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PostSubject: Star bound   Star bound EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 1:38 pm

Clear crisp winters nights

One of my ideal delightful sights

Around in the darkness my bright eyes wonder

About what's out there, what's up yonder

Trees are bare, cold wet air lingers

Their branches like long black knobbly fingers

Crooked and eerie, in the bright moonlight

Reaching silently up into the night

The Stars are exquisite, i wonder out loud

How something so simple, can make me feel proud

To have eyes that can see, beauty all around

If only i could fly, i would surely be star bound

To follow a light to a beautiful place

A splendorous world with an elegant race

A people so enlightened and peacefully new

This is my night time world, and my dream come true

©Copyright M.R.H All Rights Reserved®

First posted on Share Your Writing 14/03/13
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Star bound
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