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 Oh heck.... I think my dog is gay.

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PostSubject: Oh heck.... I think my dog is gay.   Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:19 am

First topic message reminder :

I have a dog who when he's on the local field ignores all the female dogs and makes a bee line for the males?
His latest 'playmate' is a spaniel called spud.
Now my dog is 10/11 approx  years old,spud is only 2.
Apart from the age gap and same sex issues,spud as to be in by 7pm... it'll never work out.

My dogs name is Roo... shall i change it to Rupert?

P.s i've got nothing against gay dogs or spaniels... just soft shandy drinking southerners..
But i'll leave that for another day.
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PostSubject: Re: Oh heck.... I think my dog is gay.   Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:15 am

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PostSubject: Gayedog Kiddlehopper Dudly McDivitt   Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:18 am

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PostSubject: Re: Oh heck.... I think my dog is gay.   Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:26 am

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PostSubject: Re: Oh heck.... I think my dog is gay.   Sun Apr 26, 2015 3:58 am

Take a look through the windows of the aircraft enlarged , imagine than tomato andy's picture in his mind of just the perfect place if he'd had more time at the controls. To see how he saw in a glider plane as his imagination did soar.

Sadly looking through the windows of a commercial airliner ,the thrill factor enters the equation pointing directly to that which is evil .

!49 innocent victims he took down with him and the countless others caught up in the aftermath.Revenge motivated suicide mass murder intent.


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PostSubject: Re: Oh heck.... I think my dog is gay.   Thu May 07, 2015 4:37 am


The latest in the findings of the black box demonstrate according to the news 
a practice run . But how did he sustain and contain his twisted evil suicide murder fetish ? In the moment he certainly must have become consumed with
death imminent,but the location was not the place of his desired end.There was no broccoli to top it all off.

You can call it a trial run or practice run or a dry run, but what he were doing is capturing in the moment the thrill- It was for this murderer the highest he had even been, equal to a drug high-
Yet controlled ,contained and sustained, in other words he concealed it, the pilot did not suspect what he had done.

You might say he was fondling the dials,not tweaking but fondling. He were you might say seducing himself ,after all it was the love of death he were in pursuit of in his revenge motivated suicide murder act.,but he had another fetish to satisfy-it all had to go down exactly the way he envisioned it would in his twisted revenge motivated imagination. No other place other than the location he chose would do. But the pleasurous  thrill of self suduction was a thrill he could not resist.

He had been flirting with temptation all his life.

The dials or controls were more-so representative of fine jewelry one would wear, flaunt, cherish,with some type of attachment that one might grasp between one's fingers, knock on wood and all that-, this act after all to tomato andy-aka duly was his altimate test to resist temptation. His fetish of having to have everything exactly his way won the bout.
Mental gymnastics.

He were indeed quite the deceiver.
But time and the place was not picture perfect to his view.
It was more of a thrill thing likeness to a controlled drug trip.
He had to have that experience before the final deed went down.
Yes he were high on himself in revenge motivation.

It made him feel confident.

To this end in tomato Andy aka Dudly's  new found confidence is where what is looked at is the conformation to his method of instant transformation as mentioned in the story plot. In the so called trial run or dry run ,take to account the pilot re-entering the control station or cockpit noting nothing unusual had gone down during his absence. In other words everything and Dudly or tomato Andy appeared to be normal as per flight routine. Ok so-the Jeckel- Hide thing.
Tomato Andy's confidence took an upward climb when the pilot noticed absolutely nothing out the ordinary about tomato's Andy's presence after having
become Hide or Hideitta mistress of the sky's. So Mr. Hide or Hideietta was able to switch on and off almost instantaneously or even magically seeming if one would imagine the face of evil there and than gone .Gone as if never there at all.

You can see tomato Andy standing in front of a mirror photographing himself. Clearly he no doubt spent plenty of time in front of mirrors and doing the flashy thing with his camera phone gave him another perspective in his visual imagery. Indeed he was the visual type. And he liked that second look from a distance.Probably liked taking self flashee's at the mirror looking back at him self through the mirror impression captured on his phone camera . A look through the looking glass you might say.

Actors spend plenty of time at the mirrors observing themselves and watching expression ,particularially,facial expressions although body language as well.
And appearances to tomato Andy were all and important and he doubt spent more time in front of mirrors than any of his love interests did.No doubt one of his noticeable oddities. But will those who have noticed keep tomato Andy's secret ? 

Tomato Andy probably cut his hair short because his fettish about every hair having to be in perfect alignment disrupted his self observations in his time spent addressing the mirror.

Tomato Andy's face of evil which some of his contacts,acquaintances, love interests,and co workers have seen glimpse's of but never enough of a look 
to make anything of it, is what he were watching out for. Somewhat odd seeming in a discript of a happening experience having to do with tomato Andy and his various fettish's is how former friends of his may describe that which struck them as somewhat odd in passing.
ok,so noticable oddities that some hove noticed in passing pawned off as little too little to make anything out of, eccentricities one might say or had said,or noticeable oddities.

Some actors actually have mirrored bed rooms with mirrors on the ceiling and walls for observation reasoning, a thing of profession some say. Tomato Andy may have acted out his fiendish fettish in some type of simulation in front of a mirror. Perhaps many times.

So the transformation thing about tomato andy was honed over time in his life experiences. Deception or deceiver could have been his middle name.
That means he were aware of a very distinctive kind of a unseemly ugliness,
a sinister look about himself that could force it's way through leaving tomato Andy unaware of what transpired. That is what he he kept carefully hidden.

Those that study serial killers, rapist's and evil thuggery in incarceration have seen what it is in mention. Most need to vomit after having seen it.
If that tells you anything about just what unseemly uglyness is.
Words can form a powerful picture. Even more of a picture when the teller of those words becomes the face of evil itself. Or one of the many faces of evil.

Again a young tomato Andy pictured with classmates and notice his necklace in how it seems telling in distant way about it.
Or at the very least somewhat eerie.

But is it picture perfect ?
Clearly tomato Andy aka Dudly spent considerable time in tailoring his appearance so that he would appear picture perfect. The clue-how he sees himself and how he is seen. Reflects a certain duality ,perhaps a conflict between his being and his inner being. A two sided thing of sort one might say.
Safe be it to say there was indeed some type of inner conflict going on with tomato Andy that far back in time. 

So fondling those control dials on the instrument panel was more of a self suduction thing ,a way to gain pleasure. It was thrilling to tomato Andy and the sneakiness about it also provided tomato Andy gratification. And the pilot detecting nothing out of the ordinary upon return to the controls further heightened the thrill and gave tomato Andy greater confidence- in other words he found it unbelievably easy to get it over on his superiors or the seasoned pilots.

Tomato Andy considered his deceptive measures applied superior. He believed he had mastered deception and by it discovered weakness's or blind areas to work through in others.Think about it, he had actually expressed what he intended to do although not in exact detail to a flight attendant he were having a flaming fling with in cheap hotels, and not much was thought about it at that time. And he knew that those that did know the extent of his issues were bound to silence due to patient privacy laws. So he knew those doctors hands were tied . Evil knows no bonds.


Did he or didn't he ? 
Might he have had last one minute thirty seconds conflicting thoughts about
crashing the plane killing all 150 people aboard ? 

It is possible he may have offered himself an out but the monster within was in full control. According to the reports on the control stations, had he pulled the joy stick harder and further in one direction or the other ,he will have disengaged the auto pilot thereby taking over in manual operation.

It is more-so likely approaching the end of the run he wanted full control in hand ,a logical guess in the final time frames, he regressed back and prepared himself for the crash. 

With alarms going off one would wonder what will have happened should he have disengaged the auto pilot regards to fail safe instrumentation built in.
There the question is,did he know for sure how the plane itself will have reacted
in manual over drive ?

His thought processes were in hyper over drive by the way, so no doubt his head was flooded with hype.
Look to the picky of the water flowing over the falls to get a visual of his head filled with hyper thought processing. Take to account what he saw in front of him as the plane's decent at the speed he programed in put death imminent before his eyes.

He no doubt regressed back in the seat because his adrenaline was raging and his thoughts were racing. A second thought took up no more time in his racing thoughts than a split second with-in the flood going on in his thought processing.

You really have to consider the adrenaline generated in the last minute and a half ,give or take. Or in the last minute.

His was committed to task and the thought of his being committed to a institution such as a psych ward in a prison or gov. institution for the criminally insane was not an option in his over-all view in it. 

Make no mistake the monster was in full control.
Revenge motivated suicide murder intent .
If such in a type were to have gone on an all out shooting rampage ,that of a type will have gone out by way of suicide by cop in a carefully thought out  planned & exacuted in every detail in exacts way about it.

The plane was his weapon of choice. It came down to power & control. He were a control freak.

The fact that he had absolutely nothing to say articulately in the final minute, says more than anything he ever said to anybody.

The reasons he thought he had for all the whys and how's,could anybody do that,he took with him in death.In other words all the answers to the questions
he left behind are not there . Picking up the pieces is the tasks he left behind.

Who tomato Andy really was ,was his carefully guarded secret for many years ,perhaps as many as 20 of those.Ten or more for sure.

Was it as though he were like two different people- you know ,Jeckle- Hide?
He was groomer, so for sure he were. So he bought a couple of cars one for he and the other for she as he were coming close to the end of his run .

That's how groomers operate -they groom. Nice shining bright new car- make everything bad go away. Two in the same shoe.


Still going with the dress rehearsal concept. Fondling the dials is what he were doing.  Indeed there were certain aspects of built in fail safes he wished to know more about but most likely on a far different scale. All of what he did with the instrument panel on the outgoing flight will have been covered in flight training instruction. Every question he had about that will have been addressed in flight simulations in training secessions. He may have been running a bit of test but he knew in no way was he going to find out what he didn't know for sure. 

He most likely on the return flight ,where it is he crashed the plane , wished to gain full control through the joy stick. Flying by the seat of pants comes to mind. The mass murder he committed falls to the category of a terrorist act.
And it is universal or global fail safes he were not completely sure about.
He may have thought such fail safes will have been fused in after 9/11/2001 that only key individuals would know of. It may have been as he saw it in his view,a gray area , an area a co pilot would be out of the loop in.  Since he was a control freak with a fetish for every detail, not being absolutely certain about every little thing most likely haunted him.  Such an unknown factor will have compelled him to try to find out even knowing it would turn out to be a fruitless attempt.

But tomato Andy had to try anyway. So it was a thing he had to try.
Safe be it to assume he was aware that anything that is fully operational by instruments /electronics, fully automatic can be converted in such a way that the object can be controlled-driven not just by itself but by someone on the ground. For a visual-look at drones.

The technology has been around and in use for 40-60 years perhaps a few more. Or more than a few more .

It's just a little detail he was not absolutely certain about though he knew such conversions were more than possible . He also knew what he was going to do is considered a terrorist act and such an act is why such a conversion-fail safe would be or would fall to the order of top secret stuff if what he thought could be, is or was true.The Phoenix Arizona area after all is a military training,experimental zone - like a giant sand box.
He may have picked up on a little insight into things when he were in training in Arizona. A lot goes on there the average eye never sees. No doubt tomato andy was the inquisitive type and at his age will have been looking to the future of flight operations. Since cars are coming to market that drive in automatic ,imagine what he came to know. 

Well you know he may have seen himself ending back up at square A as a flight attendant 10 or 15 years down the line because pilots could become obsolete.
Or a sit there do nothing kind of a job.- No glory to be had.

This than is to say everything he imagined becoming a commercial airline pilot is was not at all what he imagined it would be ,in fact in realizing where it is all going from a technological stand point in it ,he may have concluded the future holds no place for him-, or that he wanted nothing of it. 

So he were more of a renaissance man who set his sights on one thing and found out that one thing was more of a fantasy trip . Versatility in keeping up with technological advancement in the fast pace of the changing world we live in hadn't entered his mind set in setting long term career goals. 

So indeed, he were subject to depression episodes.But that didn't make him any less evil.
And so bringing the truth about this criminal out of the shadows will be as timely and as throughly disheartening as is collecting up bits and pieces of the wreckage ,body parts of the victims and the collection and sortment of victims possessions and proper assignment there-of.

Revenge and power ,the power of control. The control aspect in the equation is what tomato andy wanted to feel through the joy stick , the manual control.
Could he have had a change of mind-heart at the last minute ? Was he thinking about aborting his death mission ,did he have doubts ,perhaps his conscience kicked in ? 

Highly doubtful. He believed he had the germanwings fleet operations within his grasp,he believed he possessed the power to destroy it and all those in it's power structure and further the power to disrupt the entire global airline industry- and he believed he held the power to spread fear through-out it's customer base. The power he believed he had with-in him was of such an intoxicant that he was compelled to feel it with-in his grasp.
Not just touch it, but grasp on to it ,To hold control in his hand.

He felt in that last one minute 30 seconds an over powering desire to actually
get his hands./hand on it' ,he was compelled have that power in his hand.
That's what it was about in the last one minute 30 seconds. He wanted to control all things he thought he had power over with his own hand.He most likely was experiencing a adrenaline rush of a kind he were not capable of sustaining in full control predator mode thus causing tomato andy to regress back in the co pilot seat.In effect he had reached the point of climax.

He murdered 149 people killing himself along with in his final act. But his victims left to suffer his actions far far exceed 149.And ten times again and again and again. He imagined germanwings breaking apart and it's parent company same as the plane ,and he fantasized about golden parachutes turning into stone .
He wanted to destroy as many lives as he could ,starting with his own family. ..And he wanted to do as much damage as he could anywhere and any place.
He wasn't sick,he was evil.

If the movement on the manual control stick will seem to indicate a very brief change of mind about his murder suicide plot  than consider what he expressed to the flight attendant he were in bed with between flights in cheap hotels. 
He said ,"someday he do something that will make everybody know his name".
Like Jack the ripper.

So the power grab on the manual control stick served his impulsive disire to the order of the immediate and at the same time his long term perspective to be remembered forever by name and face. It leaves a long standing question for investigators and in future studies . At both ends in it ,it comes down to power. The answers that are being sought after are not there because tomato Andy took it all with him in death. 

To validate the opinion in it ,the place to look is serial killers dead and alive that are or have been incarcerated for lengths in time. You will find in most if not all studies conducted at conclusions the opinions stand out, in that -we will most likely never know how many victims the killers killed or the locations of the many unaccounted for victims bodies.

To the evil ones,all the questions there are  and all the evil doings they do are in a treasure chest hidden in a safe place ,that place in in their heads. You know they got it, and they ain't gonna give it up. It's gold to them -they can look at it. They can feel what it does to them. They may in reach in there and toss a little bit, perhaps in exchange for something. 

Ted Bundy the serial killer demonstrated how the evil psychopathic serial killer reaches in there tossing out scraps as one would toss a bone to a dog when questioned by detectives about his crimes. Enough was enough and they exacuted him in Florida.

Whats contained in there is just what they take with them-to them it is possession.To get a mind wrap around how is they can feel what the content of the treasure chest is you wold simply read stories about pan hadlers for gold in rivers and such places where gold deposits are paned out of the water. Stories about observers of what comes over some of the others when gold is paned or a gold spot is found. They change-something comes over them almost as though they have become possessed.

Running about in what would seem by discript in a trance like mode-way out of the norm.It does happen. Thieves get a certain look about them when they spot something of their fancy such as an object of their desire, or something of material value or a coveted item.It can also be a feeling that comes over them- they try to surpress it to throw off whoever is there they do not want to know anything of it. They start talking, it's all in a thieves note.It too can appear as a trance like state when observing one who by all appearances(in the change that comes over them), lacks a moral standing. Indeed there is a certain something that comes over them.

So in the end he had to feel the power of manual control by grasping on to the manual control stick -and at the same time made a last deposit into his treasure chest -leaving a final question- did he or didn't he in a moment in time think to pull the plane and it's passengers out of it.

The way tomato Andy figured it, we will never really know for sure one way or the other. And that was his final addition to his treasure chest-a gift to himself one might say. Or two in the same shoe.

He wasn't sick-he was evil.

What might he have been thinking ,pondering ,or the many reflections of the golden gate bridge.


Every picture tells a story story but the wind sings.

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PostSubject: Re: Oh heck.... I think my dog is gay.   Sat May 16, 2015 6:32 am

Well, some people can't help but draw some kind of a connection between the two inncidents.where-as it may seem coincidence meets somewhere between two inncidents and certain similarities in coincidental comparisons will lead one to suspect sabotage. 

Grand Funk for sure.

The engineer does not remember much of what happened just prior to the derailment-,the train was traveling at twice the speed limit at the curve,and it all comes down to the last 90 seconds-.ok so a label- sub divide- 90 seconds of
loco-motion- the stuff of psyche .


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PostSubject: Interesting article about taking control over a commercial aircraft    Sun May 17, 2015 8:44 am



As to what did or did not happen in this case is not so much the issue as to what can happen in that anything that operates in fully automatic mode can be accessed unless every available safe guard is applied and constantly upgraded.

And of course those safeguards and innovative upgrades come at a cost. 
The point to fact is all about tomato Andy's uncertainty.
Tomato Andy in small talk when at the flight training facility in Pheonix Arizona, 
a place where high tech. military experimentation and desert training programs
are happening,questions he no doubt addressed had to do with what is conceivably, theoretically possible along the lines of assuming control of a commercial aircraft from a ground station and or preventive measures to insure such a thing cannot happen ,.-Than further in the event of terrorist take over of a aircraft in flight, -in that question safeguards to prevent imminent disaster in populated areas- beyond that veers off into global security measures,0 off into the military industrial complex issues.

Or in theory that of what is or may be conceivably possible ,or the gray areas.
Altering or remote access to a planes brain was most likely an area of tomato Andy's interest- .And he no doubt fielded such questions whenever the opportunity presented itself to his view as he saw it. Which is to say it was more-so probably noticeably a fetish .Although his fetish was probably camouflaged behind the mask of an inquisitive student commercial airline pilot in training.

Fallowup article- 

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PostSubject: Re: Oh heck.... I think my dog is gay.   Mon May 25, 2015 3:29 pm

[url=Lufthansa considering introducing drug testing for its pilots following Germanwings tragedy that saw 150 people killed by co-pilot with 'psychological problems' Comments made by CEO Carsten Spohr to German newspaper Believes 'unannounced checks' could discover psychological problems Move believed to be in reaction to Germanwings tragedy where killer pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed plane Germanwings are a low-cost subsidiary of the Lufthansa company Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3094858/Lufthansa-considering-introducing-drug-testing-pilots-following-Germanwings-tragedy-saw-150-people-killed-pilot-psychological-problems.html#ixzz3b7aHIMO8 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook]Lufthansa considering introducing drug testing for its pilots following Germanwings tragedy that saw 150 people killed by co-pilot with 'psychological problems' Comments made by CEO Carsten Spohr to German newspaper Believes 'unannounced checks' could discover psychological problems Move believed to be in reaction to Germanwings tragedy where killer pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed plane Germanwings are a low-cost subsidiary of the Lufthansa company Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3094858/Lufthansa-considering-introducing-drug-testing-pilots-following-Germanwings-tragedy-saw-150-people-killed-pilot-psychological-problems.html#ixzz3b7aHIMO8 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook[/url]

Positive measures to insure the safety of the commercial airlines traveler or so it should seem. 

Well now, the excursion wing of the outfit-, (Germanwings) , wouldn't have you the traveler think to believe the quality of the pilot and crew also come on the cheap. But this is the corporate headquarters response to the ever lingering questions that remain in the aftermath.

The result of these corporate findings and antidotal measures to be applied and the discomfort this will cause for those that fly the friendly sky's in profession employed by the commercial airline industry are now seeing the revenge of tomato Andy play out. From the executive branches down to the sweepers in the airport waiting areas are experiencing tomato Andy's gut wrenching effects 
trickeling down as he imagined it would .

Jobs are at stake should the germanwings excursion branch operation fold as a result of loss of business because of wide spread fear.

But tomato andy figured in his twisted thinking, even if gemanwings gets through it, people will always wonder if they are really truely safe in flight.
Believe that tomato andy thought at great length about all of the repercussions
as he imagined all of those that will feel how it is he felt in a most gut wrenching way .He wanted to turn lives upside down in a downward spiral encompusing thoughts and fears of gloom and doom -because that was to tomato andy what the world did to him.

Tomato Andy's world in his dream turned into his nightmares of the worst possible kinds.But one in particular always ended in the same way.
When did he embrace it is the question remaining.

If the other pilots had not dubbed him tomato andy and given him the respect he felt he so richly deserved, will he perhaps have just jumped in a glider to off himself ? No, not at all. He lived that dream which was also his nightmare .


James Holmes the Colorado theater mass murderer ,a neuroscience major ,who went on a shooting spree. His notebook or journal has been kept out of public domain until now . Holmes is 27 years of age..

He thought about doing his mass murder at an airport but didn't want to be thought of as a terrorist. His notebook or journal shows he was interested in murderous acts most of his life. And along with that comes his own death wish.

In his notebook Holmes leaves a note -(the message is no message.)

There was a non speak few moments just prior to the pilot leaving the control 
stations to relieve himself. And in the final 90 seconds tomato Andy has no words at all, the flight recorder picked up his breathing. (No Message.)
That is what Holmes addressed- The message is no message.That is zero, just nothing.

Here James Homes wrote - people would erroneously believe that failures with women and jobs led to his July 20 th. 2012 rampage.

Both failures, it says he says, were expediting catalyst ,not reason. The causation it goes on to say he says,the causation being state of mind for the past fifteen years. So he were 24 there abouts when he wrote that.

" />

Expediting catalyst-, 
Perhaps tomato Andy kept a notebook or journal somewhere tucked away.

James Holmes colored his hair a reddish orange almost a tomato color sometime before he went on his shooting rampage. >.


Imaging listening to the final 90 seconds on the flight recorder in anticipation of last words or some word about what was happening. what may be difficult to imagine or picture in some form of a visual is tomato andy's facial expressions in that time frame or frames broken down. He most likely climaxed at about the time he entered in the final speed adjustment, regressed back in the seat than went into a trance like hypnotic sleep like mode,perhaps in four phases.

Preparing himself for impact & death. So he expedited by setting the dial to increase speed,perhaps experienced a sudden over powering edge to take manual control of the aircraft-let it go than crashed out himself before impact. If thats the case his breathing will have fluctuated- somewhat deeper and regulated as per sleep mode or hypnotic state. That to consideration one would have no choice but to except murder suicide is exactly what he himself wanted to no exception.

Evil knows no bounds.

" />

What can one mass murderer tell us about another mass murderer ?
That question is the question and the reason those that study the minds and doings of serial killers interview those killers in the prisons. James Holmes too is interested to know. 
The message is no message- a notation in his note book. 

Two in the same shoe. How does it become a slip fit ? Holmes thought about doing his shooting rampage at an air port terminal but ruled that out through an x entry into his note book-,
because he thought there is too much security - he calculated his odds reaching a high murder rate against the probability of his being taken down before the deed went down. So in his calculation the shoe didn't fit in that particular case scenario he was at the time planning out. And he thought about the label terrorist, he didn't want that label attached to his evil deeds.So it did not offer the slip fit he was seeking out. Holmes chose a theater. 

What than did tomato Andy do with time on his hands during flight lay overs when he wasn't holed up in cheap hotels with a flight attendant ? Aside from the usual touristing places people visit what else is there or is that the theater ?

Two in the same shoe.

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PostSubject: TWO IN THE SAME SHOE   Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:57 am

It is not uncommon in crime investigations for investigators to run out of places to look for clues seeking answers in the interest of justice and closure.

In the search process crime patterns enter into the investigative procedures
in effort to piece it all together-to form a clear picture of what went down. 

James Holmes was a neuroscience major and he too was seeking psychological and psychiatric answers to his issues ,medications ,in fact he told of his long term plans to a professional. That matter is pending and the doctor will no doubt face trial after Holmes is sentenced. However the complications are similar in that the doctor patient privelage stands here or there. 

But as a student of neuroscience James Holmes himself was curious-,and in his curiosity he wanted to find answers to his issues himself. His notebook although apparent ramblings does offer clues into the mind of the mass murderer through the murderer's own curiosity and notations.

In the case of the long Island serial killer still out there on the loose, authorities
went to a incarcerated serial killer Joe Rifkin . Rifkin picked up prostitutes that worked the streets of New York city held them captive for a short time than murdered them and afterward dumped the victims bodies . 

Rifkin offered up somewhat of a profile of the Long island serial killer from his thoughts to it and it can appear as though Rifkin saw in it or realized pattern.
He saw the long Island serial killer as being more-so like himself- more of a guy with no direction more of a drifter type -a loner-perhaps a gardener-landscaper-fisherman or construction worker type.  So he were looking through that zero zone- zero just nothing. But he seemed to identify through certain similarities indicating some type of connection .

But of course the two are serial killers -killers of women. 
Holmes is offering comparisons before Tomato Andy's crime went down.
And that offers a unique set of comparisons. And Holmes may have also offered leads to places where some of those answers are.



Holmes addressed the issue of serial killings and serial killers and he as it seems opined that one killing at a time takes too long -wouldn't be satisfying.
So he looked at it -,looked at it as a method .

A conclusion he drew in his notebook ramblings if thats all it is ,is the notation about expediting catalyst.

James Holmes and Tomato Andy both experienced what Holmes describes as the expediting catalyst.
Tomato Andy's extravagant expenditure he made in the acquisition of those two cars is of the onset of that which is the expediting catalyst.
As the saying goes you are what you drive. 
Two in the same shoe.,- what you might call a matching set or pair.

Could seem to be a ditch effort to hold everything together-maintain control,as was grabbing the manual control stick - control/power.

Between those two is the truth of it, scattered as it may be.



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PostSubject: James Holmes- Tomato Andy   Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:34 am

Holmes through his journal/notebook did offer up some insight into tomato andy's
finality or his last word. The aircraft did not malfunction and all that was heard is tomato andy's breathing. Holmes put it to words- The Message Is No message.
That is the answer to the daunting questions- revenge for the sake of revenge itself- no real reason or no reason to say.
Thats evil itself speaking, there are no words, only actions.

Holmes believed he zero'ed in on causation, he came to believe causation was state of mind for at least 15 years. However the act itself or the the terrible deeds done in the act were mindless and on some level he must have realized that because in his notations he says the message is no message. That is where the dots connect into the last 90 seconds of tomato andy's  terrible deeds.

Did tomato andy do a visitation at a movie theater in San Francisco ? Seemingly just for something to do- kill time as the saying goes ? 
And if so did he go alone or with someone-, perhaps a flight attendant ?

The golden gate bridge they say is is quite the sight to see

Magnetic force- likeness repells and opposites attract or combine. A force that draws them in, perhaps curiosity is the link.

As it is there is no message as far as is known but there is very personalized signatures . The signature is the lasting identity. Holmes sited verious reasons
for x,ing out an airport terminal but the one reason that escaped his mind was that of his signature. His personalized signature mark by name is Auroura theater massacre. Lasting identity as an example Jack The Ripper.
Than everybody will know his name. But the name is contained within the signature which is the deed or deeds done.A person ,the place and the thing.
Theater, airplane, Suffolk- Long Island, or the suffolk ripper, Charleston South Carolina-a church and on and so on. The only thing that really matters to them is that very personalized signature ,not to be confused or mixed in with another evil doers terrible deeds.

The reason Holmes sited for x'ing out an airport terminal was in deed hob gobble of his mind, he was configuring his signature or his mark.That was all that mattered ,nothing more. the stuff of mind is stimulus,pleasurous gratification in thinking about the deed. For tomato andy ,he gained gratification out of the revenge aspect in his thoughts about his pears who labeled him tomato andy-everybody will know his name. But all that really mattered in truth was that personalized signature - the deed itself placed notoriety to the name which could be any name. Better however, tomato andy than a real name.
Jack the Ripper-,tomato Andy.

Is there than a sense of competition with those mass murderers/serial killers as they plan and plot out those very personalized signatures ?
Is that a possibility? I rather suspect there is some of that in the mix.

As case references the Atlantic city New Jersey serial killings and the Suffolk ripper- Long Island serial killer. The New york killer may not have viewed himself as a second banana to the killer across the water in new jersey.4 victims bodies in a line part of the signature. It could have been ten or twenty or as many as he could have done before the bodies of the victims were discovered. The 4 victims bodies in a row were wrapped in burlap -left in the thicket growth along the sea shore- a place nobody would go, off the highway -easy for the killer to do frequent drive by's- visitations. The burlap is part of the signature which gives the killer the sense of uniqueness- or the personalized signature apart for all others. Evil distinction.

Holmes in his notebook ramblings -that of which only he of his mind knows what those ramblings mean- why why why in page after page with the lettering getting bigger by the page the Holmes defense team is claiming insanity by those ramblings. 

But Holmes answered himself in his question ,although of his mind he did not make the connection. That is because the only thing that mattered is the formulation of his signature and at some point in the mix of mind it all became mindless. That's the tough part about it to figure. The evil doer becomes the instrument of evil. That means evil itself will have it's say. 

Holmes figured out the message is no message but he could not connect into the other half of his questions of mind. To the why's ,the reason is no reason.
Because the only thing that mattered was the signature which is the act or deed done.

Had he connected into that, he may have experienced unreasonable doubt because without reason or cause there is nothing or obyss.

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PostSubject: Holmes escapes death sentence gets life without parole   Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:33 am

The neuroscience major given title Auroa theater massacre killer sentence has been pronounced. He will be subject to on going studies and no doubt that too is part of his plan . He no doubt thought out all the possible case scenarios.
Capture amounting to a probable life time study subject. 
least wise sub consciously he looked at it. The criminal mind.


There is no doubt there are many faces of evil.  Criminal terminology introduces
the concept of copy cat . One criminal copying anothers method down to every detail.

Evil is a roving continuum, faces are everywhere one not much different than another. For evil intent, the individual struggle for the evil doer is relevance and identity. The crime brings them relevance the signature is identity.

Tomato Andy and James Holmes are two in the same shoe.
What are shoes for ? Isn't that walking or roving ?

There is one word in the mix in the equation that figures in from varying angles of approach,keeps popping up- failure, or failures ,how it can or will seem terrifying ,as in all hope is gone. If it isn't failure than it's insignificance and hate.

But that doesn't explain evil or how it rises ingrained in the signature.Yet it leaves no trace in DNA. There none the less. And it moves on.

Yes shoes.
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PostSubject: And another one walks the walk   Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:57 am



Tomato Andy once said he will do something that will make everybody know his name. This latest edition is on the same track. The signature is truly a first though undoubtedly not the last. The signature is of course the identity of the killer ,the name is just but a name given ,this one gave himself a stage name revised by the signature.The murders were recorded at the scene by the perpetrator than uploaded to the net. 
He became the news in his final act thus adding another signature .

He experienced the death of his career in failure mode about like tomato andy saw his career death as being a sure thing.

He planned out his final act in meticulous detail than layed down the evil deed leaving his signature knowing his names will fade away. That tv news guy that killed his former co workers live on tv.Easy to recall that way but the name escapes the audience over time. 

Actors call them fans. Journalist's call them readers or watchers,they wish to gain a fallowing. This one wanted the world to fallow him each and every step of the way.

And than of course at the end he cut and than ran. In the end he shot himself as his final act was unfolding on national /international TV.
For the time being everybody knows his name until it fades away leaving his signature to remain ingrained.

But the victims families, those who deal with the loss, will never forget those names.
That is revenge motivation .Evil knows no bounds. He wanted the victims families to feel his pain, his loss, his failures ,he thought he lost his everything and he wanted others to experience equal impact. Those are the people that will remember his name/names, his birth name and the name he gave himself .

influences in his detailed plan. 


He didn't get the Bronco chase in a way he imagined it would be ,the end result he did get because he did after all turn the gun on himself . In his fantasies he do doubt envisioned some type of glory to be played out in the chase. A high speed crash, perhaps a massive pile up , something horrifying.

The O.J. Simson chase of course was before Sept. 11, 2001 ,so the way such a chase goes down today is very different that it was not so long ago. 

He shot himself in a rental car, O. J. Simson made commercials for a car rental company, Heartz rental cars. Odd Ends.

He had already layed down his signature so by the time it came down to the chase he was you might say, running on fumes. No other persons were hurt or killed, the good thing that came out of the final act , the suicide ending.

And again, odd ends.

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Oh heck.... I think my dog is gay.
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