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PostSubject: CRISPY MIKE.   CRISPY MIKE. EmptyWed Nov 20, 2013 7:54 am

Crispy Mike the local D.J smiled
flashing teeth of Gold his pride
playing music of the Gods out loud
lost in his own self inposed exile
Headphone city where music ruled
Girls constantly taunting him
as he looked out from his domaine
girateing to and fro lost in music
super fly had nothing on this geek
nothing creeked oiled like a sardine
whose can freshly opened ready and
looking for action on the toast
give the girls the eye,smile,wink
blow a kiss inside he laughs knowing
they giggled at his reaction to their
escapades on the Dance floor
he had seen it all,and at his age
probly seen it with these girls mothers
and knew their fathers to
yes Crispy Mike a seasoned D.J
every one knew,his adiction to crisps
of the salt and vinigar flavour gave
him his name,a man that had that crunch
and came in many flavours,yeah
cripy Mike i knew him well
Gone now to that Disco in the sky
his bag finaly empty,gone but never
forgotten,as he trod that stairway
to Heaven,there to enter that
Golden wonder and smiths crisp factory
in the sky,to play his music
in Heavens Discos were Angels with
long white feathered wings let their
Hallos mingle as they party to
Crispy Mikes sound,Mikes bag would
never now be empty as la crunch
even has Heaven a rocking.   Laughing Laughing 

Written 19/11/13
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