist trap areas ,tourist would not come to Portugal's ocean front bringing plenty of coinage to spread around.

Is not the mayors office involved with police affairs and investigations ?
Wouldn't  it seem logical that a mayor or all mayors of local's that are dependant upon the tourist trade would want crimes and criminals of such investigated to the fullest and further prosecuted to the maximun pentalities of th law ? Would not a mayor hold a chief of detectives and his superiors accountable for such actions ?

In logic yes indeed, but not in greed logic ,no .

Most tourist have no knowledge of the business of law and media ,and PR  control in tourist capitals around the planet. It is almost as though that part of city and local government has it's own set of rules and law regulation.

But that's suppos'ed to be a secret. Close encounter secrets of a third kind in a way you might say. All those kinds of mayors seem to share the same kinds of asinine traits. And they all say it is all for the good of the people they say they serve.All meaning the lies they tell, the things they cover up and any and all else. The voters, you know ? Funny thing is, it all comes down to a certain perentage with it's top being the business of the greed mongers. And without the tourist coin it is thought the whole economy will go down over the edge. So ,it's a fear base thing stimulated and spread through PR. The pipe line to the peoples fears.

So sure it has been seven years, but if it were not for all those lies and what the truth behind all those lies is, and all the cover up's those mayors are part of, there would be no need of the search that is going on now seven years later because the child would be with her parents at home. 

And that is the truth. 
And this is an assignment of blame put right where it belongs.
Straight to that mayor and the rest of it or them.

And than there is fear based brain washing of the locals too.
No work no eat right ? Business's fold up and jobs dry up right?, and investors reinvest in other areas right ?People move on and population of localities drops to a fraction of what it once was.

Greed and stupidity ,those two things.
If it ain't broke,don't fix it, and if they don't know it's broke, than it ain't.
Hear no evil,speak no evil and see no evil.Those three monkeys in an uproar.

The last thing those in fear would think to realize back there in Portugal where it comes down to the season of the coin and the loss of revenue is that they brought this down upon themselves. it is not uncommon for low level politicans such as mayors to speak out ignorant or cast out into the open ignorant view points they believe is speaking for the greater majority and or being protective of local interests. It is a political self serving thing for what it all comes down to in each and every case.

The reference to the Long Island serial killer case is there to demonstrate the fact that intensive searching such as what is going in Portugal can and most likely will yield results . Any little thing adds up in the whole of it.

And with the truth about that predator targeting children of Uk vacation parties and other scam artists being on the table for all to see, the better majority of the local popular will no doubt demand justice and change.

As for the rest of them, greed mongers aside, where it is all about food on the table and a jobs for survival, it may be too difficult of a thing for them to look past their own needs and wants. And it is the fear of loss of that, that makes them preay to the greed monger predators and corrupt politicans such as that mayor,through the spreading of fear using the loss of tourist revenue as a result of bad publicity as a means to keep the hush on about crimes going on in and within their locality. And the local media is not excluded from that scam.

And those kinds of scams politically oriented upon greed monger demand is not unique to Portugal where the tourist coin is pandered to.

And that makes tourist victims.

And so,that also makes the former chief of detectives a victimizer,part of the problem and part of the over all scam and in effect guilty of having committed crimes related to the case. He knew about those crimes ,he knew all along about that problem ,and did nothing. He served the greed mongers.And out of it he wanted his pay off through book sales. When you look at greed, and you look at the former ousted chief of detectives addmission of mistakes having been made early on in the investigation,one must consider a mistake is not necessarialy a mistake. That to consideration, those said mistakes came about as was expected. That notion goes straight up the chain of command and straight to those mayors and from there direct to those greed mongers.

6/11/14 http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jun/11/madeleine-mccann-no-fresh-evid

Leave no stone unturned.

Let there be no doubt there is very much discomfort spreading around in the populas over there centered around the search effort. 
The graffiti positioned as it were with the childs name misspelled is an open expression of all mistakes made and those lies spread about what is that said safe haven for holiday visitors.

It is not just a case that must be solved, it is all cases surrounding this one in particular.

One huge hole in the case investigation hides in the local criminal activity that is and was under estimated or simply put aside on the shelf is the rate of progression child molesters pass through.The child molester working his way up and down the ocean front highway as a matter of example. 

He as a subject or unknown subject inside the files of the local police was most likely ruled out because it may appear his objects of desire range between ages 9 to 12, a figure as an example to bracket it. But truth be known the childs age decreases as the pedo's crimes escalate. In other words the age of the victims drops 7,8,6,5 and so on. In the process rape/molestation turns to murder to cover up the rape crime ,thus murder becomes the big part of thrill . 

Since the former ousted chief of detectives holds a doctroate of law unprofessionally, and professionally was a cop, he must have been up on those facts about the molestors rate of progression. In the last 20 years studies of such criminal behavior have revealed very much good and usefull information about patterns and phases such criminals pass through. It does not require modern sophisticated scientific equipment operated by highly skilled trained operators to understand the process. All that is required to stay in the know about how those predators operate is reading research,and for somebody who holds a doctorate of law it is called-look it up. A simple cop'ly quick search will have provided volumes of information.You know, investigative tracking of such criminals and criminal patterns with the rate of progression /escalation,.You know interpol.So, that cop's informational resources were not and never were restricted.

Some of the truth behind the lies ,lay there in fact. Not like a sleeping dog, but more like a dirty dog. That means he knew the probable truth at the time he were in charge of the investigation, but the truth at that time did not serve those he served or those the mayor of the locality serves.The facts are the truth behind those lies is all about a cover up.The cover up is/was all about the criminal activity going on in those resort areas in Portugal that received little or no press coverage in the local media and little to no police attention to those crimes that were /are committed. Their choice was to leave the criminal/criminals run free thus keeping that secret providing a cover or a criminal shield for those criminals. And again, greed has conscience.After all can one say the criminal activity that was going on all along under the nose's of the police agencies and unreported in the local media ,is/was insiginificant?  

Fact is it was/is a highly significant political/business interest which is why those crimes did not receive much if any reporting or coverage in their local media.Bad publicity in such a place can or will lead to loss or revenue. Here the subject is about yer local newspaper where one will read daily events in locality and the section of that paper that keeps the public informed about criminal activity in and within yer locality.And here is the age old thing, and right here is where the greed monger fear lay, words in print travel through word of mouth. And word of mouth can circulate faster and further than any newspapers reach by circulation.

And so it will have seemed as though no such crimes ever happened in that place.In that said safe haven. And so who are the who's responsible for that cover up/cover up's ? And that is a very pointed hard question.

You see the first question that just must come to mind when looking at such a case when that case is on or has happened is, what is and has been going on in local crime activity. And right there is just where there was no information.  The victims of crimes through their experiences in it knew of those crimes, the cops who quashed it out knew and know of it, the mayors who worry about publicity, the business ownners who worry about bad publicity and loss of revenue know of it, and of course the criminals who know all about how it all works know.

Simply, when local crimes go unreported by the local media in hard print ,than word of mouth spreading of the word is kept at a minimum-QUASHED OUT.Somewhat controlled one might say.( And on the subject of controlled it is necessary to bring to mention the fast pace news travels in print by way of internet traffic.) To that in a note, political paranoia enters in ,in high gear.
The chain of corruption can seem to be endless. Greed has no conscience.

So those mayors say they are being ripped off of their localities fair market share of the tourist coin as a result of the reopening of the case and the publicity it brings on. 

Greed has no conscience, common sense dictates if they had concentrated their efforts on maintaining the integrity of the safe haven they claim to provide,those criminals and those crimes could have or will have been kept at a minimum.
And that is just how it is suppose'd to work. 

But greed has no conscience and so the quick and easy way to protect the revenue coming into their localities is to simply cover up the crimes.And by doing so they protect the criminals and not the victims or the people.

Now, here is the hard point to fact that fell into a smoke screen at the beginnings,-media coverage made the case political from the start.
Politicians always reverse the blame of party failures on the oppoisite party always regardless to who the whos are that are responsible for the wrongfull doings or what party affiliation . In effect one party blames the other or the guilty party or party member reverses the blame or directs or missdirect suspicion.And in some or many cases by any and all dispicable means.

There is no right or wrong or ethical or unethical ,and it is not about truth or reaching truth because it becomes all about deception and assignment of blame and reversing blame into the opposite party. The core issues get lost in the smoke screen.

The media is profit driven and media spin is always a political tactic. Spinning the media is also media control. The media game being profit driven will profit every step of way or in every and any direction of the media spin. and of course the media is married or in bed with the power structure.

However it is still the coin in the hands of the  greater global public or the vote in voting season released into circulation, buy and sell and advertising,elections and all that , is after all just where the profit is.

It really does seem there should be a law of some kind making it illegal to be foolish enough to be fooled or taken by those politically corrupt B%#%$%%$^^$%rds.

Divide and conqure -the Roman army of way back when. The political goal was to create enough deception released out into public domain to divide public opinion ,split it in half thus causing argumentation between those who side with the McCann's and those who don't. And that made the news and sold products .

And that former ousted chief of detectives figured on getting his share of that pie through book sales. He believed he were owed that after all he had done for it. It being the bureaucratic process and since the process isn't human it's an it.
Or those he served. And serve those bureaucrates he did.

His crime theory is that of a mad man.The oder of his stinking theory has traveled around the world.


Greed has no conscience.

Yes politica politics politics.http://news.yahoo.com/mccanns-exasperated-madeleine-libel-hearing-postponed-174525144.html;_ylt

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Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 Empty
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyTue Jul 01, 2014 3:54 pm





This case has to do with one sick twisted cop who actually believed he were in secret a writer. And in time this case reference will serve to draw out the twistedness of the thought process's of the former ousted chief of detectives who was leading up the case built up against the McCann's and the McCann vacation party. The authorities of Portugal found a particular use of the former ousted chief of detectives and used his short comings to their full advantage. 

The defense of that cop was that it were a thought crime but no crime was actually commited. In other words it all went down in his mind or in his head. 

He did act it out in reality but did not actually committ the crime/crimes.
He used police and federal data base's for his own personal fetish/obessions, those acts are crimes however,the conviction was over turned. 

We will venture to look into how far one who is obsessed ,will become compelled  to cross the line will go. This sick twisted former ousted cop used police and federal data base's to satisify his fantasies and used New York City and other cities in other states as his fantasy playground. The canabal cop (the name dubbed and assigned to that wacko ) actually saw himself,in secret of course as a writer. You see being a cop was not a glorious adventure like he had imagined it would be. He quickly became disinchanted and consequently began to experience discomfort with his job and with the city he worked for and in. And with a marriage doomed to failure from the start because it was nothing more than a part of his fantasy world.And out that fantasy came a child in real life which in turn as it turned out caused further discomfort for that wacko because it wasn't all about what he thought it was supposed to be all about.It was far from his fantalitical expectations.And so disinchantment turned to discomfort. 

The wacko's wife of course found out the truth about that wacko after having tapped into his internet doings, than took her child than got as far away from all that as possible. She fled clear across the country to keep her child and herself as far away from that nut job as possible.

The former chief of detectives simply knew it was better for he to distence himself rather than the other way.But of course it all came down to the coin.

The former ousted chief of detectives has done marriage twice both ending or so it seems. Somehow I think there are very particular similarities between the cannibal cop and the former ousted chief of detectives in Portugal.

Through the cannibal cop it becomes clear to see,actually visualize how it is one can go over the edge so to speak,- chassing fantasies where the fantasy will become predominant in reality and reality as it is ,isn't to the obsessed.

The cannibal cop case will make you go wtf, it will make you laugh and at the same time you find what he is and what he did sickening ,dispicable ,and about anything else one will think to throw at it.

But in fallowing his rate of progression as he stepped further and further over the line, breaking rules, codes of conduct and the law, we will see the similarities between the cannibal cop and the former ousted chief of detectives.
Both of whom were living out their fantasies and making the reality of thier victims a living nightmare of the worst possible kind.

One similarity is that they both believe themselves to be writers.And both were agents of the law and are running from the law in one way or another.

Just a fact or two to stick to.
We must stick to the facts or a bomb will go off in the former chief of detectives head and he will freak out and lash out.

Both see no wrong what so ever in the things that they do and have done living out their fantasies destroying people's lives in the process.That is what narcissists do. You see the cannibal cop reaching his disenchantment came to determin that the city he were sworn to protect and serve by upholding the law, In his view,and he has said so, is a city filled with scumbags, filth and disgust.

And we will find similarities between the canibal cops views of New York city and it's residents and the former chief of detectives views of the lessers to his views which are nothing more than persons who simply don't matter and visitors or vacationeers who he sees as more of nussence than anything else . And because of the powers that be in the business sector in the locality he last served in Portugal, he were forced to pretend to be in public and in the publics view somebody he is not. And that he resented  and that brought on much resentment to or of the visitors.

He resented having been forced to at least act of though he were a civil minded obedient civil servent . And that made his blood boil.And the same as the cannibal cop, he had no other place to go except for his fantalitical world ,a world he totally controlled.But in reality that just isn't so and so that means he made mistakes along the way,and it is just a matter of time before those mistakes are found out /uncovered. After all there is really no difference between a cop turned criminal and any other criminal.

And little did he know that world of his was to become reveled leaving him totally exposed.

You see as a man who holds a doctorate of law who could not gain satisfaction through practicing law, who became a cop to enforce the law ,who became disenchanted about the law and the laws of land ,where else would he go seeking glory ?

Well he would have the people of Portugal believe that in him all along there is a writer, a regular Oliver Wendell Holmes.

But that is not really the place is it ?

One hammer and one nail.





[url=https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=Alu0v9LLH4wfC4gF4o9ukg2bvZx4?fr=yfp-t-901-s&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=winnipika cannibal cop case]https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=Alu0v9LLH4wfC4gF4o9ukg2bvZx4?fr=yfp-t-901-s&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=winnipika%20cannibal%20cop%20case[/url]

OK, so now you can get a look at Gilberto Valle the cannibal cop case.
And this case has been on the old back burner for some time now. It has been kept on the back burner for a reason and the reason has recently come back into the attention of the mass media. His conviction was over turned. 

But that is not the reason the cannibal cop case remained on the back burner here. And I believe I have outlined some the reasoning behind that. Gilberto Valle dubbed cannibal cop does not have to his credit unprofessionally a doctorate of law,however Gilberto Valle does have some educaion as it is a requirement to become a New York city police officer to have at least 60 collage credits.Valle finished his educational studies than went on to apply to the New York police department academy. 

One difference between Gilberto Valle aka cannibal cop and the former ousted chief of detectives who headed up the investigation into the McCann kidnapping case ,the case he turned into a murder investigation ,is that Gilberto Valle went over the edge,meaning passed through the stages at a rapid progressive rate,where-as , the former ousted chief of detectives over there in Portugal keep it hidden or more-so contained enabling him to pass through two marriages and his career as a cop,more than two decades .Valle lasted about 3 years on the job and in a marriage, there or there abouts. 

Know that the comparisons between these two case's in no way indicates the former ousted chief of detectives is a canibal. The comparison is the point where one or the other began to live out the fantasy and where that fantasy world became reality and reality to them became water flowing over the edge flowing onward far far away.And where living that fantasy leads to obsessive compulsive behavior and further leading into criminal behavior and even murder.

And so it is the rate of progression and whatever are the circumstances leading up to escalation of the obsessive compulsive criminal behavior. Gilberto Valle ,cannibal cops rate of progression through the phases predators pass through happened at somewhat of a quickened pace. 
His real life and his real career and his real wife and real child and all that it means did not satisfy his insatiable appetite and over powering erges.It all comes down to the want of more than there is

.It matters not what it is they have and have got,it isn't ever really how it is they imagined or fantasized it would be and is never equal to pre conceived expectations. The pursuit is no doubt the big thrill. Obtaining objects of desire into their collective,career promotions, wives.children-will not ever meet their imagined expectations.  Valle thought being a cop was supposed to be and having a wife was supposed to be and a career and a wife and a child was supposed to be all satisfying just like it is in the fairy tales.
But none of all that turned out to be what he expected it all to be as he imagined it would be or as it were in his fantasies. What that means is the way they saw it through observations of other people ,the things they have ,the family life they have ,the careers they have ,the kind of life they think is all a given-what it looks like to the socio and how the socio preceives it ,enters into to thier fantasies thus becoming the desire in pursuit.

Th idea or notion that a lasting relationship is something that requires work and change, does not enter into the fantasy . It is all supposed to be a given ,and so what it looks like to them as they observe others is what it is suposed to be and when it turns out it is not what they fantasized it is, they want an out. Escape.

You know the drill,The former ousted chief of detectives as his friends and peers in his profession,those cops would tell you-public he were dedicated to the job he were all and on it always. In fact he poored himself into it 100 per cent.
Because it was his out-his escape.

Valle did not get satisfaction out of his job/career ,his wife ,his child ,in fact all of it let him down in his view to it. it just wasn't at all what he fantasized it would be.Beyond that what he figured it should be. Valle threw himself into his out, his escape,his fetish and plunged into his deep dark desires.

Some make it to their 50/s 60,s and even beyond before they come out with it. 
And when they do ,they lose it all .It is thought along with age they lose their fear of consequences.
Valle was at the age where they find a way to keep it a deep hidden secret,they hide it and cover their tracks, or they let it out and go for bust.

The case of the child psychirtrist & child molester San Diago California made it to 70 there abouts before it all came down on him.

Either way in the end they lose it all.And in some cases over and over again,they never change.

And so he wanted as always more then there is. Nothing ever is the way it is in their imaginations or fantasies ,it all lets them down ,yet likeness to a compulsive loser gambler ,they keep rolling the dice for the want of more than there is. And every time they roll it is further stepping over the line untill the line is no more.

And in some or too many cases ,they will kill to get it even though it is never really there to get.They will lie, cheat, break the rules or the laws ,codes of conduct, do whatever they feel it takes to gain what they believe they so richly deserve.Oppertunists of means by no means.But they see their victims as the means to their desires.

And those victims to them are nothing more than objects to manipulate.
Anybody who cross's paths with such an individual is a potential victim.
But that gets highly complicated.

So Gilberto Valle cannibal cop shows the rapid progressive rate and the former ousted chief of detectives shows the delayed rate of progression. Is the former ousted chief of detectives smarter than Gilberto Valle ? That answer will depend on how you look at it.

The former ousted chief of detectives was reaching the ends zones in his career as a cop. And so safe be it to assume he were entertaining in high gear his fantasy of becoming a crime novel writer or the want of more than is.

Oppertunity-motive and the clock. In the case of the former ousted chief of detectives reaching the ends zones of his career, the McCann case had it's time limits and so the ousted chief of detectives in pursuit of his big break,that oppertunity to gain more than is as he saw it, more or less put him in a position where what he really is and all he had kept in restriant for all those years just suddenly, forced it;s through bringing him on full blown or completely out in the open.

And you notice he trys very hard to hold up is act. And that too ,that act as it turned out for him isn't as satasifying or gratifying as he imagined or fantasized it would be. And the pay off didn't materialize the way he imagined of fantasized it would. 

But not so long ago he thought for sure it was all within his grasp. He thought he had it.

That sociopath thought he had it . But the bottom fell out and he doesn't believe that.

And Gilberto Valle did not believe he would actually go to jail.But he too is out now.That he is.

Ok so, the clock and the time limit forced the former ousted chief of detectives out. In his fantasies he saw himself as a crime novelist and he saw the McCann case as his oppertunity to land on the best sellers list,and that leading to publishing more novels and all that leading to his insatibal desire to gain more than there is in this world for him. Imagine it as if he were existing at the cross roads between fantasy and reality-,interphasing like phasing in and out ,one than the other. And he did whatever he thought he had to do to make the gain.
Ok so, he had to roll the dice and when he did, he just had to keep on rolling those dice. See, was it 4 carafes no no it must have been 6,no no 6 isn't enough it must have been 8, 8 no no more like 12. A writer might band his or her head against wall to bring it to a conclusive number, amount. The dice ,6 and 6 is 12.
Add in a buffer zone what could have been consumed before dinner elsewhere,and it could be an undetermined total amount . Leave the readers to decide for themselves.smart cop right, the readers. How many times did he question and requestion the staff on hand on that night and when did the questioning begin and when did it end? How much time passed in all that. ? 4 times,8 times 12 times ? And wasn't he quite well known for forcing confessions out of suspects or victims? Powerfull cop could make big trouble for a resort hotel worker who could have or it could be made out look like has a questionable backround. eh ? 4,8,12 no no was it 16 could it have been -

And when he crossed the line, he just kept going never looking back.
Because he just didn't have time and his disires took him on full force thus making him blind. In the blindness and in the hurry is just where he made his mistakes early on where he crossed the line.

He knew all along he had no real case,and he knew he would be replaced at some point .He just didn't know exactly how much time in hours and days for sure he had and so he had to move fast as did the media feeding the public that bill of goods. But wasn't the media also fead ? eh ? What do they call that,is it leaked information ?

There is a ways to go yet before it comes time to drive the nail, but the stuff is there to compare.

When you read about Gilberto and the part about the oven ,it's ok if you feel the need to laugh a little, you will see hard aspects in it through the laugh. 
I mean if you read into it. The size of the oven was all and important, he had to fit the victim in there to cook her. He wanted to slow cook her alive ,. When you look at this case and compare, you will relook at the former ousted chief of detectives sitting back in his chair in the heat of a Portugal day or night in his fantasy world fishing for theoretical arrangements to stick into his sick and twisted crime theory. The small refrigerator, in his fantasies he  turns the McCann's totally sinister-he see's their child being cut up into small pieces and placed into a little chill box . Dissection.  Sick it is yes indeed, but look at it, compare to was it 4, or 6,or 8 ,or 12,or 16 ,could it have been ?

Gilberto isn't stupid,but the same as the former ousted chief of detectives,he just doesn't see anything wrong with the things he did or how many ways he crossed the line. You see he concluded New York city is filled with scumbags ,fiflth and disgust,all of it and everything in it. He did in fact say so ,or maybe he just fantasized it  eh. Just a thought at the time perhaps .

, Gilberto Valle was not well connected up into the inner workings of the NYPD,he was just a uniformed cop, rather insignificant although according to reports he did seem to show potential.

That is according to the NYPD, but here he shows an entirely different kind of potential that remains to be seen.

One difinitive similarity or that of a sameness between Gilberto Valle (cannibal cop) and the former ousted chief of detectives(Portugal's own) is that both of them at a point in time took a dive deep down into something of a likeness to giant swirling whirl pool and somewhere at the centers force pulling downward there is indeed a hole and in the hole there must a likeness to ensnarement of a kind where there is no escape .Such as gravitational downward force.Devils hole if you will.

What would make one do those kinds of things ,destroy peoples lives, drive in the kinds of hurt that never heals, you see there must be more to it than monentary gain.Narcissistic sociopaths hate everybody and everything good about everybody. They want the same things and sometimes they do get it. A wife ,kids, a fenced in yard ,and good neighbors just like in a fantasy. But the truth is for such of a type, it is never really satisfying because all it is for them  is a simulation .It is all there and real, but none of is or was the way it was expected to be as it was fantasized or imagined, and so the enchantment wears off and reality wears in. 
It loses it's allure,it it becomes increasingly difficult for them to hold up the act of pretending to be somebody they are not.

And nothing of course is ever thier fault and so they convince themselves they were trapped into it.Eh, than she got pregnant,eh, you know the drill.

Gilberto Valle as a matter of forinstance thought that a wife and a child would enhance his career down promotional avenues in advancement.In that measure you can see what he saw as a gain and the gain in it as he imagined was all and gratifying .Shouldn't be too difficult to see as one would imagine all of what is/was missing in that picture. Does lust turn to love,does conceiving children with the idea in mind that superiors will look upon that as a real plus when a candidate is up for review standing on a rung of the promotional ladder-is that-is that what we call a sane approch ? Well, safe be it to assume it is at the very least a thought crime. It is immoral and it is of evil self serving intent. The idea of a child before conception being a catalyst to career promotion ,higher standing because it will appear as though the individual on paper is a commited career oriented subject with a solid grounded family commitment as well.

Gilberto Valle is not,was not and never will be what that once looked like .

Make himself look good.

The feather/the cap.

All the little ducks in row on the way into one tite knit well kept sock.

As I recall at that time when the former ousted chief of detectives was creating his fantasy crime theory leaking information to the media all along the way,I do recall trying to form a visual of what he was really doing at such a quick pace after the amount of time that had passed. 

And there was quite a bit to encompass. It had to be broken down in part or parts. The rate of speed for instance he were proceeding at. Speed-, in a memory flash it occured to me something out of me adolescence past.There we were a couple of young lads 14 ,15 somewhere back there always chassing the girls. A phone call ,a babysitter gig and her friend will be there too. But ah, isn't that optimal. 

And so this of course it comes down to the shortest and or fastest distence between two points . There were 3 ways to go, one being the quickest.
Me pal insists we should go over the railroad tracks through the short cuts as per usual. Another way was walk to a bridge over the train crossing than cut through a field to save time. 

Then theres the way that was the long way,auto rule out, but I thought what we lack is a plan. And so,through the power of suggestion I convinced me laddy pal who reluctently went along with it ,that the long way giving time to form a plan was the best way about it.

And so ,it was somewhat dark and we proceeded down the old main street ,and don't you know off in distence there were something what looked green,on the sidewalk way far up ahead. Well you know we both spotted that green at about the same time and we quickened the pace of the walk at precisely the same time and soon the walk became run and man oh man the race was on. We were always competing you know, healthy compitition it were. 

I won that race that time, and it were no given let me just say.Maybe a step ahead I were, and I managed to swoop down and pick up the green on the sidewalk ,we slowed to a walk and the green was a 20 dollar bill,there were five of those. And there were two pubs maybe 3 blocks apart on the same old main street. And so somebody dropped that much money on the sidewalk.

What does a couple of young lads do, walk into those pubs and say hay, you's know of anybody what might have dropped $100.00 ?

Call the cops ?

The find was there and the win was fair. And a split is always the best way to share in such a circumstance or so it would seem.

But, it wasn't the same as you know, buying a raffel ticket or lottery ticket and finding out you got a winner. 

The thing about the conscience is that by it we think and learn.
I never forgot that race because I don't think either of us ever ran that fast before ,and neither one of us knew really what it was,you know the green. We did know what it might be or could be, I suppose, but even with perfect vision it was too far away to see what it was. Eh youthfull kids really don't need much of an excuse or reason to compeat- after all it's all in fun.And win or lose experience counts for something always.

It's like I said there was a lot to encompass back there when the former ousted chief of detectives was building his crime theory, but in that memory reflection I believe I saw what it all actually came down to , it was at the end of race,the money.

He thought everything he ever imagined in his fantasies was there before him for the taking.And he convinced himself that the case prior the the McCann kidnapping case, the woman accused of murdering her husband, prepared him for the case that were in his hands at that time.But really isn't that exactly what that former ousted chief of detectives would have you believe,one case prepared him for the other, and wouldn't it or couldn't it have been made to look that way if were not for some facts in details that went on during the interrogation of the poor woman victim suspect ,the woman suspect the former chief of detectives really wanted to do bodily harm to with a fence board ? Or would he tell you public the media was up to it's tricks and all it really was is standard police interrogative proceedure ? eh .Never would he really in his hot bloodedness every really go off in a road rage type out of control anger issue and actually do bodily harm . After all gentelman do not do such things eh .

As he saw it, the case was his ticket to ride, imagine one who sees oneself as potential crime novelist about to retire or toss in the towel as a professional cop who holds unprofessionally a doctroate of law who sees himself as much much more than he is actually. Imagine one such as that seeing a sure fire way to the best sellers list granting him a fixed place in the literary society.

The truth is what he is ,is an assassin.

And what assassin's do is assassinate and character assassination is not just a thought crime and in some or far too many cases the assassin's motivation for character assassination is revenge motivated and no form of logic applies as to why the assassin becomes compelled to assassinate -in fact assassination to the assassin is like a drug addiction totally out of control.Look at the assassin as a predator and from that point in looking at it, find the gain.
Since the predator sees no wrong in the things that they do,- the gain through camoufluge or slight rearrangement is more like reward-, or that which is deserved -. And since to the assassin the gain is viewed as a deserved reward, the assassin will continuously self justify every and any dispicable act they do along the way in pursuit of the gain/gains.

And the reason nobody believes a word the former ousted chief of detectives says is because it is far too obvious by the way he strings and weaves his words together-that he is a lier. And the only one that don't know about that which is obvious is he himself.

Is there any logic as to why he don't know- that answer is no.
And as is typical of that type he is a controller and when all methods he uses as controller fail him- he blows up in a fit of anger and lashs out.

Does that have anything to do with why it is he does not and did not practice 
law ?- Yes I think so very much. As an enforcer he were able to infuse his insatable need to controll by force or threat if he so desired.The predator gains gratification by having the choice to execute force or not.It is a power thing.


These two cases are very much connected. Valle and UK nurse exchanged emails,those email  communications and other information obtained lead to Valle's conviction. 



Oddly interesting it is how it is these two so far apart connected with the same fiendish fetish plotting out ways to carry out diabolical methods of kidnapping,rape ,murder and cannibalism.But perhaps not really odd at all as to the connection. Because long before the internet came into existence there was that age old connection-, but now with the internet it is as though they can actually touch -the closeness must to the perpetrators be of a likeness to sexual arousing-a connection of kindred souls -a very dark connection they can feel and it is there although it just but words on a screen.But those words are also ideas and those ideas materialize into not just thoughts but actions.Or that of acting upon.

Close advisement as it is. That of such is taken to bed and becomes companion.
These two both in emergency services in profession, a nurse and a cop-that too is a bit of predator intimacies  binding. 

Cops/nurses- cops & prosecutors, yess indeed oddly interesting.
Predators are somehow compelled to actually connect and internet communication through the varying methods it offers is that venue and as a place it provides amonymousness. But does it ? It does but it doesn't .

The predators pursuit is to the predator intoxcating, it is sexually arousing to them,it is compelling and as a result of all that it compells them to take incredible chances beyond their ability to maticulously cover their tracks in each and every step along the way,odd indeed it is.Transfixed they do become.

Gilberto Valle forinstance in persuit of his fiendish fedish intoxicated by it to the point of having become transfixed ,illegally accessed NYPD computor data banks and FBI data banks in pursuit of information on persons of interest having to do with his fendish feddish and nothing to do with law enforcement .In the twisted thinking of the predator all that information is there and he is entitled.

*Now in a note to this, the information predator Gilberto Valle illegally tapped into via police and federal data banks was obtainable through other means using the internet. But his having been compelled and transfixed, he were compelled to use a short cut-,perhaps the predator felt time was of the essence.He most likely figured it happens all the time -cops do it a lot, but he did not cover his tracks, or could not or did not think it necessary.See ,what was he thinking as a cop or as a predator or was he thinking at all ?


That is about the stupid mistakes they make along the way.

Gilberto Valle and his wife produced a child and Gilberto was experiencing the costs of it all, those dippers cost a lot and finincial recovery was no fantasy to his mind. The idea kidnapping a woman and giving her over to one other with the same fiendish feddish for a sum of $5,000 dollars in reality will have covered the cost of a lot of those dippers. 

But if you seperate the whole of it and look at the idea as Valle were looking at it,he were thinking about and looking for ways to recover his loss's or down deep dark unwanted expenses. Dark unwanted expense is the child because the  family unit thing for Valle lost it's allure and a $20,000 dollar pay hike with a promotion was not going to cover all the expenses of the thought to be investment in his career.  To the mind of the predator there was not ever going to be enough to amount to a substantial over all gain.

So Valle at six years into being a cop in profession and three or less in his marriage and family unit as long term career investment became disenchanted with the career family thing of his fantasy existence.It all lost it's allure. 

And $5,000 dollars most likely got to looking moreso alluring. For a predator there are many many different kinds of fiendish ways to obtain that kind of thing. It is the idea they find the sustaining allure in. That and conjouring or looking-searching for in the form of extension ideas or ways of obtaining that desire. And of course too much is never enough.

Ok so, in the whole of looking a predator Gilberto Valle it becomes clear that his fiendish feddish created something of a bottomless pit he entraped himself in and his fiendish feddish became his mission over the top of all that he had .And all that he had,he lost because the only thing that mattered to him was his fiendish feddish. And so that means he were in pursuit in predator mode of entrapment of others and in his failed pursuit he entraped himself. 


And that is the predators game and that game in the end result is just why they lose it all. 

Is the former ousted discraced chief of detectives smarter than Gilberto Valle ?
If you connect up those dots and find the common denominator you will find that answer is no.


In case reference to point looking in part/parts Gilberto Valle dubbed cannibal cop and the former ousted chief of detectives both active cops at the time of the crime/crimes committed in and including crossing those lines. Gilberto Valle
axcessed NYPD data banks and FBI data banks without authorization and did not do so in the line of duty-,those lines were crossed in pursuit of what Valle claimed was/is his desire to be published -He wished to write stories about cannibalistic crimes involving kidnapp,rape ,dissection of the victims and cooking and eating victims .

The former ousted chief of detectives had his fiendish faddish equally despicable but short stories in his view is for beginniners ,that cop was after a fast track to the best sellers novel listing.

But look at those two as active cops of the same mind set ,for Gilberto Valle it was the oven. And for the former ousted chief of detectives ,it was a very small chill box . The oven,/the chill box. 

Valle,cannibal cop contemplated a large enough oven to fit a victim in whole such as cooking a turkey. But he had communication over the internet with a mid eastern butcher somewhere over there in the middle east with a cannibal faddish also. So Valle remained open to ideas or notions. And of course meat cleavers are a kitchen item.But in Valley's case his remaining open to ideas /notions -, well, there to create a visual Gilberto Valle was stuck at the end of a road halted by a stop sign ,the road came to end and there is no fork in road leaving only reverse in that motor car only to return to the same dead end time and time again ,thats called stuck in the stops. all Valle had to do was stick it in reverse and come around some other time reaching the same end with nothing new .

But the former ousted chief of detectives was operating under a time line,he did not have that option of sticking it in reverse and coming back around. 
and so at a point at the tail end of his career on his last case,he became desperate,in need of input from an outside source ,a source outside of himself ,
and since he is a narcissist ,that must have seemed like a thorn in his side.He had to go beyond his boundries .And so that stop sign for the ousted chief of detectives represents figuratively of course a dividing line between one country and the next and another and some others.Gilberto Valle used some dark hidden web sites to search for companion ideas from fellow minded cannibal minded individuals such as himself and infiltrated police and FBI data banks to further his fiendish faddish- so-he infused his fiendish fantasies into reality.Thats what you call nuts. Or a living fantasie of a most dangerous kind.
Valle's defense attorney fronted the argument that Valle was prosecuted and incarcerated for having committed thought crimes having committed no real crime or crimes . He did in fact commit real crimes in pursuit of his fiendish faddish however he found guilty of that fiendish faddish the prosecution maintaining he will have kidnapped ,rapped ,killed and cook than eaten a potential victim. Tough case to fallow. The trial transcripts are indeed very interesting. the point to case in case reference here is that of being in the stops',
and searching for some kind of piece to fit into the big picture puzzle.
Valle had no time line-The former ousted chief of detectives did,but the time he had ,had no specific end meaning it could come to an end abruptly. And so it did as he were ousted. So how would such a Portugal copolla get around interpol in his search in pursuit of his fiendish faddish. So ,the former ousted chief of detectives is/was seasoned, he wouldn't access data banks in the course of his investigation in pursuit of fiendish faddish thereby leaving what would be somewhat of a paperless paper trail. Certainly not a seasoned detective who unprofessionally holds a doctorate of law-never would he commit
his illegitimate ,illegal down and dirty doings to paper.
Unless of course out of total desperation somewhere along the line he made a very stupid mistake.Or a series of those. 

Imagine ,the former ousted chief of detectives in cop predator mode must have experienced somewhat of a big bang in his head -big bang theory or lightning flash as he were creating in his head his sick twisted crime theory. And with his holding unprofessionally of course a doctorate of law ,it just must have seemed to him in his head of course only too perfect -his characters yet suspects were/are doctors of medicine, so precision surgical dismemberment in every detail is what suited that twisted one's fancy .

Gilberto Valle/cannibal cop has said to the media after his release form jail that he wished to attend law school,he wishes to hold a doctorate of law.

So Gilberto Valle cannibal cop as he were so dubbed by the media, illegally accessed NYPD and FBI data banks in pursuit of his fiendish feddish and the former ousted chief of detectives had stolen out of the McCann kidnapping case files information /data he used in those books that were published after the case had been shelved. 

How could a career cop at the position of chief of detectives who holds unprofessionally a doctorate of law be so stupid as to think to believe nobody would notice ?

Well ask yourself this, why is it a compulsive loser gambler time after time after time,loses? What makes them think they are actually winners in cognieto ?

He convinced himself it was all there for him- it was his-the case was his ,it was all his and it was his ticket to ride ,to soar like a bird flying high in the sky ,his ticket to the best sellers list and to become known as a best selling author.

And in his sick twisted mind nothing and nobody was going to get in the way of what he saw as his illustrious well traveled path leading to his place in literary society. He could not restrain his fantasies,in fact he became powerless over his fantastical thought process's and those fantasies became the only version of reality he were able to face up to.
Ok so, he was blinded by it. 

And for both of those two ,x cops,the victims were not are not characters ,and lives were severely damaged and destroyed .

He in effect destroyed himself thinking he were destroying others-or his victims. What to those of a type are just objects of maniulation.
This case to the former ousted chief of detectives was/is his final path to glory as he saw it.
And if he cannot sustain his illusion of being a winner,than he must confront the truth of the matter in that he is a loser.A man who thought he could rape,rob and terrorize his way to greatness . And that is the truth about cowardism,that is the truth about those lies.

Is a lier ever going to really write a book about the truth about lies ?
Think about it. 
It's always somebody else,it's never them.

Yes the former ousted chief of detectives is a coward.
I'll leave off with a quote from the former ousted chief of detectives when questioned about why he did not ,will not cannot substantiate his belief of his version of events that went down, as seen on Portugal TV-

politics politics politics.

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Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyWed Jul 02, 2014 10:31 am

Shocked  cof:
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Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyFri Jul 11, 2014 10:53 am






Dubbed NYC cannibal cop acquitted and now wish's to 
go on to law school.Is one smarter or more crafty than the other
is who is to say ,both think no real harm has been done. 
A slight connection to consider is the email communications where
it is likeness attract. Gilberto Valley found his way to like minded
friend all the way to the UK. That friend of his is on trial.

The ousted chief of detectives must have been in serious need of
like minded friends from afar too. And material is what he no doubt needed.
His window of oppertunity was short and he knew that. And his motive was divided in the same self interests.(a.) being making a case and (b) substance material for his plan of launching his book leading to his new career .Impossible it is for one of such to seperate one from the other given desire-self interests is  at the core of his doings.It is after all those stupid little mistakes they make that gets them caught. 

Another case on the old back burner,
If you were the curious type and wanted to get a line down into the tourist trade dollar/euro, what you might do is google just for fun ,hotel resort investment and research Portugal for your investment money. Developer's long range planning & new construction ,it will keep you searching a while fallowing the money trail ! That it will.

It looks like it made it's way into public awareness by way of da news.
Big headlines. Don't you wonder how much coverage this gets in main stream Portugal media ? The business of politics is being in the business.
At least now you can see it,you know, why it is the authorities of Potugal swore up and down there are no predators out there . As you know, predators are bad for business.There couldn't possibly be any of that in such a business culture now could there be ?

And the former ousted chief of detectives says he lied about that because of politics politics politics, he even said so.They asked why did you and why didn't you and his blood began to boil over and his face turned to a vegtable beat color, like a deep redish purple and he slammed his hand down on the table than yelled out, politics politics politics. 

Fallow the money trail.


Today's Portugal bankster news is the old media spin game, not to worry folks there is plenty of coin to cover the debt !All they gotta do is move a little money around to cover it. No biggie folks ,no biggie at all ,just calm down and let us handle it ,everything will be fine,business as usual and no need to panic.

Sometime later in tomorrows we will be reading about more of those banksters jumping out windows only to land way way down there on the pavement.
However it is doubtfull a golden parachute that did not open will be located in the mix.
The kind of parachute by the way the former ousted chief of detectives would just love to hitch a ride under. Faithfull servant is he. Can you imagine his hitching a ride sign in the fall,? I can, it would or could read like this, 
( you are my rock,I am your cushion )

se se, calm down folks just let us handle it, there are no predators in or within this financial network, just calm down ,nothing to see here. Our bill of goods is as always as good as it gets, calm down folks, just calm down.


Ok so ,you can see how it is what is a late payment raises international investment flags around the globe in market. In one day Portugal is the market news of day and the news is not good at all. Investors live in market ,in fact while the first morning cup of coffee is brewing the the market channel is turned on and so investors are watching market on international cable before the coffee is finished brewing .Buy,sell ,jump in, bail out is practically a minute to minute thing.Same as that first cup of coffee in the morning or whatever is the thing, it is all about stability.

But there is something else that investors are interested in and that something is the chain of corruption where it is billions of bucks or euros or yen or whatever the currency goes by in name .Portugal as a matter of example is an out in the open kind of thing where it is politics is the politics of business. And all things nation wide are dependant upon. Strictly business. 

I have said many times over the years on this subject the tourist industery is all about big money . And bad publicity spreads fear throughout market because of potential loss of revenue which is where the money comes from that insures stability.
That fear causes political panic and wide spread political paranoia.

When you look at the holdings of Portual's 2nd largest bank and finincial network,than go back to 07 when Portugal's guy was president of the EU serving his year ,take a wide range look back at it and think harder about that chain of corruption.Complicated it is and dirty it be.Greed has no conscience.

When it comes time to take apart the former ousted chief of detectives, essentially through disection looking over each part tracing out his path over the length of his career back to his educational backround when he was in training in preperation for his career move. 

How he worked his way in bed with key individuals married to the power structure thus connecting himself as a servant. not just devout servent but a servent that demonstrated considerable usefullness all the up to the ruling class's in Portugal and beyond. So he were also a reliable contact -a field contact actually. On the ground with eyes and ears.

The greedy are greedy and thankless, he knows that and knew it well. His rewards did not come to him through finincial gains,as in large. whatever cash he received  in payoff's was nothing of the kind of large he were seeking,therefore in his view exceptable but never good enough. However his rank and status as a cop did bennifit-that is about power.

At the end he saw the book as a means to the money he felt he so richly deserves.He felt he worked to protect the interests of the greedy throughout his career and the time had come for him to go after his own interests .


Ok so not only is he prostituting himself ,he is also a whore.

Actually carrying with him and flaunting a copy of his book in the court room and one of his cop cronies who also served as a witness carrying a copy the secound book and flaunting it too.And so the former ousted chief of detectives was not just prostituting himself with his book in the court room ,he was also being a whoremaster . His witness and character witness and fellow whore standing with him every step of the way, why,how many more of them are there ?

But this leaves a bit of daunting question. Somehow those two in particular are sure or have been assured the case will never be solved.So what makes them so sure ? Witness's in court cases for the prosecution have been known to turn up missing and such a circumstance can ruin the case for the prosecution.
The same holds true for criminals where it is the criminal or the real perpetrator can ruin a case cops are building up. And what happens to that perp.is a whole different ball game in theory. It is the reverse concept but it has been known to happen.  In fact it happens a lot. Some criminals never make it to the jail house.
 Not because they haven't been caught, but because other things they done prior can or will ruin a case fellow cops are building up,so the problem is eliminated. 

But of course an x cop that would use a blunt object to force a confession out of a woman wouldn't know anything about criminals that just fell off the grid as though they just vanished off of the face of the earth.

This of course in reference to the chain of corruption. A chain of corruption that stretchs far and wide. Greed has no conscience.

And of course those that are corrupt would never think to believe that people actually would know anything about dark truths.I mean after all politicans keep on telling stacks upon stacks of lies ,people know it yet they keep electing corrupt politicans. To the politican that means they must want lies more than they do the truth.

So when you think about it ,it becomes clear the strategy they use over and over again is all about conditioning,therefore they believe you believe or a greater percentage of a majority will believe whatever it is they are made to believe.

But that operational mode is subject to perimeters. And so negitive international attention brought down upon Portugal back in 07 was not containable by any ordinary means for Portugal's authorities. 

And reverse media spin as it turned out was a dismal failure for them.
And so they shut out the media except for their own.  Same as it once was behind the iron curtin.

Political paranoia.


Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.


Ok so, once again the chain of corruption strecths far and wide. The money trail as one would well figure as always finds it way up into the ruling class's.And what is all the way up there is also found down in the dirt.

And as is by now clear, there are no international boundries or geographocial divisons between one country and the next and the next and on and so on where it is all about fallowing the money into the chain of corruption.
Greed has no conscience and it knows no bounds.

The philosophy of power. The former ousted chief of detectives no doubt is a firm believer in Nietzsche's views. But even Nietzsche realized there is great risk. The former ousted chief of detectives's book in parts is up on the net for viewing, and it is his written discription of the place in mention ,where it is he brings the reader into the scenario, sunny layed back Portugal where it is it will seem at the ocean front time endlessly stands still. He writes about slipping in and out of timelessness.

Here is a quote,warning by Nietzshe
One who battles monsters must take care that he does not himself thereby become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss also gazes back into you.

Basically to the wise that may translate something to the effect of,
It is one thing to see through it,it is something entirely different to become entrapped within it. The light at the end of the tunnel isn't necessarily what you want or will think to believe . It is therefore better to know than it is to think that you know.

As of yet there is a ways to go before it comes time to drive the nail.

It knows no bounds


Daily Mail July 27-14

The former ousted chief of detectives believes he can counter sue and now is under the impression it is he who is the victim of assassin's.! 
But of course he is a sociopath and of course never would a narcissistic sociopath be the cause of the problem and all problems thereof.
Little does he know.



Now he is sue crazy. 
Little does the former ousted chief of detectives know that it is he who has been profiled. Back in 2007 at about midway in Portugal's botched investigation into the crime/crimes committed ,when the media frenzy was on full bore ,back when the media turned on the McCann's which was all about profit and sustaining public interest in head lines, and before the McCann's filed suit against the London Times and other news outlets, 

an american journalists was asked to go to Portugal and do a fair minded investigative review of the surrounding circumstances. In the world of journalism it had become only too clear that severe damage had been done to investigative reporting because the only thing that mattered to those news outlet bureaucrates  is profit,truth in journalistic reporting had been banned. 

And so an outside fresh view and one without string ties was needed.And so
the task request was excepted and the American journalist flew to Portugal.
At that time the very insane former ousted chief of detectives was in high gear in his twisted psychopathic crime theory leaking info. to the hungry press dogs all along the way. Murdoc dirty dogs.

The published review as it turned out was very damaging not just to the case investigation handling, but to the whole of the Portugal authorities and Murdoc and all the twisted news reporting. It was a very very sad state of affairs. And the damages done are in fact irreversible.Professional journaliats took a hit like never before .  And that is why an outside professional investigative journalist was sought out to do the task. And the investigative reporters reviews traveled extensively throughout all sectors of society, all over the world. If no child is safe that means no child, no matter how well off a family the child or children happen to come from. Families of great wealth are always concerned about kidnappings and the horrors thereof. And as is well known,it can happen in what can seem to be in a flash instant.

The former ousted chief of detectives cannot and will not hide behind the broken laws of Portugal and the corruption thereof . There is in effect no place for that man to hide.

It is in his best interest to confess to all wrong doings and expose the truth behind all his lies and all those he lied for- to cover for those who feared the loss of profit because of bad publicity .And there is far more to that and in that than just the loss of profit. The McCann kidnapping case most likely will not have happened if the authorities of Portugal had done the right thing years before the McCann's visitation. 

The authorities of Portugal put profit above the safety of the children thereby allowing a child molesting rapist, all of them, to actually roam free.They in effect gave a child molesting rapists perhaps murderer a shield and cloked that criminal in secrecy . They chose the criminals over the children thus sacrificing the children or allowing the children to become sacrifical lambs in order to satisify the thirst of those greed moungers.All of which have blood on their hands.

There are no buffer zones to hide behind and the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will gain world world wide attention again.

The former ousted chief of detectives should raise the white flag of surrender and confess.There is nothing the authorities of Portugal can do to stop the truth be known.

The global tourist industry has it's cover, if there is no information available to forward to the client interest about crime reporting in any given resort area,than there is no way to alert the clients of impending danger.

This thing is being looked at on levels unimaginable to the likes of that former ousted chief of detectives.The authorities of Portugal have done damage to a global industry and Portugal is just a very small percentage on that level in it. 
Tourist's are asking booking agents hard questions and there can be no doubt as to why. You see the politics of police work is common knowledge and the safety and well being of the family falls upon the family and so unanswerable questions comes at a cost,- and that cost is the loss of sales, all of which is recorded and made available in statistical comparisons related to market projections. There are plenty of red flags raised around those unanswerable questions at high levels in market.

No children are safe in that place.
But is that place the only place no children are safe ? That is what the family must ask of itself and answer,because the only thing worse than no answer is those lies.
Concealment of the truth about impending dangers is the truth behind the former ousted chief of detectives lies.He is part of the cover up. He is just as guilty as the perpetrator. He and those greed mongers all have blood on their hands.
Had it been made public knowledge about that predator on the loose molesting the children of UK visitors,and had the authorities of Portugal done the right thing-,will he have had that sick twisted crime theory he/they fronted? Or will they have removed him from the case at it's very beginnings because of his psychological issues,-  in that he is a narcissistic sociopath ?
And a loyal one at that.

Greed has no conscience.

How little does he know?
How little do they know ?

I do believe the hour glass is configuring a very different time table and truth is close at hand.


Have a look into some of what goes down inside the new time table under configuration on the inside of the hour glass. The pace has heightened ,devotion factors into somewhat of a time meld.Patience in time through devotion reigns in harmony.
The truth is close at hand.




The libel suit ruled in favor of the McCann's ,the truth is the former ousted chief of detectives was caught quite by surprise at the ruling. The hour glass still pours on in time and the truth is not as far off as it once was.As to the former ousted chief of detectives twisted desire to become a novelist, there is indeed quite the difference between wanting to be a writer and being one.

What he is not is a writer. And since that is the truth he is nothing more than a con artist ,lier. Con's are liars. He believed he had his ticket to ride and he was oh so sure he would cash in that ticket that did not and does not exist. But to him it was as real as real can be. so you see the truth is he saw what he thought was the chance of a life time. And he went after it full steam ahead at all cost although be believed and convinced himself in his belief the odds were with him. And so at this point in time this leaves off at, just what are the odds .

At current it appears as though the odds are even ,or his playing field has been leveled and he will dare to try to contest the ruling.  They may fund him as donations do pour in, but the thing of it is the sands of the hour glass trickle down in truth to bare.

And so for the former ousted chief of detectives and some others ,leave it be known the truth will not set them free.
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Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 EmptyWed Apr 27, 2016 8:50 am


Britain's top cop says investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance could finish in the next few months unless new evidence comes forward 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3559134/Police-say-investigation-missing-Madeleine-McCann-end-soon.html#ixzz46yKqQBNa 
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 281AD00C00000578-3559134-Former_Portuguese_police_chief_Goncalo_Amaral_pictured_won_his_a-a-9_1461663886849Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 281AD00C00000578-3559134-Former_Portuguese_police_chief_Goncalo_Amaral_pictured_won_his_a-a-9_1461663886849

And so as it will seem all investigative leads have given up no fruit for the intensive labor exerted. Why is that ? It's a question to ponder ,why is it nothing ,not a trace.Looking directly at Goncalo Amaral in 2007 at the tail end of his coply career. And at that end a want to be writer.Not an easy field to break into at his ripe old age. It is said the erge to write is like an itch that must be scratched. But for the wannabe- it can be an all consuming day dream ,forever sustaining the fantasy of capturing the attention of the readers. 

In the heat of his job as a cop and in the heat of sunny Portugal where it is time as it is will seem to stand still, reaching the end and contemplating a new beginning ,the wannabe fantasy surely must have become a preoccupation of such,he could not fight it off.Or beat it.

Yes beat it. 

This part in it is better viewed through the profession of journalism ,the hunt and the high hopes of happening to be in just the right place at just the right time ,that ever so desired lucky break-the scoop that makes the journalist career.Now in Goncalo's mind that thing of a sort was already there piled in with the massive information he had accumulated through-out his coply career-and in his fantasies.OK so, his ego ,but than there is the reality of it all.Real time and the way the world really works.

Yes the same as the vacationeers would sit back in the serene surroundings in a place where time as it is seems to stand still , why what a perfect setting to allow his fantasies to sore like a high flying bird in flight.The great escape from all that is political  for a servant of the powers that be.Where high level corruption is protected by the political process. Yes the truth-reality as it is and as it were. The only escape for Goncalo was his fantasies.

But to Goncalo, unlike the cub journalist looking ,hunting for that one big break,you know like hitting the lottery or that of being on a roll at the dice tables in the casino-you know, that one.

Goncalo Amaral was reaching the end of his career as a cop and he were lacking that one big case, the one that could or would caterpolt him into high public esteem and recondition.You see the doctor of law knew and knows just how the PR game is played.Oh yes the wannabe writer was thinking global. The market.-,The writers market.

Well you know, sociopathy is quite common in professional fields ,and where it is about money grabbers , you might say it is actually an epidemic wide spread. Trust no one comes as a result of that epidemic.Yes that old money grabbing bug.

One thing I am sure of is that for Goncalo Amaral securing what to he were that big break, the one he had been waiting ever so long for involved far more than just maneuvering through the media, feeding the frenzy.And he came to believe fast, the window of opportunity he believed was there just for him was short in time meaning he had to work fast in order to get away with it-,it which is crime. 

You see lawyers will tend to think they are smarter than most everybody else or non lawyer types. Everything is a gamble but both cheapness and greed keeps them from spreading money down for risk play. But sacrificing other people ,risking their all or forcing others down into ruination , well, that is just what money grabers are all about. If it's not the money than it's the power.And or both. Power is one hell of an intoxicant.

So cheapness and greed ,keep that one on the hot plate because it is a common 
personal problem money grabbers and common thieves have very much in common.Cheapness and greed on the same coin ,one side, the other.

There were no leads that lead investigators down the right road. None, how can that be ?

Well, here is the thing, of course the parents one, the other or both were suspects at the beginning, that's procedure. Amaral's version of procedure is of course something out a horror story,or conceived through his fantasies because of his overpowering desire to actually be the writer he wished to believe was within him.But it is so hard and many many writers are so poor,.

Oh yes he rolled the dice.

All places and paths were investigated, that's the news.Since every investigative lead has run down yelding little , there is but one place left that hasn't been.

It really is not unheard of you know, top cops in very rich cities do end up in prison from time to time because no one is above the law or entirely too well politicaly connected. 




Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 Gilgocop
Yes the long island serial killer case.Ok so, case to point, Amaral is not above suspicion because at that time he was sworn to uphold the law.And that is key.
All those cases Amaral worked on over the years, they would never, would they ? In order to gat a mind wrap around the chain of corruption you will need some sort of a visual. Simply fallow the career of James Burke as it is, and there it is. Is it really so different ? The chain of corruption is what it is no matter where on earth it is.

And Armral may be somewhat more careful but his little problem is no less a problem than James Burke's- it sores out of control or self control.Actually anything can set that off.

Yes socios are money grabbers and they can not stop and will not stop until they are stopped.
It is time to put a stop to it.It is time to look at the one person of interest who just may be the one lead that breaks the case wide open.The one person that made sure the case was hindered from the very beginning and in the long lengthy process made certain the perpetrators tracks vanished in thin air.He floated the vanishing point and used it to his advantage in his twisted crime theory.So he took a part out of context and applied that part to his own view to it. Such as it is, the vanishing point.

Who can that be ?

Why, so that ,whatever you call what that/he is,he who is Goncalo Amaral could live out his fantasies- AT ALL COST.?

Yes I know, and it's politics politics politics.

Goncalo said that on television once in response to a repeated question fronted by a tv journalist.

Typical of a sociopath he did indeed answer the question feeling quite secure within the political process, After all how many corrupt cops are there in Portugal ? Factor into that how many no so smart one's there are and how many good cops there are, and from there go figure.Actually go figure how Amaral who holds a law doctorate figures down those avenues .Those that are usefull and those that may be moreso inclined to run interfearence-aka good cop.You really cannot imagine Araral leaving a paper trail in the form of a rough draft to that end.Of course not because because the drafts were all compartmentalized and kept contained in his head during the course of the ordeal he orcastrated.Was it four bottles of wine, was it 6 ,12 maybe more than twelve. ? His mind creating the story ,the small chil box where he imagines the child was placed after having been carved up. A drunken dinner party leading up to a orgey, the wife swapping thing . The cop /the want to be writer tailoring his investigation to suit his cravings-his over powering erges,and his sick and twisted fantasies. Funny or not so funny thing of it is, the heat in such places does seem to sustain the lunacy.On this side of the pond it's the Florida Key's. Key West -Key Largo. But that's a different chapter in time.

It's a wonder Goncalo Amaral didn't find sanctionary in Italy along with his bed fellow. It is really not a coincidence that what happens in one place can also happen at the same time someplace else. That is something the wise have always known. And again, politics ,politics, politics.So Armarl was functioning in the capacity of cop but thinking like a lawyer where it is all that matters is the win, there is no right or wrong, there is no guilty or innocent there is no ethics, just in for the win at all cost . In to win and profit by it at all cost.The child to such a monster in this case was nothing more than an object of manipulation.How Armarl fantasized the distribution of the body parts in the story he were fabricating disguised behind his being a detective demonsrtrates there is not much in a difference between he and the abductor/abductors in so far as having a conscience.Therefore conscience itself became an object of Armarl's manipulation.And that's predator.To get the public to look at it exactly the way he wants you to look at it,his way and no other. But he has a little problem ,his explosive personality fires up whenever he is presented with a formidable challenge . And that problem is just why he became a cop. When the explosive personality explodes, that which is more animal than human takes over and is in control until the madness fizzels out.Than and only than do they realize what they have done, said and or are saying in a fit of anger. As a result of their fits of rage they become groomers.And that does not work in a court of law.

And here is the thing , when ,at what exact point in time did Goncalo Amaral become consumed with the notion that the McCann case was the one big break he was waiting for-the happening that would jettison him into publication.Because in that time frame he must have become erratic and estatic and proceeding down into it, (the case ) in lightning speed.  It is in that time frame he no doubt expressed himself to others or one other in ways that raised red flags and his oddity no doubt went into hyper overdrive. And that particular oddity onset permeated itself in and within his personality.It just comes out.No different than any other predator -be it a killer or a child molester,rapist or a money grabbing sociopath,- and one who would have no problem at all destroying lives for personal gain or committing murder of the mind, by the way,-that too is murder-,to the point,-Amaral made his mistakes early on at the onset because he had to move on it fast. ,How, how is it one just must ask, how can they do that? First they convince themselves there is nothing wrong with the things that they do. The thief will self justify by convincing themselves they rob from people that have so much it does not matter what the loss.So it doesn't really matter.A money grabber for example could be a financial advisor who tends to use other peoples money to make personal gain. It may start out in small amounts from many small accounts ,and a little more and a little more until some of the investors lose it all.Or the money grabber loses it all and as a result of that they all lose it all. So the money grabber says, it wasn't me ,it was the market -.
The truth is ,once they start grabbing money through lies and deceit ,they cannot stop and will not stop until they are stopped.You might say they develop an acquired taste for grabbing money away from unsuspecting victims.That;'s the thief.
He is not just odd, he is evil in my opinion. cof:
OK so, they eliminated all prospects, leads except for one.

And that is something to write about .
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PostSubject: Re: Madeleine McCann case    Madeleine McCann case  - Page 6 Empty

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Madeleine McCann case
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