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  Part 10. Time To Think

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PostSubject: Part 10. Time To Think    Thu Sep 05, 2013 11:18 am

The evil one had his plan
He also had his small band

Weaklings that didn’t belong anywhere

Grasping at straws for something to share

His plan was coming together

He would rule this town with terror

All the women would succumb

His will, will be done

The lady with the crystal ball

Would be raped by all

He would be the first to have her

Hear her scream would be a pleasure

Smiling and rubbing his hands in glee

A glowing warmth ran through his body

They would all see he wasn’t just anybody


The evil one never forgave the lady with the crystal ball

Time and time again he felt so small

Time and again in the past she had won over him

This time he would win, this was his whim

He would sit on the roost, he would be king

All though he was evil, he knew she was a lady

From the first day he had saw her, he had been in love with her madly

He would of given all for this loving soul gladly

Now he wanted to destroy her totally

Evil was his name for a reason

Pain and suffering was his stimulation

Evil was calling beckoningly

Smiling, laughing, invitingly


Much of the evil ones childhood was spent alone

Never really had friends of his own

His parents were hard working people

They had a good home and there was always ample

Evil one was a failure with girls

Always seemed never able to reach his goals

At a early age he discovered the meaning of weak

He would wait, watch and seek

Now and then he would find a weak girl

Forcing them to be his thrill

He would abuse and degrade them totally

They catered, obeyed his every whim obediently


The evil one had his spies

They all feared for their lives

They would do whatever he commanded

They never took anything for granted

He heard the lady of mystery had a new lover

When he heard he shook with anger

She belonged to him and no other

He was bitter, angry his heart raged

She would pay, he would be avenged

He summoned his gang, his weaklings

Must finalise his clever planning

Break the magician, give him a good beating


The evil one had a small army of four

Gullible weaklings, there wasn’t more

Evil one smiled. His gang would be enough

Armed idiots that will look tough

A town full of weak onlookers

These pheasants dare not stand up to him

He started to speculate about killing the magician

The magicians death would be a heartbreaker

This would make his position much stronger

His band were told they would all be much richer

Soon it would be time to take this town

Then he would rightfully claim his crown

Thinking warmly, timid onlookers soon you will be broken


14/04/2010 17:16:45. Copyright Jonathan Upward
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Part 10. Time To Think
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