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 Glastonbury is dry for a change

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Glastonbury is dry for a change Empty
PostSubject: Glastonbury is dry for a change   Glastonbury is dry for a change EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 6:48 am

gangnam cool2 Well what's to do mine frunding's,has the God's of fate chosen to smile this year on this great Musical Festival,where is the mud that normally greet's those wandering soul's craving an ear bashing and a roll in the mud and in a few other's Tent's to whistle the police,Mr PLOD Wink are as all way's sniffing the air for that tell tail smell that say's some one's being naughty and is a burning some funny weed,or some other such stuf i would not know anything about personally said with a smile,and to top it all of those jiveing Geriatrics,with the Big lip wonder Jagger,the old Fart's still got it and send young un's barmy with Happiness,and as one of the Broadcaster's exclaimed,what are on,must have had one of those Energy drinks Horlick's or something Laughing Laughing But anyway Thousands flocked to enjoy their selves and,well the Weather so far has been exceptional for it,mind it does not warrant thinking about if your caught short for a doo,doo, or a pee blocked in the middle of that crowd does it,Not been there this year myself,in fact it's been many a year since iv made the trip,but never mind iv got a front row seat on the TV in H.D. so who care's Here's to all the Artist's and a big Hand for the Old Fart's Jagger and friend's.Wink cool1 cool2 whistle whistle 
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Glastonbury is dry for a change
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